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Explorer’s Log: I have reached the star system designated “Precious Drop of the Queen’s Spit” by Royal Astronomers. It is a squalid little system. One planet is nearly molten, two planets are gas giants that are almost inert and the last planet is a frozen wasteland beset by perpetual blizzards.

The weird thing is that there are life signs on the frozen wasteland. I am barely detecting geothermal energy but the life signs are massive. I’ve sent two probes but they were both destroyed by freezing winds and hail. I doubt any sort of intelligent life is down there but I’m going to have to land and take a look around. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Ice planets are the worse. My spacesuit can handle the cold of space but ice planets have wind and snow. It is a wet cold and that is always dangerous. Hopefully whatever is alive down there is good to eat.


Vaquel went flying through the snow. She didn’t see what hit her. One moment she was looking through a snow storm and the next moment, she was flying through the air from a terrific blow to her helmet.

She landed on soft snow. Vaquel gasped as the air was knocked out of her. When her eyes were able to focus, she saw a giant crack in her clear glasssteel helmet.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore. Whatever can crack glassteel was tough enough to crack Vaquel. She suddenly regretted wearing her bright pink spacesuit. It matched her short pink hair but more importantly, it was easy to spot in the endless white of this ice planet. The fact that it also showed off her plentiful breasts, generous ass, thick thighs and wide hips were a happy accident. Although now that she thought about, it probably also made her more attractive to whatever smacked the shit out of her.

Vaquel pulled herself out of the snow. She tried to draw her plasma gun from her holster. It wouldn’t come out. It was frozen tight.

Something large and white moved in the snow. It was coming closer. It was moving far faster than anything that large should be able to move.

Vaquel reached for one of her grenades on her belt. It came free. She gave it a squeeze to activate. Nothing happened.

She brought it up to her helmet. A thin shell of ice surrounded the grenade. She would have to crack through it first.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Vaquel swore.

The snow monster was near. She didn’t see eyes but she saw nasty black claws. The thing towered over her and was twice her height. Icicles hung from the endless fur.

It roared. Vaquel’s stomach tried to void itself.

A great furry arm swung at her. She dodged it mostly by falling backwards. Another furry arm swiped down on her. It tore easily through the allegedly highly durable spacesuit. Vaquel felt the hot sting of the claws grazing her cleavage but that was nothing compared to the stabbing cold that assaulted her now bare chest.

“Fuck!” Vaquel screamed and punched the beast under the mouth. Her fingers screamed as it slammed into icy fur.

The beast roared back and tried to grab her. Claws closed around her shoulder and squeezed. Piercing pain shot through her arm.

Vaquel decided to stuff a grenade down the creature’s mouth. Too bad the arm that held the grenade was being turned to pulp. Her other hand fumbled with her belt to get another grenade. It was hard to think with snow on bare tits.

There was a shout. Red hands grabbed the face of the snow monster from behind. Powerful fingers squeezed and the monster whimpered.

The beast let go of Vaquel. She stumbled back and grabbed her shoulder. It didn’t feel broken, just lightly stabbed. She crossed her good arm over her exposed breasts and tried to keep them warm. There were too much brown breasts to hold them all.

The snow monster yelled again. It struggled to pull the red hands off its face. Vaquel got her first good look at her savior. It was a woman, three meters tall and red from head to toe. Vaquel knew this because the woman was completely naked except for a glowing yellow belt. That was also how she knew her savior was a woman as her giant massive breasts and smooth hairless pubic mound left no doubt.

“Now you’re pissing me off!” the red woman yelled in Old Time Goman. “You had your fucking chance!”

CRACK! The red woman spun the snow monster’s head one hundred and eighty degrees. The monster stopped in mid-howl and collapsed.

“Holy shit,” Vaquel said.

The red woman crossed over to Vaquel. “Well look at you,” she said. “Come with me if you want to stay warm.”

She offered a hand and Vaquel took it. The woman easily yanked Vaquel to her feet. The woman then clutched Vaquel to her chest in a one-armed beast hug. Immediately, the woman walked forcefully to an unknown destination.

