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When it comes to magic, the more famous something is, the less that is known about it. The reason we quest for rare tomes and mythical places is not because we know what we will find but because we are unsure of what we might find. Magic is about infinite possibilities. If you want certainty in your work, go become a scientist.

That is why I was here, deep underneath the Appalachian Mountains, walking a cave system mapped by a blind madman, guided by a glowing light summoned from a forgotten grave, wearing a necklace crafted by talking apes, and wearing a wristband made from the pubic hair of a cam model. I was in search of a place that many talked about but few had visited and fewer had agreed on what was there. This was a quest worthy of years of magical work and research.

In other words, I came here to find out about a mystery. Specifically, the Garden of Vu, one of the Seven Secret wonders of the World.

After I passed an arch made of green rock, I heard the sound of falling water. My ball of light vanished but there was a brighter light was up ahead. I walked carefully over uneven rock towards the light. My necklace fell apart and joined the debris on the ground. A sharp rock snagged my wristband and it was torn from me. My cock grew hard and I was tempted to stop and jack off.

I kept going. The tunnel opened into a cavern too large to comprehend. A torrent of silver light spilled from an impossible height. The light crashed into the river before me and I understood that the light was actually water. Or maybe the water was light? More likely it was both. Imagine liquid moonlight and you would be close to visualizing it.

The river glowed with an eerie light that allowed me to see that it stretched for miles. The roof of the cave was too high to see. Cavern was too small of a word for where I was.

Vegetation stretched out along side the river. Odd plants that defied description bloomed and flourished in the flickering pale light. There was a kind of grass here but it was softer than a feather. Fruit grew in abundance and hung from trees, bushes and vines.

It was gorgeous. The cryptic descriptions of this place had failed to convey the unearthly beauty. I walked in a daze, trying to see it all and burn it into my memory.

A smell hung in the air. Musky, fragrant and inherently divine. It came from the plants. The smell was on the tip of my tongue and it wasn’t until I closed my eyes that I recognized it.

The smell was pussy. No, it was multiple pussies. I was surrounded by the intimate smell of women.

Well, that explained the erection I had.

I looked at a fruit hanging from one of the vines. It might have been white but then everything looked white in the light of the river. The fruit was shaped like an orange except it was softer to the touch. My mouth watered to look at it.

What to do? Some have said that eating fruit from the Garden of Vu will grant you immortality and eternal youth. Others have said that if you eat of the Garden of Vu, then you can never leave. One savant warned that one must never take from the Garden or you will be cursed.

Mind you, none of these wise people had actually been to the Garden Of Vu.

I plucked the fruit from the vine and took a bite. It was like biting into a chocolate cake. No, chocolate cake was a poor attempt to simulating what this fruit tasted like. Sweetness, bitterness and pleasure mingled in my mouth.

Holy shit, that was good. I finished the fruit and examined my hands. Was I younger? Did I feel immortal? Not really. I walked to the exit of the cave and nothing compelled me to stop. As far as I could tell, the fruit hadn’t changed me at all.

I wasn’t counting my erection. My cock was throbbing and it was hard not to touch myself. I shed my pants and even took off my underwear because the touch of fabric on my cock was too distracting. Was this because of the fruit?

More likely it was because everything here smelled like pussy.

Since I was half-naked, I decided to remove my pack and shirt as well. It took a week of walking through tunnels to get here and I was in desperate need for a bath. The river looked nice and there was no way that I was passing up a chance to swim in something so exotic.

The river had its own myths. Swimming in it was supposed to cure disease. It also might transform you into a plant. It is a deeply held belief of one certain cult that bathing in the river will help you ascend to godhood.

I stepped into the river. The water was cool but not cold. My tired muscles relaxed almost instantly. I submerged completely into the water before floating back to the surface.

My body didn’t change into a bush. As far as I knew, I wasn’t resistant cure of anything. I reached out with my mind but no divine powers revealed themselves.

Once again, the only thing of note was my throbbing manhood. The cool water did nothing to relax my erection. I might actually have grown harder. A great urge to fuck something and fuck it now came over me.

I laughed. It was the excitement of finding this place; nothing more. Years of research, preparation and exploration had brought me to one of the greatest secrets in the unknown world. Of course I was hard.

