May 252016

Felicia Grafal Flores stepped into the hotel elevator and leaned against the wall. It had been a long day at her uncle’s funeral. She barely knew the man but even with a large family like Felicia’s, every loss was a terrible one. Sadness was exhausting.

Emil, her husband, was drinking with his cousins. If she had asked, he would have gladly followed her back to the hotel room. She didn’t because she knew what he needed and what he needed was too many beers, too many wings and not enough hours of sharing family stories with his cousins.

That left Felicia alone because the last thing she was going to do right now was spend time with her family. She knew what she needed and what she needed was a good fuck.

Their hotel room was on the third floor. Felicia pressed the buttons for the second, fourth and fifth floors.

The doors closed. They had mirror panels and Felicia saw herself. She saw a beautiful brown woman with tired eyes. A black scarf framed her sad face. The curves of her body were concealed by a sensible black dress. Instead of her beloved heels, she had worn modest flats out of respect for her family.

The elevator moved. Felicia shook her head. She would mourn later but for now, she would live. Down came her scarf and she shook out her long black hair. She unfastened a few buttons to reveal her large breast barely held by her black bra. There was nothing she could do about her shoes but she pulled off her panties and stuffed them into her purse.

The bell rang for the second floor. The doors opened. The ugly blue hotel carpet spread out before her. Signs told her that rooms above two-hundred and twenty were to the right while rooms under two-hundred and twenty were to the left.

She stayed and the doors closed. The elevator moved past the third floor and stopped at the fourth.

The bell rang again and the door opened once more. The blue carpet was still there. More signs gave directions. Someone had left a cart with towels.

Felicia didn’t move. The doors closed and the elevator moved. The next floor would be her last chance.

The bell rang. The doors opened to reveal a dark hallway. Hardwood floors stretched out before her. Dim electric lights flickered. She heard something buzzing and someone moaning.

Felicia stepped out of the elevator. An open cell was to her right. There was a wooden chair with a dildo sticking straight up from the middle of the seat.

She kept walking. Another cell was open to her right. This one had chains hanging from the ceiling. A selection of whips hung on the far wall.

The groans grew louder. The buzzing became more intense. Felicia walked past three more empty cells before she found out where the sounds were coming from.

A man and a woman were together in a cell. Both of them were naked and strapped to wooden frames. The faced each other, barely a few feet apart. They groaned together as something buzzed. The man’s cock bounced as the woman’s hips bucked.

The buzzing stopped and both of them groaned in misery.

Felicia stood at the entrance of their room. The light was dim but she could see how beautiful they were. The man bulged with muscles while the woman was soft lines and curves. She had long sweaty blonde hair while the man’s hair was red but equally long. They were both young but it was hard to tell with the perfection of their bodies.

Neither of them had noticed her. They just stared at each other’s bound bodies with obvious longing. The man’s cock bounced with need. The woman’s hip writhed as she longed to join his crotch.

The buzzing started again and both of their bodies tensed. Felicia saw where the buzzing was coming from. Thick metal dildos protruded from both of their wooden frames and impaled their asses. The buzzing was the metal phalluses vibrating in their deepest places.

Felicia gasped. Watching their bodies twist and struggle on the anal vibrators made her hips want to move as well.

They heard her. Both heads snapped in her direction. Desperate eyes bore into her.

“Please!” the woman cried. “Tell the General that I learned my lesson!”

“Please!” the man said. “Tell him that I am sorry for fucking without permission!”

“Please, please, please!” both of them pleaded.

They were being punished. A smile came to Felicia’s lips while a tremor ran down to her sex. She understood punishment. Many of the places that she had visited seemed obsessed with discipline. Sexual control seemed to be universal.

Felicia stepped into their cell. The lack of a door confused her but she realized that being bound as they were, there was no need for a door. Even if they got free, she doubted these two would escape. They had the look of submission about them.

“Did you deserve to be punished?” Felicia asked. She stood between them. Half of her attention was on the man’s lovely throbbing cock and the other half was on the woman’s dripping bare pussy.

“Yes!” the woman answered first. “I should have resisted!”

“Yes, we deserve it!” the man said.

“Do you feel that you have suffered enough?” Felicia asked the woman.

The woman vigorously nodded her head.

“What about you?” Felicia asked the man. “Have you suffered enough?”

The man swallowed. Perhaps he sensed a trap. He didn’t know who Felicia was. “That is for the General to decide,” he said.

Felicia smiled. “Smart answer, but safe,” she said.

She turned to the woman. Her hand went to the woman’s sex. She pressed her palm down on her hot wet lips.

The woman squirmed. “Yes, yes, yes,” she babbled.

Felicia stared at the woman’s hard nipples. They were almost invisible as pale as they were. Felicia leaned in and took a nipple between her lips.

“Oh!” the woman cried out. Her hips ground against Felicia’s hand. She shook with eagerness, causing her breast to jiggle against Felicia’s face.

“I have suffered enough!” the man yelled.

Felicia laughed and reached behind her. Her fingers wrapped around the hard member that waited for her. He was hot to the touch and so very thick in her hand.

“Fuck!” the man cried out.

The buzzing returned. Both of them arched as the dildos inside their asses came to life. Their hips moved as they tried to fuck Felicia’s hands.

Felicia didn’t let them. She let her hand move with the woman’s hips, keeping her from getting the friction she needed. For the man she was crueler, simply shifting her grip to his balls as he thrusted helplessly.