Vaquel was smothered by hot red breasts. Wait, the red woman’s entire body was warm. Pleasing heat washed over Vaquel’s body and she groaned. She understood. The belt was a force field projector of warmth. Praise the Queen!

The force field could only cover a short distance so the red woman was forced to carry Vaquel very tightly. Vaquel didn’t mind. Her shoulder ached from the claw stabs and her tits felt numb. The red woman was a curious mixture of hard muscles and soft curves. Vaquel held onto the woman as tight as she could.

The red woman carried them several kilometers. Vaquel passed out a few times. When the ice on her utility belt melted, she grabbed a medic patch and slapped it on her shoulder. Painkillers flooded her body while her skin was mended by nanobots.

“We’re here,” the red woman said. Vaquel turned to see a cave entrance. The woman carried her inside and Vaquel could smell the warm air through the crack in her helmet. At least there were environmental controls in here.

The red woman set Vaquel on a pile of furs. Vaquel took a look around. Light glowed from oil burning lamps. A wet heat filled the cave. She guessed that there was a converter tapped into a geothermal vent. Meat hung from the ceiling while ice water melted into a reservoir. All in all, it was quite cozy.

“Thank you,” she said as she pulled off her helmet. “My name is Vaquel.”

“My name is General Xalla of the Star Homogeny,” the red woman said. She took off her belt and tossed it aside.

“Star Homogeny?” Vaquel asked. “Is that close to the Grand Command? I heard they operated near this system.”

General Xalla laughed. She fell onto the furs beside Vaquel. “We overthrew the traitors of Grand Command and established the Star Homogeny. I personally pissed on the corpse of the Red Commander! I was a damn war hero.”

“I bet you were,” Vaquel said. She reached out and put her hand on one of General Xalla’s biceps. It was dense and hard. She gave the arm a playful squeeze and felt the power underneath.

The General was bolder and put her hand on Vaquel’s exposed breast. The four fingers of her hand squeezed tightly. Vaquel moaned as the hand griped her soft flesh.

“But that was before the politicians of the new Star Homogeny decided that my various acts of heroism were actually war crimes,” General Xalla said. “Fucking wimps. You can’t bring about a peaceful new era without the extermination of a few dead-ender colonies.”

Vaquel nodded. That was basic Conquest Training at the Royal Navy. “That’s too bad. Is that why you are here now?” She moved her hand from the General’s arm to the large red breast. Her fingers sunk into the massive amount of flesh.

General Xalla moaned and let go of Vaquel’s exposed brown breast. Vaquel smiled and continued to play with the general’s even larger red breasts.

“You mean on this fucking ice asshole of a planet?” General Xalla said. “Yeah, I got exiled and I settled here. It is quite nice actually. I got perpetual heating from the underground springs and plenty of water. There are monsters to fight and eat and the occasional dumb ass who lands on the planet and nearly gets killed by the Snow Fuckers.”

Vaquel winced at that statement. She didn’t like being called a dumb ass but she let it slide. The general was a mountain of tits and muscles. Vaquel could forgive a little name calling.

“Snow Fuckers? Vaquel asked. “Is that what you call that monster?”

“It is as good a name as any,” General Xalla said. “They are primitive bipeds with small brains, big bodies and giant cocks. They also taste really good over an open flame.”

The general moved her hand down to Vaquel’s crotch. Thick fingers pressed against the thin pink material of her spacesuit. Vaquel groaned as the fingers slid up and down against her sex.

“You eat them?” Vaquel said. “What do they eat?” She grabbed a dark red nipple and gently squeezed.

The General shuddered. “Fuck if I know,” she said. “I haven’t bothered to find out.” She hooked a finger in the material around Vaquel’s crotch. With a powerful jerk, she tore the material wide open. Vaquel’s pink pubic bush came into the light.

“My ship detected a lot of life signs on the planet,” Vaquel said. ”It could have been the Snow Fuckers but it might also be their food source. Perhaps they hunt something that lives under the ice.”

“Oh, are you a space explorer?” General Xalla said. Her already wide mouth seemed to widen further.

“Yes, a deep space probe explorer to be exact,” Vaquel said. She put emphasis on the word, deep.

“No, you’re not,” General Xalla said. “Now you are just a slut that I own.”

