Jun 222016

Hey there young man, step right up. Don’t be shy. My name is Mrs. Payson. Excuse me for not getting up but I am trying to get my sun for the day. You don’t mind talking to a nude lady laying out in the sun, do you? Of course you don’t. You live here in Hornbeam Estates.

“Why thank you for your compliment. I know I am getting on in years and I don’t look like the young ladies I see around her but I like to think my body is still pretty good. My tits might sag a bit but they are still bigger than what most people got.

I see that you’re admiring my pool. Pretty nice, isn’t it? I have the biggest and deepest pool in all of Hornbeam Estates. Fifty-four inches of wall height, eleven inches of resin high seat, with interlocking steel stabilizer bars unlike that flimsy pool that’s in lot twelve. You can fuck in my pool and the walls won’t be bursting on you.

Can you get in? Well now, that depends. Everyone wants to use my pool and if I let everyone use it, there wouldn’t be any room for me. I do make allowances for handsome young men and open minded young women. Why don’t you pull down your pants and let me see if you can get in.

Oh my, you aren’t shy at all. You pulled them right down as soon as I asked. I should have asked sooner! Let’s see what you got there. Come closer so I can touch it.

Hmm, pretty long even when limp. Oh my, pretty thick when hard as well. The shaved balls are pretty to look at. Yes, this is a fine looking dick you have here. I would be proud to have it in my pool.

Wait, hold your horses, not just yet! Get back over here. I would like a small admission fee. I guess you could call it an emission fee. You don’t get it? Pity.

Forget my jokes and start pulling on your dick. That’s right, I want to see you jack it. I want to see you come. More specifically, I want you to come on my big tits.

Why? You ask a lot of questions for a pretty boy. I notice that you’re stroking it though. It is really simple; I like watching pretty men come. There is nothing like feeling a man’s hot seed falling on me on a pretty summer day.

Oh my, I believe you have gotten even bigger. Oh, I like it when you spit on your cock. Very manly. You look good even to lick.

Maybe later. Just keep jacking it.

You don’t know how hard it is living here, with all these naked beautiful young people showing off their bodies while they go about mowing the grass, jogging in the nude or just fucking in their yards. It is enough to make an older gal like myself a little insecure.

Ah, that is sweet of you to say. Don’t get me wrong, I know I can out-fuck almost every one here. When I fuck someone, I spoil them for every one else. That is one of the reasons I moved out here. I had to get away from my smitten former lovers.

Oh look, you’re about to come. I know that look. Just look at my luscious tanned tits and let your seed fly.


Oh yes.

Keep pumping, I want it all.

Very good.

Now shake it. You can smear your tip on my nipple if you want.

Mmm, very good.

Now get in the pool young man. Relax and soak in the water. Get your strength back up.

I’m going to stay out here until I get my morning sun. Maybe someone else will come over and join us.

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