When the buzzing stopped, both of the captives whimpered. “Please,” they begged.

“Please, what?” Felicia asked. She enjoyed this immensely.

The man answered first this time. “Please suck me.”

Felicia smiled and bent down to his crotch. The man cried out with joy before her lips even touched him. She opened her mouth and took him inside her. Her lips sealed around his cock and her cheeks caved in.

“Yes!” the man screamed.

“No, it’s not fair!” the woman yelled.

Felicia ignored her. She grabbed the base of the man’s cock to keep him from fucking her face. Ever so slowly and completely at her control, Felicia raised and lowered her mouth on the man’s cock. She sucked him with a deliberate slowness that let her enjoy the taste of his sweaty skin.

“Fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes!” the man cried. His body shook with excitement.

“Please, please, please lick me!” the woman cried.

Felicia kept sucking. Her tongue danced over her hard flesh. She let him hit the back of her throat before rising back up until only the tip was still between her lips. There, she let her tongue swirl over his head while she stared up into his eyes.

“Oh,” the man groaned. His cock twitched within her mouth.

She released his cock from her mouth. Spit connected his cock to her lips. She wiped it off and smeared the spit onto his thigh.

The man whimpered but he didn’t beg for her to go back. He knew who was in charge.

Felicia turned back to the woman. “What do you want me to do?” she asked.

“Please eat me,” the woman said. “I need it so bad!”

“Hmm,” Felicia said but she squatted down before the woman’s bound thighs. A single drop fell from the woman’s pussy lips and fell on Felicia’s waiting tongue. She savored the drop and rolled it around her mouth.

The woman moaned.

Felicia lunged for the woman’s sex with her mouth. She pressed her face tightly against the woman’s crotch and started licking. The smell of her wet sex was amazing. The taste of her juices was intoxicating. The sensitivity of her nether lips inspired Felicia to lick even harder.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you,” the woman moaned. Her hips moved to grind against Felicia’s face.

Felicia put a stop to that. She planted her hands firmly on the woman’s hips to immobilize them. This was her mercy; she wasn’t going to let someone take more than Felicia was giving.

She took long loving licks of the woman’s pussy. Her tongue lapped at the delicious fountain inside. From time to time, she took a moment to suck on the fleshy lips of her pussy. Felicia devoured the woman’s sex at her leisure.

The buzzing returned and Felicia lifted her face from the woman’s sex. Her face was slick with juices. The woman writhed before her. Behind Felicia, she heard the groans of the man as he was stimulated.

The buzzing stopped. Both of the captives groaned in anguish.

“Please,” the woman begged.

“Please,” the man begged.

“Please,” the begged together.

Felicia debated it. Teasing was fun. Being cruel was not. These two probably deserved their punishment but what did Felicia deserve? She never knew why she found the places that she found but perhaps this time there was a reason. Maybe she was here to find comfort in giving comfort to others.

“Okay,” she said to them. “This time, we will all come.”

She lifted her skirt. Both captives moaned as her dark legs were revealed and then both of them sighed when the dark fur of her sex was exposed. Holding her skirt in hand, she backed against man’s cock and gripped his cock. Bending over at the waist, she slid him into her.

“YES!” the man shouted. His thick cock quivered inside her. He immediately struggled against his bonds and slammed his pelvis into her. It was a poor attempt at fucking but it was close enough.

Felicia leaned forward. She reached for the woman’s sex and her fingers slipped easily inside. The woman’s pussy clenched tightly and they clenched even tighter when Felicia moved close enough to lick the woman’s clit.

Both captives cried out. They writhed and fought against their restraints. Their hips wiggled and moved to fuck what Felicia had offered them.

Felicia couldn’t keep still. She slid back and forth on the man’s cock. Her fingers dived in and out of the woman’s sex.

The three of them fucked. The wood frames creaked from their struggles. The smell of Felicia’s sex joined the other scents of sex and sweat.

Felicia clenched around the man. She finger-fucked the woman. Her body was a conduit for their lust. She was a bridge of pussy and fingers.

She thought about her husband, Emil. What would he do if he saw her right now? Would he play with the captive woman’s plentiful tits? Maybe he would make threatening remarks to the man who was balls deep inside her. More than likely, he would just take out his fat cock and stroke while he watched his wife fuck and eat pussy.

The buzzing returned. The captive cried out but this time it was from joy. The vibrations were so strong that Felicia felt them through their bodies. It sent her sex into a clenching frenzy.

The woman came first. She screamed her pleasure as her pussy squirted onto Felicia’s face.

The man came a moment later. He let out a strangled moan as his cock exploded into a mess of seed inside her sex.

Felicia came with the first squirt of come. She shuddered and hung onto the woman’s body as her knees grew weak.

The buzzing stopped and so did they. Felicia slipped off the man’s cock and let go of the woman’s hips. She crumbled briefly to the floor and caught her breath.

“Thank you,” the woman said first.

“Thank you so much,” the man said, his voice weak.

Felicia stood back up. Her face was sticky. Seed leaked from her sex. She pulled down her skirt and shivered.

“You are welcome,” she said. Her body was exhausted. The funeral had worn her out and coming had taken the last of her strength. She needed to get back to the elevator and back to her hotel room.

“I should be going,” Felicia said. “Be good.”

They promised that they would. Felicia didn’t believe them.

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