Vaquel moaned. That was what she liked to hear.

General Xalla rose to her knees. At her height, she still towered over Vaquel. She swung a red thigh over Vaquel and positioned her sex above Vaquel’s face. A drop of desire fell from her hairless sex onto Vaquel’s lips.

It tasted delicious.

The general lowered herself onto Vaquel’s face. Hot lips damp with sex pressed down on Vaquel’s open mouth. Strong thighs closed around Vaquel’s head. A powerful hand grabbed Vaquel’s short hair.

Vaquel groaned. This was nice. She was pinned down and being used by a powerful woman. Her body had been reduced down to a willing mouth. She had forgotten how much she liked this.

General Xalla grinded her pussy on Vaquel’s face. “Eat it, you foolish slut. You would have died out there, wearing improper gear and flashing your small body to everything with claws and teeth. You would be dead if it wasn’t for me and I demand repayment for my rescue!”

Vaquel shuddered with desire. Yes, she would pay her savior back. Her tongue lapped at the wet sex. Her lips kissed and caressed soft inner flesh. Her teeth nibbled in adoration.

“Oh, you do have a good mouth,” General Xalla said. “If you were my soldier, I would have promoted you to be my aide just so I could ride that face every night.”

Vaquel licked harder. The alien’s giant body shifted and Vaquel’s nose was covered. She struggled to breathe but she also kept licking.

“You would polish my armor with your mouth,” General Xalla said. “You would clean my boots with your tongue.”

The general’s body shifted and Vaquel could breathe again. She licked twice as hard in gratitude.

“And every night,” General Xalla continued, “I would ride your face until you made me come. When I was finished with you, I would go to sleep with your weak body beside me. My sex juice would dry on your face.”

Vaquel moaned.

General Xalla tightened her grip on Vaquel’s hair. “Fuck!” she cried out. Her body shook on Vaquel’s face.

Vaquel slowed down. She paused so the general could enjoy her orgasm.

“Who told you to stop, slut?” General Xalla demanded. She twisted her grip of Vaquel’s hair.

Vaquel whimpered and resumed licking. Her legs spread in submission to this powerful alien woman.

General Xalla released Vaquel’s hair. A moment later, massive fingers pinched both of Vaquel’s nipples. She cried out as the fingers cruelly clamped together. Inhuman strength pinched both of her nipples and then they pulled.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried into the alien’s pussy.

“Keep licking!” General Xalla demanded. “I can tell that you like it! You can’t fool me!”

Vaquel did like it. The pulling on her tits made every centimeter of her soft expansive flesh come alive. Jolts of pain ran through her breasts and went straight to her sex.

General Xalla grinded on Vaquel’s mouth that was now licking twice as fast. “You are my slut now,” she said again. “I claim you by right of salvage. Your body is mine. Your mouth serves only me. You will lick and suffer by my command.”

Vaquel groaned. Her feet dug into the furs and her hips lifted. Every word that the general spoke made her wetter.

“I demand that you make me come again,” General Xalla said. “Or I will rip your tiny tits right off!”

Vaquel snorted and kept licking. Tiny! Only to this massive alien would Vaquel’s tits be considered tiny! Vaquel was proud of the large brown vastness of her breasts but even she had to admit they were small moons compared to the stellar red giants of the general.

“Yes, there,” General Xalla said. “Right there! Don’t stop!”

Vaquel didn’t. She had trouble breathing but she kept licking. Her skull hurt from the clenching of red thighs but she kept nibbling. Both of her breasts felt like they were on fire but Vaquel kept working her tongue!

“Fuck!” General Xalla cried out again. She pulled harder on Vaquel’s poor tits as she grinded her sex into the woman’s face. The red alien’s body shook and clenched.

Vaquel knew better than to stop licking. Mercifully, the general released her breasts. A tremor of relief ran through Vaquel’s body.

The general leaned back but kept her sex planted on Vaquel’s face. “I am going to enjoy having you around. I’m going to make a chain to keep you within arm’s reach at all times.

Vaquel moaned. It was a nice fantasy. For one brief moment, she entertained the idea of staying on this frozen world as a mouth slave.

