Jun 082016

Explorer’s Log: I am on day six of the twenty-six day journey to the star system designated “Queen’s Ever Dripping Sex” by Royal Astronomers. Message channels are still open with the prospectors I encountered in the last star system. Now that the frenzy touched off by my arrival has died down, there are a few prospectors who wish to correspond and exchange ideas.

In the interest of gathering as much information for the Queen as possible, I am maintaining lines of communication for as long as possible. I have already learned a great deal about the substances that they mine in the asteroid, as well as why they operate outside the regulatory control of the Interplanetary Federation, formerly known as the Star Homogeny. Mostly the reasons involve taxation and chemical additives to transport exhaust.

I estimate that communication will be possible for another thirty hours before I am out of range. That should be enough time for the comprehensive cultural analysis that I am doing. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s personal log: It is amazing how willing sentient beings are to discuss social economics if you keep flashing naked tits as them.

Vaquel Di prepared for today’s transmission. Supplementary power was diverted to the communications array. The control panel had been re-routed to the screen above her bed. She made sure her collection of dildos were within arm’s reach. The strange device she had created using her correspondent’s schematics was installed on her ceiling. Everything was ready.

She climbed into bed and turned on the communicator.

“Vaquel Di, reaching out to the Kurin of the Alleban Corporation, come in, Alleban Corporation.

“This is Kurin of the Alleban Corporation, receiving you loud and clear, Vaquel Di. Locking in visuals.”

The inside of a small habitat appeared on the screen above Vaquel. A large machine hummed while lights flashed on a panel. The left wall moved as if there was a strong wind outside. Vaquel knew that the only thing outside the habitat was the vacuum of space, making her wonder how anyone survived inside such a flimsy structure.

A hairless red alien sat down in front of the camera. He was naked, just as she expected. He was thin for his kind and nearly three meters in height. His body looked like someone slapped red stilts together to a slightly thicker center stilt. What he lacked in body definition he made up for with the thick club between his legs. It was hard and already glistening with lube.

“I’m receiving your visuals, Kurin, are you receiving mine?” she asked.

Kurin gulped. “Fuck, yes.”

Vaquel smiled and stretched. She wanted him to see every centimeter of her dark brown flesh. Large breasts jiggled as she moved her arms. She ran her fingers through the short pink hair that crowned her head as well as the short pink hair that covered her sex.

“I want to fuck your small cock squeezers so bad!” the alien said.

Vaquel snorted. Every one of Kurin’s race thought Vaquel’s massive tits were small. “They’re big enough to wrap around your dick.”

“They are,” Kurin admitted. He pumped his thick cock. “Did you build the device I sent you? Is it connected to the network?”

“Yeah, I finished it this morning,” Vaquel said. She spread her long legs and ran a finger down the slit of her sex. “I had to take apart my sonic hammer to make it. You said it would get me off but the sound projection is so weak I doubt it could move my hair much less give me an orgasm.”

“That is because we have a way to create resonating fields to boost output,” Kurin said. “Trust me; this will fuck you like a full squad of space marines. I see it on the network now. Let me upload our drivers and I’ll show you what it can do.”

“Not yet,” Vaquel said. She stopped playing with her sex and pulled on her nipples. “Send me over the data package you promised me about your society’s advancements in defense technology.”

“Now?” Kurin said. It was almost a whine. “Our signal is weak. If we are going to fuck, we should fuck first in case we get disconnected.”

“No, no,” Vaquel teased. She squeezed her tits together and sunk her fingers into them. “Data first, fucking second.”

Kurin licked his lips. He looked down at his cock and then at a monitor. His attention came back to Vaquel’s dark round tits. He bit his lip and his shoulders sagged.

“Fine, sending the data package now. Can you play with your tits as we wait?”

“Of course,” Vaquel said. She released her tits and pinched her nipples instead. Kurin groaned as she pulled as hard as she could on her nipples. Vaquel moaned as her breasts stretched upwards. She shook her hands to make her tits jiggle as much as possible.

“Oh fuck,” Kurin said. He stroked faster.

Vaquel let go of her tits and reached for a dildo. Her blue dildo wasn’t as big as Kurin’s meaty cock but it was close. She placed the tip of the dildo against one of her breasts and tapped it against her flesh.

