May 112016

Explorer’s Log: I have arrived at the star system designated “Queen’s Ruthless Education Policy” by Royal Astronomers. It is a pitiful system. There are no planets but there is an asteroid belt. Initial scans show no natural life signs but the asteroids appear to be infested with prospectors. I will attempt communication in order to discern what the hell they are mining out here and whether their value is worthy of conquest for the Queen. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s personal Log: The Unidentified Space Organism that groped me a few weeks ago has really whetted my appetite for some rough sex. I hope these prospectors are as happy to see me as I am to fuck them.

“This is Deep Space Explorer Vaquel Di of the Royal Navy broadcasting to the life forms inhabiting the local asteroid field. I come on a mission of peace and exploration. I am in search of intense social exchanges for the period of six hours. Please respond.”

Vaquel leaned back on top of her robot, Chairbot. The transmission had a visual component so she opted to sit naked. She wanted to show off every bit of her large dark breasts, her powerful thighs, her cute short pink hair on the top of her head as well as the thick pink hair adoring her sex. For added effect, she licked her lips.

She had a response in less than ten seconds.

“Deep Space Explorer Vaquel Di, this is the Qii Corporation. What gender do you identify as?”

“I identify as female,” Vaquel responded.

The communication panel lit up with multiple transmissions.

“The Gozsdu Corporation bids four milligrams of pure Mifian!”

“The W-W Corporation bids eight milligrams of pure Mifian!”

“The Bododododod Corporation bids two centigrams of pure Mifian!”

“The Eulipi Corporation bids five centigrams of pure Mifian!”

“What is going on, Mistress?” Chairbot asked.

“I think they are bidding on me,” Vaquel said.

“Like you were property?” Chiarbot asked.

“Like I was a whore,” Vaquel said. “They must think I came here to sell myself to relieve their sexual tension. I told them my time was limited so they are competing for the use of me. This must be what a common bedslave feels like on the auction block.”

“Shall I transmit a correction on your behalf?” Chairbot asked.

“Don’t you dare!” Vaquel snapped.

“Mistress, what is Mifian? I am unfamiliar with the substance.”

“Queen only knows, but it must be valuable if they are bidding such small amounts.”

“The Apaxaz Corporation bids six point five decigrams of pure Mifian!”

“The Kukukuki Corporation bids nine decigrams of pure Mifian!”

“The Lm Corporation bids six grams of pure Mifian!”

There was a pause in the transmissions. Vaquel responded.

“Lm Corporation, confirm you bid six grams of pure Mifian?”

“This is Lm Corporation, confirm!”

“Any other bidders?” Vaquel asked. No other transmissions were received.

“Congratulation, Lm Corporation,” Vaquel said. “You are the highest bidder.”

“This is Lm Corporation, confirm. I am transmitting the coordinates for my mining claim. Wear something yellow. Come pre-lubricated.”

“Confirm,” Vaquel said. She entered the coordinates into her navigation controls. The ship began thrusting to the new location.

“Well, you heard the man, Chairbot. Get me ready for him.”

The robot chair buzzed to life. Powerful vibrators located in the seat hummed underneath Vaquel’s sex and ass. The seat contours rose and fell to provide maximum stimulation.

“Oh, good,” Vaquel moaned. “Not too much. I want to save some for the horny miner who paid, well, something, for my ass.”

“Are you sure, Mistress?” Chairbot said. “I personally think your bottom is never more attractive than when it is clenching and sweaty from a good orgasm!”

The vibrations increased and Vaquel hopped off of the buzzing seat. She gave the robot a playful kick.

“I’m sure, asshole,” she said. “I need to find my yellow spacesuit.”

Five minutes later, Vaquel Di waited by the airlock to her ship. A transparent glassteel bubble helmet encased her head. Bright yellow spacesuit fabric clung to her curvy body. She went with her black space books because she had a feeling that prospectors might not keep a clean environment and she didn’t want to dirty her prettier space boots. A belt wrapped around her waist, containing the bare minimum in weaponry which was about eight lethal weapons and two non-lethal.

“Airlocks have synced!” the computer announced.

“Chairbot, keep alert!” Vaquel yelled over her communicator. “If this guy is crazy, I want to have a quick escape.”