Something pressed against Vaquel’s sex and she moaned again. One of the general’s large fingers pushed inside Vaquel’s sensitive lips. The thick finger plunged deed within her tight walls.

“Ha, you love that, don’t you?” the general demanded.

Vaquel licked faster in response.

“Of course you do,” the general said. Her finger fucked Vaquel’s sex. Short slow thrusts penetrated deep inside Vaquel.

“This will be your last orgasm for awhile,” the general said. “My sluts have to earn their pay. There is no money here and the only pay I have to give is orgasms. You’ll cook my meat, wash my furs, clean my headquarters and lick me from head to toe, won’t you, slut?”

Vaquel shuddered. Fuck, that was hot. There would be no more exploring. There would be no more near-death experiences. There would be no more endless stretches of space travel. Her life would be one of servitude and sex.

She licked harder. General Xalla fingered her faster.

“Come with me,” the general demanded. “Come at the same time I do and not a moment before. Come too soon and I’ll inflict new war crimes on you.”

Vaquel believed her. She felt her orgasm coming but she pushed at it. Or at least she tried. She was so turned on by the abuse so far and having to eat pussy wasn’t helping.

General Xalla fingered her savagely.

Vaquel licked with everything she had.

The general moaned and her thighs tightened once more around Vaquel’s head.

Vaquel tried to ignore her own orgasm rapidly approaching.

“YES!” General Xalla cried out. “Yes, fucking yes!”

Vaquel allowed herself to come. She gave into her body and screamed her own orgasm into the alien’s sex.

The two shuddered together and then General Xalla dismounted the explorer’s face. She laid back on the furs and sighed.

“Good work, slut,” the general said. “You have room for improvement though.”

Vaquel bit back a laugh. She had no doubt the general thought so. It was going to be interesting. Vaquel figured that she could stay with the powerful woman for a week before she needed to get back to her ship. A week would be a nice vacation. It would be good to be dominated and it was going to be great to eat pussy again. The general probably wouldn’t want her to leave but Vaquel decided to deal with that when the time came.

There was a tremendous roaring sound. Vaquel jumped to her feet in terror.

General Xalla laughed. “At ease,” she said. “That’s just the Snow Fuckers. They probably smelled our sex play.”

At the entrance of the cave were four of the furred monsters. They looked even more terrifying in the light. They also smelled worse without the snow to cover their scent.

“What do they want?” Vaquel said.

General Xalla stood up. “They want to fuck, of course.”

She walked over to them and then got down on all fours. Vaquel watched in horror as the Snow Fuckers parted their fur to reveal long pale cocks. The bestial creatures snorted and got behind the general. They took turns sniffing her ass.

“What are you waiting for?” General Xalla said. “Get your slut ass over here!”

Vaquel sighed. A week of domination, submission and rough sex sounded great but she drew the line at fucking barely intelligent monsters.

“What the fuck are you waiting for?” General Xalla yelled. One of the Snow Fuckers was getting into position.

Vaquel tossed one of her now-thawed grenades. There was an explosion of gas and strobe lights. Since she was still enjoying her afterglow, she had opted for a confusion grenade instead of something more lethal.

“You bitch!” General Xalla yelled between coughing fits.

Vaquel still had the problem of her torn open space suit. She grabbed one of the furs and wrapped it around herself. She grabbed a second fur just because it felt so nice. Last she snatched her cracked helmet and put it back on. Wrapping both of the furs around herself, she ran out of the cave and into the snow.

“I’ll hunt you down and kill you!” General Xalla yelled from inside the cave. What she said next was drowned out by the piercing sirens released by the grenade.

Vaquel smiled. When she got back to her ship, she planned to masturbate while thinking of all the terrible things the general would love to do to her.

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  1. A lovely story. I like her enjoying it as a fantasy but knowing she had to keep on, it was very mortal and shows how much struggle she’s been through up to this point. Poor girl, but hopefully she has some good times coming. Though, I’m scared when she finally has to decide about going home.

    • It is going to be really interesting when she reaches the halfway point of her 20 year journey and begins the swing back towards home. Psychologically I really wonder where her head is going to be at.

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