Apr 272016

Amber sat down on the seat of the riding lawnmower. The hot plastic felt like a frying pan against her naked butt. She winced and gripped the wheel as her body acclimated to the heat.

Rachel, her domme, smirked. Amber had never seen her fully smile. She wondered if it was a domme thing or maybe just a Rachel thing. The older woman didn’t like questions.

“Quit your bitching,” Rachel said even though Amber hadn’t said anything. “The grass needs to be cut and you won’t see me doing it.”

Amber bit her lip. Sure, the grass needed to be cut but did she have to be naked to cut it? She wanted to say it but she could guess the answer and it would involve a lot of unpleasant slapping.

Rachel wasn’t finished. She picked up a Von Madd Thigh-Crusher vibrator and placed it against Amber’s thigh so that the large round dome at the end was pressed against Amber’s shaven sex. When she had it exactly where she wanted, she wrapped duct tape around Amber’s thigh to secure the vibrator in place.

“Oh Jesus,” Amber moaned and Rachel smirked again.

“Alright,” Rachel said. “Remember, I want even lines. If you do that curvy wave shit again I am going to take it out of your ass. I want a nice clean mowed yard.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Amber said.

Rachel flipped the switch on the vibrator. It roared to life and power vibrations pounded Amber’s sex.

Amber gasped. The vibrations were overwhelming. She involuntarily spread her legs to get vibrator away from her sex.

WHAP! Rachel slapped Amber’s thigh. “Keep your legs together you little whore. And get to work!”

“Yes, ma’am!” Amber yelled. She closed her legs and shuddered under the force of the vibrator. Her finger missed the ignition button on the lawnmower but she clicked it on her third try.

The lawnmower engine fired up. It was loud but Amber was sure that the Von Madd vibrator was louder. She placed her foot over the gas pedal and released the brake. The lawnmower surged forward, jamming her sex onto the head of the evil vibrator.

Amber directed the lawnmower to the border between Rachel’s yard and the yard next door. It was hard to tell where one yard in the trailer park ended and the other started but Amber tried her best. If she got it wrong, she had no doubt that Rachel would correct her.

When she decided her spot, Amber began her straight line. She kept her hands tight on the wheel no matter how distracting the vibrator was. Rachel liked straight lines. Amber also liked being able to sit on her ass without crying. She guided the lawnmower as best she could.

The vibrator never ceased. It pulsed endlessly against Amber’s soaking wet sex. She tried to move her thigh but there was not much leg room on the lawnmower and she needed to keep her foot on the pedal. All she could do was ride and bear it.

The hot sun bore down on her. Sweat dripped all over her body. A pool formed in the seat of the lawnmower but Amber knew that wasn’t just sweat.

She reached the end of the yard and began her turn. Ever so carefully she turned the lumbering mower one hundred and eighty degrees. It turned as the vibrator continuously abused her sex. It turned as Amber struggled to hold onto the plastic wheel with her sweaty hands. It turned as the smell of cut grass filled Amber’s sinuses.

Amber began the second row of cutting. An orgasm threatened to explode within her. She didn’t know what to do. If she came, there was no way that she would be able to drive straight. The smart thing would be to stop and climax but Rachel didn’t like that. Her mistress called that wasting gas.

Biting her lips didn’t help. Sometimes she could stop an orgasm by pinching her nipple but she didn’t dare stop using two hands on the wheel. That just left pure force of will to keep from coming. Amber tried to focus on keeping the lawnmower straight and hoping that concentration could somehow ignore an orgasm.

It was impossible. The vibrations from the vibrator were intense but the lawnmower itself provided more sensations. The rumbling of the machine, the jiggling of her tits and the sensation-play of the sun combined to make Amber hyper-aware of her body.

She climaxed. Her knuckles turned white as she gripped the wheel. She screamed her pleasure as she struggled to keep the lawnmower straight.

The wheel barely turned. Amber compensated and kept going straight. Maybe the deviation was too small for Rachel to notice.


Amber’s sex quivered as the vibrator kept pulsing. She was extremely sensitive after coming but there was nothing she could do. New tears came to her eyes that had nothing to do with sweat.

Someone waved at her from the trailer next door. It was Mr. Surry. He leaned against the rail of his deck while sipping from a glass.

Amber’s already flushed face blushed even deeper. This was the part she hated the most. Every one knew that Rachel hated mowing her grass. As soon as they heard the lawnmower, the neighbors came out to watch. Rachel never shared her submissive but she had no problem parading her on grass cutting day.

She reached the end of the yard near the road. Amber slowed down and spun the wheel around. The lawnmower slowly turned. She got it facing the right direction and began the long drive to cut a new row.

Mr. Surry was still watching. Amber tried to ignore him as the vibrator buzzed between her legs. Sweat gleamed on her naked body but she tried not to think about it. She kept her mind on the mostly straight line ahead of her.

Another orgasm bloomed within her. It grew and burst before she knew it. Her eyes closed in pleasure before snapping back open in fear. Thankfully, her hands had kept the wheel straight.

“Oh Jesus,” Amber moaned. She was only on the third row of grass to be cut and her pussy was a sensitive over-stimulated mess. How much more could she endure? More importantly, could she keep the damn lines straight?

On the fourth row she tried a new way to spread her legs and keep her foot on the pedal. It gave her sex a break but she came dangerously close to drifting the lawnmower to the right so she had to stop.

On the fifth row, Mr. Surry started to record her with his cell phone. She just knew he would be uploading the video to their neighbors later.

On the sixth row, Amber climaxed. The pleasure was secondary to the sensitized tenderness she was experiencing. She doubted that she would be able to climax again.

On the seventh row, she climax again. She also jerked the wheel as she came which caused her to leave her carefully driven lane.

On the eight row, Amber tried to cover the mistake she made by driving over most of the seventh row. All the while, the powerful vibrator hummed away at the most sensitive part of her body.

On the ninth row, Amber panted from the heat and vibrations. Her arms ached from the tension of trying to drive straight. She felt her pussy going numb from all of the stimulation.

Rachel came out of the trailer. She carried a tall glass of lemonade with one hand while the other hand waved at Amber to stop. As Amber pulled to a stop, Rachel came over and switched the vibrator off.

“Thank you, ma’am,” Amber said, her voice barely a whisper.

“Drink,” Rachel ordered and handed her the glass.

The lemonade was freshly made and with little sugar. The sourness attacked her tongue but Amber was thankful anyway. She forced herself to drink slowly.

“Mr. Surry is watching,” Rachel said. “Dirty motherfucker.”

Amber said nothing but she was glad that Rachel agreed. She kept sipping the tart lemonade.

“It looks like the Cleves are watching too,” Rachel said.

Amber glanced to her left and choked on her lemonade. Oh shit, she hadn’t even noticed them! The husband and wife were on their deck, each with a pair of binoculars.

“Are you embarrassed by them watching?” Rachel asked.

“Yes,” Amber said. “Very, very much.”

Rachel nodded sympathetically. “It sucks to be leered at. It makes one feel like a piece of meat. It is fucking degrading that one can’t do chores without being gawked at.”

Amber nodded and took a sip of lemonade. Her mistress understood!

“Oh, I saw you trying to mow over your mistake earlier,” Rachel said. The smirk was back and Amber’s blood ran cold.

“When you finish with our yard, drive over to Mrs. Surry and do his yard. After that, go over and do the Cleve’s.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Amber said. There was nothing else to say.

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  1. Oh, lovely. Cruel on the mowing then, I could never get those straight lines.

    I wish I lived there….

    • I haven’t mowed grass in 20 years and i still get anxious just thinking about those straight lines.

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