“I will stay in standby mode until I am once more reunited with your perfect ass!” Chairbot said.

Vaquel closed the channel and opened the airlock. A flimsy tunnel made of some sort of fabric stretched before her. It might be the weakest transfer connection she had ever seen.

“I guess prospectors save their money for whores,” Vaquel said. She kicked off and floated down the tunnel. Her experienced eyes looked for tears in the tunnel fabric. She didn’t find any.

The airlock was easy to open. Dim light came from the inside. A large red being pulled her inside and quickly shut the airlock. The being then went to work securing the more than a dozen locks.

Vaquel took the moment to look around. The area was small, barely the size of her navigation bay. A large machine of unknown purpose took up most of the space. A small algae tank provided food while a waste reclaimer seemed to double as a water source. Instead of a bed, hooks hung from the walls for a zero gravity hammock. The place made Vaquel’s military probe ship look like a luxury yacht.

She turned her attention to the being that bought her. Broad red shoulders stretched forever. Shaggy black hair covered his head, shoulders and back. A lack of pants revealed a firm ass and a swinging red monster between his legs.

He turned around and grabbed his cock. “Bend over! I want to finish before the next drilling cycle!”

Vaquel looked at the giant erection in his hand. She had a sudden urge to drop to her knees and worship it. But first, she had to obey the oldest rule of her home planet: make sure you get paid before you fuck.

“Mifian first,” Vaquel said.

The prospector grunted in agreement. He snatched something small and sparkly off a shelf and tossed it to her.

Vaquel caught the thing and gave it a glance. It looks like an artificial crystal. The weight seemed to be right. What was so valuable about such a small crystal?

“Now bend over and show me your whisker tunnel!”

Vaquel nodded and tucked the crystal into a pouch on her belt. She decided against stripping inside this habitat. The threat of decompression was more of a certainty within such a cheap confine. She pressed a button on her spacesuit and a seam opened over her sex. Her pink bush waited for the prospector.

He grabbed her by the shoulders and spun her around. A strong arm pushed her head and bent her over his chair. Firm but gentle kicks spread her legs before the girth of his member entered her.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried. It was a good thing she was wet because he wasn’t fucking around. His cock slammed inside her and stretched her to her limits.

The prospector pounded her. His thick drill cored deep within her. Powerful hands gripped her hips and kept her pinned as he slammed in and out of her.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried out. He threatened to knock the wind out of her with every thrust. The ramming of his hips stung her large bottom even through the spacesuit. The chair shook and creaked underneath her.

“Take it, take it, take it!” the prospector yelled and Vaquel did. He didn’t want her mouth, her tits or even her sexual skills. She and her pussy were here to be used.

It was amazing. Vaquel grabbed her tit and squeezed through the thin spacesuit material. The helmet environment controls struggled to keep her panting from fogging up the glasssteel. Her legs hung limply over the back of the chair as she was fucked.

“Warning! Claim perimeter has been violated!”

The prospector paused in mid-thrust. Vaquel whimpered in disappointment. Her pussy clenched around his massive cock.

“Who would dare to fuck with me and my claims?” the prospector said. He reached over and keyed in a few commands.

Vaquel was about to complain when she heard a ripping sound. Instinct kicked in and she shoved the alien out of her pussy. She slapped the controls on her belt to seal the pussy port just in time to watch the roof of the habitat tear away.

WHOOSH! The tiny atmosphere inside was sucked into space. So was the tall red alien and his magnificent cock.

Vaquel lunged for the hammock hook on the wall. She never made it. A strange blue field appeared around her and pulled her upwards.

“What the fuck?” Vaquel snapped. She looked up to see a small ship above her. It was closer to a shuttle than a ship to be honest. Even from this angle, Vaquel noticed several structural weaknesses that had her concerned about the ship’s space-worthiness.

The field pulled her up and through open bay doors. The door closed once she was inside and the field cut off. The lack of gravity caused her to continue to float up towards the ceiling of the vessel. She felt the subtle pressure of atmosphere being re-established within the ship.

“I claim you according to Salvage Law laid down by the Improved Great Homogeny,” someone said. The someone was the same giant size as the prospector but wearing a bulky spacesuit. They took off their helmet to reveal a feminine red face with short gold hair. “Sorry about the violent claim jumping, but I just couldn’t stand to know that there was a new female in the asteroid belt that I couldn’t lick.”