“Just imagine your cock right here,” Vaquel said. “Imagine what that would feel like.”

“Fuck,” Kurin groaned.

She moved the dildo to the valley between her breasts. “Imagine it sliding up and down around my so-called small tits.”

“Fuck,” Kurin groaned again.

“Imagine the tip of your cock coming up out of my tits, close enough for me to lick,” she said. She demonstrated by opening her mouth and flicking the tip of the dildo with her tongue.”

“Fuck,” Kurin said. He stroked his enormous cock with both hands.

“Then imagine your member going back down between my ‘cock squeezers’ as you called them,” Vaquel said. “Imagine how tight it is between them. Picture how wet your cock would be because I licked it all over. Your big, hard, member would slip and slide between my big brown mounds.”

“Fuck, fuck,” Kurin said. He let go of his cock. It pulsed and bounced. “Is the download done yet?

“Not yet,” Vaquel said. She rolled the dildo back and forth over her breasts. The thick phallus crushed and flattened her generous curves.

“Do you see how hard my nipples are?” Vaquel said.

“Yes,” Kurin moaned. He kept his hands away from his cock as if he was afraid it would go off.

“They are hard for you,” Vaquel said. “I wish you were here to suck on them. Would you be gentle, or would you be rough?”

Kurin’s attention kept changing from her nipples, to a monitor and back to her nipples. “Rough,” he said.

“Good,” Vaquel said and she pinched her nipples and twisted. Pain shot through her body and she loved it. Her back arched and her legs spread. She twisted hard on her nipples and pulled.

Now she had all of Kurin’s attention. He stared at her breasts and licked his lips. His hand went back to his cock and gripped himself tightly. A dark flush came to his red face.

“Transfer complete!” the computer said.

“Oh Gods,” Kurin moaned. “Now can I turn on the machine?”

Vaquel thought about it. She continued to pull on her nipples. When she heard him gasp in despair, she released her tender nipples. “Sure,” she said. “What is it exactly?”

“It is a modification of what we use to mine with,” Kurin said. He rapidly typed at a command console.

“Hmm, is it safe?” Vaquel asked.

Kurin didn’t answer. He pressed a key and smiled.

A powerful vibration pressed against Vaquel’s sex. It felt solid, as if she was pressing a vibrating hand against her pussy. The vibrations were weak but strong enough make her groan.

“Oh this is nice” Vaquel said. She passed her hand over her crotch. The back of her hand vibrated as she shielded her sex. When she moved out of the way of the projector, the vibrations returned to her sex.

“I told you it could get you off,” Kurin said.

“Well, I don’t know about that,” Vaquel said. “I barely feel it and I like something with penetration.”

Kurin grinned and pressed another key.

The field extended. A wall of vibrations pushed aside the lips of her sex and entered her pussy. Deeper and deeper it went, filling Vaquel’s clenching sex.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried out. She spread her thighs wider. Her hips moved to fuck the invisible force inside her. “Do the vibrations get any stronger?”

BZZZ! The pulsing sensation doubled, tripled and then quadrupled in strength.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried out. She gripped the sides of her bed as the vibrations overwhelmed her. The vibrations shook her entire body. Her tits jiggled in place.

“Like it?” Kurin said. He turned the vibrations down to something more bearable but still pleasurable.

“Yes,” Vaquel hissed.

“Do you like it long?” Kurin said, busily typing.

The vibration field extended again. It went deep inside Vaquel, curving right where it needed to fill her completely.

Vaquel was gasping too much to answer.

“Or do you like it short?” Kurin asked.

The field retracted. It shrunk within Vaquel’s pussy until it was barely two centimeters inside her. The shallow vibrations were a disappointing tease after being fully penetrated.

“Long, long, long!” Vaquel cried.

“Okay, slap your cock squeezers,” Kurin said.


“You heard me,” Kurin said. “If you want it long and deep it inside you, slap your cock squeezers.”

“Are you extorting me?” Vaquel said. “Ha! I didn’t know you had it in you!”

Vaquel slapped her left tit with her right hand. It was a gentle tap, just enough to make her brown mound shake.

“Harder,” Kurin demanded. The field shrunk even more inside her.