The waterfall crashed beside me. Sometimes I thought it was just a waterfall brightly lit and other times I thought it was dropping light into a pool of water. The more I looked at it, the more indecisive I became.

Other questions came to mind. Where did the water or light fall from? What was at the top? Could I climb up there? Should I climb up there? Was this place a natural creation of magic or did someone make it all?

I sunk into the water. It would take a lifetime to answer all of these questions. Or, it may just take an afternoon’s exploration. Either way, today I was just going to relax and enjoy myself. I had earned it.

Something kissed my cock. Lips wrapped around the side of my cock and a tongue flicked briefly. There was a tug and then the lips were gone.

I kicked back up the surface. My hand searched but found nothing. The river was too bright for me to look into it.

Did I imagine it? Maybe it was a fish. I didn’t think so. My cock had been kissed, sucked, groped and fucked enough times to know when a woman’s mouth had been on it.

Maybe I wasn’t alone. I swam lazily back to shore. My cock wanted to stay for another kiss but I was more cautious.

Nothing stopped me as I climbed out of the water. I checked my cock and other than being incredibly sensitive, it seemed fine.

I left my clothes where they were and walked naked. A slight breeze came from the waterfall and it felt great on my skin. The grass was soft beneath me and I enjoyed the feel of the dirt on my feet.

Something in the grass caught my eye. It was the bones of a person’s hand. They had broken free of the dirt and wear reaching up. A gold ring bore the insignia of a college in Italy.

Well, now. It was written that many explorers of the Garden of Vu never returned and this must be one of them. I wondered if they died naturally or if something killed them. There are spells that let you talk to the dead but quite frankly, the dead were terribly depressing to talk to if they talked at all. After such a nice swim, I just wasn’t in the mood to try.

I did take a closer look around me. A skull rested inside a bush of shimmering leaves. A discarded backpack with climbing supplies was propped against a tree. The skeletal remains of a foot broke the ground near a lovely flower that as wide as my head. Every where I looked, there were signs of departed travelers.

The wise thing to do would be to get out of here. I toyed with the idea but never seriously. The Garden was too beautiful. The sound of the waterfall was too soothing. The taste of these fruit was too enticing. I wasn’t going anywhere.

After a thorough search, I found a more recent corpse beside a small sapling. An older woman, covered in blue Wiccan tattoos, laid peacefully in the grass. She was naked, and judging by her condition, maybe dead for a week. There was no mark on her to show how she had died though there were tiny scratches on her thighs.

Strangest of all was the ground around her. She was half-submerged into the dirt. It looked less like she had been buried and more like she had sunken into the earth.

My eyes were drawn to the sapling. It was the youngest plant I had seen in the garden. It stood a foot high and leaves had begun to bud. The leaves were the same shade of blue as the woman’s tattoos.

I was intrigued. Had the woman’s corpse fertilized the ground and influenced the plants? That wasn’t how normal botany works but we were in a magic garden.

It was something to think about. I thought about it as I pulled some nuts from a nearby bush and began to eat. The nuts tasted like marinated steak, freshly grilled. The surprise of the flavor as well as the delicious quality caused me to close my eyes and moan out loud.

Someone kissed my ass. Delicate fingers pulled at my buttocks so they could reach my ass. A small tongue pressed against my asshole. Warm breath exhaled from a nose tight against my ass.

I opened my eyes. The mouth was still there. The tongue licked my asshole with small gentle swipes.

My cock ached to be touched.

I reached behind me, careful not to turn my body. My fingers touched thick silky hair.

The mouth licked harder. The tip pushed and slipped inside my asshole. The delicate fingers dug sharp nails into my ass.

“Who are you?” I asked.

The mouth moved away. The hair slipped from my grasping fingers. Clutching fingers let go of my ass.

I turned around. My body cast a long shadow across the strange plants. There was no one there.

It was another mystery for this secret place.

I went back to eating. After a few more meaty nuts, I tried some berries that tasted like creamy mushrooms. To wash it down I drank from the river.

Nothing kissed, fondled or molested me. It was very disappointing.