Vaquel’s pussy clenched. The alien was gorgeous! She also loved the short hair. She decided to forgive the kidnapping and the interruption of her pussy pounding.

“That’s okay,” Vaquel said. “I already got paid but I would like a fucking. You’ll let me go after we fuck, right?”

“Of course,” the alien woman said. She grabbed Vaquel by the legs and pulled her down so that Vaquel’s crotch was eye level with the alien’s face. “My robot is driving us back to my claim so we can fuck in comfort but do you mind if I got a taste now?”

“Not at all,” Vaquel said. She clicked her belt and the spacesuit over her sex opened again.

The woman dived in. Hungry lips sealed over Vaquel’s already fucked pussy. A thick but agile tongue delved deep and lapped at her.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried out. She clenched her thighs around the woman’s face. Her fingers dug into the woman’s silky gold hair.

Again, there was no foreplay. The alien woman ate, licked and nibbled like an eager cadet back at the Royal Navy Academy. She drank Vaquel’s juices as if she was dying of thirst. It wasn’t oral sex, it was a devouring.

Vaquel shuddered on the big alien’s shoulders. The ship swerved and twisted but the alien woman stood still as she licked Vaquel. Her boots must have been magnetized to keep her on the floor. That was great for Vaquel as it let the alien woman focus on eating pussy and not on staying upright.

The alien adjusted her grip to place a hand on Vaquel’s ass. Thick and powerful fingers squeezed firm buttocks. The hand also pushed Vaquel’s bottom so her sex would grind harder on the alien woman’s face.

Vaquel was close to coming. The ship looked like a flying deathtrap ready to explode but her arousal clouded her judgment. She pressed another button on belt and a second hole opened over the crack of her ass.

The red woman noticed immediately. She groaned into Vaquel’s pussy and slid a finger over to the second hole. A thick finger pushed at Vaquel’s tight anus with a steady insistence.

The finger was large but the alien was persistent and Vaquel was horny. It pushed in as Vaquel cried out in pleasure. The finger stretched her tight dark hole as the alien’s eager mouth continued to lick.

The ship made a sudden turn followed by another accompanied by rapid acceleration. Vaquel’s top half of her body swung and bounced from the inertia. The alien woman held onto her sex and ass with mouth and finger.

Vaquel didn’t care about the reckless flying. She only cared about the finger pushing deep in her ass. She only cared about the greedy mouth consuming her pussy. She only cared about the giant climax that she felt about to explode within her.

The ship shook from an impact. Another impact hit the ship and a crack appeared in the wall. Vaquel tried to ignore the obvious signs of distress and stayed focused on the mouth that was starting to slow down.

Another impact shook the ship and the woman stopped. Vaquel cried out in frustration and ground her pussy into the alien’s face. The alien pushed Vaquel off her face. Vaquel tried to hold on but the alien was too strong. Vaquel drifted back through the ship as the woman rushed to cockpit.

“Fucking stupid robot!” the woman screamed. “We’re too close to the Nimativ Corporation!”

Vaquel took no chances. She slapped her belt and the holes on her suit sealed.

The front of the ship exploded in a green flash. Vaquel ducked through a crack in the ship as the rest of the vessel exploded. The blast propelled her through the asteroid field.

A blue beam similar to the one that grabbed her earlier emitted from a nearby asteroid but it was too slow. A crappy looking spaceship tried to intercept her with a mechanical arm but it was fast for her trajectory. Vaquel wondered if the entire asteroid field was trying to steal her.

A few moments later, another blue beam from a small asteroid caught her. Vaquel relaxed as it pulled her down towards another shoddy looking habitat. When the airlock doors opened, she slipped inside and calmly waited for the area to pressurize again.

The inner airlock opened and a red alien reached in and pulled her into the main quarters. He was taller than all of the previous ones as well as hairless. The pants he wore emphasized rather than conceal the humongous erection that he had.

“I claim you according to Salvage Law laid down by th-,”

“Yeah, I get it,” Vaquel interrupted. “You stole me, you claim me and now you want to fuck me. Can we get to the fucking already before I get stolen again?”