WHAP! Vaquel slapped her breast again, this time much harder. This time her breast stung from her slap and a light hand print could be seen.

The field returned to its puny depth. “Better,” Kurin said. “Slap your other breast.”

It was more awkward to use her left hand but fortunately Vaquel was ambi-masochistic. Her left hand slapped her right breast with nearly the same amount of violence. It certainly stung as much.

“More!” Kurin demanded. He typed and the field extended another bare centimeter.

Vaquel growled with annoyance and lust. She wanted the field deep inside her again. The teasing poke inside her sex was too little. The bastard wasn’t going to give it to her until she gave him want she wanted. She almost admired how he had turned the tables on her.

WHAP! She slapped her tit as hard as she could. The pain sent a jolt through her large breast that she felt all the way down in her pussy.

WHAP! Vaquel did the same to her other breast. This one caught the underside of her tit and she winced as the pain lingered.

WHAPAP! She slapped both tits at the same time. They collided together like brown mountains in an earthquake.

“More!” Kurin snapped. The field extended a few more centimeters inside her.

WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! Vaquel slapped her jiggling mounds rapidly with both hands. She didn’t pause between slaps as she subjected herself to a constant stream of strikes. Her tits stung and her fingers burned but she kept going.

“Yes,” Kurin groaned. He jacked his cock with one hand. His other hand stayed on the console.

The field increased inside her ever so slowly. It was like being penetrated in slow motion. Millimeter by millimeter the field went deeper and deeper. No matter how hard she clenched or how much her hips rolled, the field maintained its terrible slow pace.

WHAP! WHAP! Vaquel’s hands started to slow down. It was hard to slap herself. The sides of her tits were on fire. If she was spanking someone’s ass, she would have been able to do it for hours but when she was taking the force of her blows, it was a lot harder to stay motivated.

“Faster!” Kurin yelled.

WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! She kept at it. Her blows became lighter but her tits were so sensitive that even light touches hurt. She tried to slap new places on her breast to avoid the tender spots but it didn’t matter. Even slapping a new spot caused her entire breast to jiggle, which included the already stinging curves of her tits.

“I can’t!” Vaquel groaned. WHAP! She gave herself one last slapped and then her arms fell to the sides. “I need a break!”

“No breaks!” Kurin yelled.

“Fuck off!” Vaquel said. “I need a minute!”

Kurin typed furiously on his console.

Vaquel smirked. He was cute when he was frustrated and helpless.

The field expanded. In an instant it went from pressing on her pussy to pressing on her body. Powerful vibrations pinned her arms and legs to the bed. Strong pulses pushed open her thighs. Buzzing sensations flattened her breasts.

“We’re not done yet,” Kurin said.

“You bastard!” Vaquel said. This was a frightening development. When she followed the schematics, she had no idea that this small sonic device could be used as a restraining field. Her body was at the mercy of someone she barely knew in another star system!

It was a good thing that she added a voice override to the device’s power supply. One word is all it would take for the field to shut down. The safe thing to do would be to turn it off now.

Vaquel kept her mouth closed. She wanted to see what happened next.

“You want more, you little seed popper?” Kurin said. He typed furiously.

The vibration field inside her sex suddenly grew. It extended within her to enormous lengths. Her pussy strained to hold it all as the field tripled in girth.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel moaned.

“That’s not all,” Kurin bragged.

The field inside her sex began to move. Vaquel shuddered as it plunged in and out of her. The vibrating field fucked her wet pussy.

“Yes!” Vaquel cried. “Oh fuck, finally!”

“Oh you like it deep, don’t you?” Kurin taunted.

“Yes!” Vaquel yelled.

“You want more power?” he asked as the field buzzed to a new intensity.

“Fuck, yes!” Vaquel cried. The field roared between her thighs. She struggled against the field pinning her limbs as the vibrations pounded her into the bed. She wasn’t trying to escape; she was just writhing with pleasure.

“Let’s not forget your cock squeezers,” Kurin said.

THAP! A powerful force slammed down on Vaquel’s right breast for a split second. The force was quick and brutal; stinging her tender tit. Before she could cry out, a second field slammed down on her left breast. Matching pain blossomed in both breasts.

“Fucker!” Vaquel yelled. The asshole was slapping her tits with the sonic field!