After my meal I took care of some biological functions. It felt wrong to leave waste in such a beautiful garden but it was a garden after all. I made a note of where I went so I could come back and investigate to see if there were any negative effects.

It had been a long day and I was getting tired. I was tempted to return to the river but I resisted. First some sleep and then I’ll swim.

The river gave off a lot of light so I looked for some place relatively dark. I found it under an enormous flower the size of a car. The petals bent towards the river and nearly blocked all of the silver light behind it. It was for sleeping.

I kept my sleeping bag bundled up so I could use it as a pillow. As soon as I stretched out on the ground, I sighed with pleasure. This was nice. The ground beneath me was soft. The smell of pussy was oddly soothing. My eyes closed in the comforting shade of the flower.

Something touched my cock. I wasn’t surprised. My eyes stayed closed as small fingers ran down the length of my shaft.

There was something on my lips. I opened my mouth and a weight pressed down on my lips. My tongue touched a nipple. Ah, it was a breast. Someone very well endowed was pressing their breast to my face.

Something warm and fuzzy touched my ankle. Smooth skin gripped the sides of my leg. The warm and fuzzy thing became very slick. It rubbed back and forth and I recognized it as a pussy.

A mouth went to my cock. It kissed the side of my cock starting at the base and working towards the tip. Wet spit was left behind with each kiss.

A second mouth kissed my cock at the tip. It nibbled with tiny gentle bites as it descended down the length of my cock. Each playful bite brought a moan from my lips.

A third mouth kissed my cock. Lips wrapped around the tip of my cock and stayed there. It sucked gently as the other two mouths moved up and down.

Now I opened my eyes. There was nothing but darkness. Shapes moved but I could barely see them.

My head was gently pushed down. Another breast pressed against my face. I sucked on the breast that was offered to me before moving on to a third breast and then a fourth.

How did all of these people fit around me in the shade of the flower? My hands tried to figure that out. I touched soft abundant flesh. My fingers went through silky longer hair. My grip squeezed large curves that belonged to small bodies.

Yes, they were short. I guessed they were barely four feet tall, if that. Their bodies were those of women with large breasts, wide hips, and hairy wet pussies.

A chill ran through me. I remembered a myth about a small race of men who lived deep underground. They were called the Dark Lords and they were cruel and savage beings. They created machines of pleasure and sexual torment. They occasionally came to the surface and kidnapped human women.

But, these bodies were hardly cruel. There was no sadism in the sucking of the three mouths on my cock. I sensed no brutality from the breasts pressed to my mouth. Plus, these bodies were distinctly women and not male.

These must be something entirely different. Or maybe if there are Dark Lords, could there also be Dark Ladies?

The mouth on the tip of my cock lowered. Inch by inch she swallowed my cock. The other two mouths went to my scrotum, each devoting loving licks to my lucky balls.

I stopped caring about who or what they were at this point.

My hand was pulled down and pinned to the ground. Before I could become concerned, small thighs mounted my wrist. I pushed my fingers up into a furry pussy. The thighs clenched tighter around me.

Someone mounted my shin and leaned down to suck my toes. I felt their small heavy breasts rub against my ankle.

The woman grinding on my other leg was joined by a second and then a third. Their wet sexes smeared their juices against my skin. Judging by the constant shifting of weights, they were playing with each other as they humped my leg.

Mouths kept sucking on my cock and balls. Their lips and tongues might have been small but their throats were bottomless. One mouth would suck me while other mouths rained kisses on my crotch. As soon as one mouth tired of sucking, another mouth took its place and then another.

Small fingers pulled on my nipples. Full breasts pressed against my face. Round bottoms slid across my chest. I was being buried in a pile of softness.

A breast left my mouth and was replaced with something wet and hot. I opened my lips to lick the pussy that was lowered onto my face. Small but powerful thighs wrapped around my head and squeezed.

Her pussy was delicious. It tasted fragrant like a flower. The juices were oddly refreshing. I couldn’t help moan as I devoured her sex.

My moans were the only sounds. They made no noise no matter how hard they sucked. Despite the constant shuddering as they grinded on me, they never uttered a single moan.

The thighs clenched tighter around me and I felt her body shudder. I tried to lift my arms to hold onto her but they were pinned down by so many small bodies. All I could do was lick, nibble and suck as she pleasured herself on my face.