“Let them try!” the alien male said. He snarled as he glanced back to a flickering control panel.

“No, focus on fucking,” Vaquel said as she reached into his pants. There was a quick release button that freed his crotch of his pants. A thick heavy member floated into her hand. She squeezed it tightly as if someone would try to steal the cock from her.

“This will work,” Vaquel said. She was so desperate to fuck that her fingers missed the controls on her belt. It took her three tries to open the slit in her spacesuit again.

The prospector didn’t have any such problems. As soon as the fabric opened, he reached down and grabbed Vaquel by the thighs. He picked her up pushed her against the wall.

Vaquel didn’t like how much the wall behind her moved but she forgot about it as he lowered her onto his cock. The thick red member parted her soaking wet sex lips and pushed deep up inside her.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel yelled and felt a moment of déjà vu. She was filled once more and was already on the edge of orgasm.

“Sweet Lords of Space!” the alien groaned. His hands tightened around her thighs as he raised her up and down on his cock. Powerful muscles surged along his arms as he fucked her.

The computer screens flickered bright warnings behind the prospector. Vaquel said nothing as she was fucked. Claim jumpers might be on their way to kill them but the priority here was to fuck.

The alien was like a machine. He rammed her down onto his cock, lifted her back up and dropped her again. His cock never left her pussy. It throbbed with potent power within her tight clenching walls.

Vaquel held onto the alien’s shoulders. She kept thinking of when the next attack would come. Would she be able to get off first? Would she have to wait until the next miner? She couldn’t take it any more. She needed to come and she needed to come now!

She pressed another button on her belt. A wide window of cloth opened over breasts. Her large brown mounds came bouncing out.

The prospector didn’t need an invitation. His mouth lunged forward and he caught a floating breast in his teeth. He clamped down around her nipple and held on as he kept fucking her.

A bolt of pain shot through her breast. It travelled down her shuddering belly to her clenching sex. The pain was an extra stimulation to the already wonderful ramming that her pussy was taking.

All of the computer panels were flashing warnings. Through a viewport, Vaquel spotted something bright and slow approaching the hull. The wall behind her made stressful sounds.

She closed her eyes. Her focus went to the sharp teeth biting her breast. The rest of her attention went to the thick phallus drilling up, up, up into her super sensitive and very well fucked hole.

Vaquel came. “Glory to the Queen!” she cried. Her body shivered from head to curling toes with the force of her pleasure.

The habitat exploded around her. The prospector looked stunned at the sudden loss of atmosphere but he was even more stunned when Vaquel punched him in the nose to make him let go of her.

As soon as his cock left her and his teeth let go of her breast, Vaquel was tapping commands onto her belt. The holes on her suit resealed and her personal environment was protected. Staying alive was more important than savoring the afterglow.

She was floating through space again. The debris of the habitat surrounded her and she kicked it away. The prospector was already dead but his body was still twitching.

A blue beam engulfed her. Vaquel sighed. She looked up at another barely functional shuttle trying to reel her in like some kind of space fish

“Maybe I should take over the ship,” Vaquel said to herself. “I could incapacitate the pilot, hijack the ship and get back to my ship. I got paid and laid; there is no reason to stick around.”

Vaquel thought about which of her weapons was less likely to accidentally puncture a substandard hull. Before she made her decision, the shuttle vaporized in a ball of flame. The blue field ceased although her forward momentum kept going.

A large highly advanced ship flew in front of her. It was the deep space probe ship! The airlock was open and Vaquel drifted right into it. She grabbed a handle and the airlock closed behind her.

“Mistress!” Chairbot screamed over the communicator. “I have been following you through the asteroid field! They are really violent out there! Is your perfect round ass okay?”

“Yes it is, Chairbot!” Vaquel said. “Get us the fuck out of here!”

“Right away, Mistress!” Chairbot said.

“And get your seat ready,” Vaquel said. “You did something right for once and I am going to sit my tired sweaty ass down on you.”

The robot squealed a complex string of beeps with joy.

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  1. Screw R. Daneel Olivaw (which would be nice). Chairbot is the model for the future.

  2. Awesome. She wanted rough sex and she got it. I loved the rapidness, the surreal, and the sexiness. Thank you!

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