Kurin laughed and the slapping continued. He grabbed his cock with both hands as the field continued to alternate between her tits. Right, left, right, left, right, left, the abuse continued to her poor sensitive breasts.

While her tits were being slapped, the field also continued to fuck her sex. The thrusts increased to match the rhythm of the slaps. When her right breast was flattened by a stinging blow, the sonic phallus plunged into her sex. The phallus withdrew as her left breast was battered by sonic force.

Vaquel cried out. She struggled to cover her tits with her hands but her arms were pinned to the bed. The pussy fucking became so intense that she wanted to close her legs but the field had her legs spread wide open. Pain radiated from her breasts while pleasure exploded from her sex.

Something beeped. “Fuck,” Kurin cursed. “I need to check on the particle collector. Be right back.”

“What the fuck?” Vaquel asked but Kurin walked away. The screen showed him walking into the background to work on one of the many mining machines in his habitat.

“Gods of the Underworld,” Vaquel cursed. The field was still on. It fucked and slapped her on automatic. She was being held down while her tormentor focused on his mining machines.

What if it is a big problem and he doesn’t come back for awhile? Could he be gone for an hour? Two hours? Maybe more? How much more could her tits take? How much of a hard fucking could her poor pussy take?

A darker thought crossed Vaquel’s mind. She had experienced how fragile those mining habitats were in the asteroid field. What if it exploded and Kurin was sucked into space? Would the field keep going?

She climaxed. The plunging field helped but it was the thought of Kurin dying and his program still fucking her that got her over the edge. Bliss exploded through her body.

THAP! THAP! The assault on her tits continued. The fucking of her pussy continued to slam her into her bed. Kurin continued to work in the background of the screen.

Vaquel had had enough. It was time to use the failsafe and end this.

“Mercy!” Vaquel yelled.

The field continued to fuck her. The slapping of her breasts continued.

“Mercy!” she yelled again. Why wasn’t it working? Shit, it was a sonic field and it must be interfering with the audio receptors for her computer.

Oh fuck, she might be trapped here after all.

“Shit,” Vaquel groaned. If he died, would the field keep going until her probe ship moved out of range? How long would that be again? Was it thirty hours or forty?

“Fuck!” she cried as she came again. Now that she was truly helpless, her sensitivity was in overdrive. Her orgasm rippled through her body and sent her pinned body into a seizure of shuddering pleasure.

THAP! The tit slapping continued. The field fucked her spent pussy. She was crossing over from pleasure into soreness.

Wait! There was Chairbot! Her loyal robot would save her! True, he was in sleep mode trying to recover some files he lost last year but when he woke up, he could deactivate the sonic projector. How long was he scheduled to sleep for? Was it an hour?

Vaquel moaned. She couldn’t take an hour. Her breasts already felt like they had been crushed in a vice. Not even her pussy could take an hour of this kind of hard fucking.

Yet she came again. “Glory to the Queen!” she whispered in exhaustion. Her eyes closed and she almost passed out except the slapping of her breasts woke her back up.

Kurin was on her screen. “Still there? I’m back.”

Vaquel sobbed in relief. “Turn this off!” she yelled.

“Wait, I am going to come!” Kurin said. He grabbed his cock and stroked himself. The thick rod of his cock glistened with new lube. His small hands pumped passionately at his shiny member.

Vaquel was helpless. She was at his mercy. Her pummeled tits and pussy were for the entertainment of total stranger.

It was unbearably hot.

“Glory to the Queen!” she screamed as she came for a fourth time.

“Oh!” Kurin choked as his red cock shot a stream of seed onto the camera. The only thing Vaquel could see on her monitor was a glaze of seed.

“Oh that was good,” Kurin said over the transmission. “See you tomorrow.” The communication ended.

The field vanished. Vaquel winced from a slap that never came. She could move again but it hurt to move. All she could bring herself to do was close her legs.

The fucker had left as soon as he got off. No thanks, no attempt at pillow talk and certainly no apologies for leaving her alone to get fucked. He was a cold bastard.

Vaquel wondered what he had planned for her tomorrow.

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  1. A lovely story, the bit of panic when the failsafe didn’t work was probably the best part, but I love the STEM-style obsession with the need for an orgasm. Thank you!

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