Eventually she shuddered for a final time and rapidly stood up. I craned my head and squinted in the darkness. The flower blocked too much light. If the women on top of me had bodies, I certainly couldn’t see them.

New thighs wrapped around my head and forced me gently back down into the dirt. My mouth opened to receive a fresh pussy already soaked with desire. She tasted like honeysuckle freshly picked.

Other things changed as well. The women humping my leg left and replaced by mouths licking up the juices left behind. Someone carefully managed to get my big toe inside their tight pussy. The sex I was fingering was replaced with a very plump ass and a tight asshole to explore. My other hand had a mouth sucking on each finger.

Best of all, the mouths on my crotch moved away to be replaced with a very wet and very snug sex. She slowly lowered onto my girth and gradually accommodated me. Despite the tightness, she got all of me inside her.

My unseen lover fucked my cock. Helping hands massaged by balls as the woman mounting me rocked back and forth. I tried to fuck her back but the weight of the bodies was too great. It wasn’t needed; the woman was more than capable.

I stopped trying to do anything and relaxed into the orgy of bodies. My mouth ate the pussy on top of me for my own pleasure. I allowed my arms and legs to be used for grinding sexes and hungry mouths. Sometimes I remembered my finger was deep in a woman’s ass and I would fuck it. All in all, I might have been a terrible participant but I was more willing to let them use me as they wished.

The sex around my cock humped faster and harder. My resistance was at an end. With a mighty shout, I climaxed inside the unseen woman. I roared my pleasure as dozens of bodies writhed on top of me.

It was a powerful orgasm. I became aware of every part of my body, and everyone touching it. Every spurt of seed that left my body became a miniature orgasm. By the time by cock was finally drained, I was drifting into an euphoric sleep.

I awoke some time later. My eyes opened and my mouth curled into a smile. My body felt rejuvenated. That might have been the most restful sleep I have experienced in years.

My body was half-submerged into the dirt. It took a small bit of effort to pull myself out. When I got up, I left behind a perfect outline of my body.

Something more interesting had my attention. A small growth had sprouted from the ground just inches beside my outline. It hadn’t been there before. This was new and must have emerged while I slept.

I saw it because the light from the river was directly on it. The flower that I had been using for shade had been pruned. A petal was missing and a beam of river light was directly on the new plant.

The new growth was barely a twig. It had small buds growing along the length. It was hard to tell in the silver light, but I was sure that the buds were the same color of white as my hair.

This was interesting. I had no doubt that this plant was a part of me. More specifically, it was grown from me, most likely directly from my seed. I was a father.

I stood up and looked around for any sign of the women that had fucked me. Of course there were none unless you counted the endless trees, bushes, flowers and vines growing along the length of the silver river.

This made a lot of sense. I suspected that no one killed the corpses that I had found. They probably just never left. They stayed and fucked until they woke no more.

The idea was tempting to me. There could be no better place to pass away. I was still on a physical and emotional high from the afterglow.

I looked down at the offspring of my loins. What strange fruit would it bear one day? What kind of botanical beauty would it grow into? How will it compare to the other bizarre and wondrous things that grew here?

There was only one way to find out. I had to leave and come back later. Maybe it will take a year or more but I would have to come back much later to answer that question. There would be no answers if I stayed until the the ground swallowed my well-fucked body.

I sighed. The decision to leave this paradise had been made. It would take another few years to gather the resources needed to return. Already I could feel the work that would be involved as well as the harshness of leaving all this beauty and pleasure behind.

But, no one said I had to leave today.

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  1. This may be one of the greatest sentences you have ever written: “That is why I was here, deep underneath the Appalachian Mountains, walking a cave system mapped by a blind madman, guided by a glowing light summoned from a forgotten grave, wearing a necklace crafted by talking apes, and wearing a wristband made from the pubic hair of a cam model.”

    I was wondering if you were going to reference the Dark Lords. This was great to read!

    xx Dee

    • Thank you! That sentence got away from me but I loved it too much to prune it.

      I am not sure why, but the Dark Lords of the Earth are one of my favorite creations and I kind of want to reference them all the time but I resist.

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