Mar 162016

Felicia Grafal Flores drove slowly through the university area. She passed the new Thai food place that she planned to visit and went searching for parking. There were a few parking garages that she knew of plus one that had recently been built. That was the one she was looking for.

She found it tucked beside a college dorm. A shiny new sign declared that it was open to the public for free. The paint on the entrance arrow was bright and bold.

Felicia drove into the parking garage. Despite three stories high on the outside, the garage arrows pointed her down into the earth. The lights dimmed and she had to take off her sunglasses.

She saw less and less cars. For that matter, she stopped seeing lines for places to park. The steady glow of electric lights gave way to flickering lanterns.

Shapes appeared on the walls. Felicia slowed down to stare at paintings of giant cocks that filled smaller vaginas. Painted figures spread open their leg. Three-legged men strode across dark walls.

There was a scream. Felicia listened and didn’t hear another.

She drove around another corner and something dark lurked between lanterns. Felicia aimed her headlights at the figure and discovered it was a statue. It was a large dark man, sitting with his legs crossed but two huge members stood upright from its crotch.

Felicia parked the car and left the lights on. She got out of the car and smoothed down her blue spring dress. A quick glance around told her that she was the only person here.

She approached the statue. There was something odd about the face. As she came closer, she understood what it was. The statue had two faces, one for each side.

“Two faces for two cocks,” Felicia said out loud. “I wonder if it has two assholes.”

As soon as she spoke the words, she regretted it. This didn’t seem like a place for levity. An aura of magnificence hung around the dark statue and it felt wrong to mock it.

She placed a hand on a knee of the statue. It was warm to the touch. It was also smooth and hard like polished rock.

There was also a smell. Felicia recognized it easily. It was the smell of pussy.

Up close, the large cocks of the statue didn’t look so impossible. They looked quite manageable. Felicia reached out and gripped one of the dark cocks. It too was warm to the touch.

Felicia made a decision. She pulled off her dress. She unclasped her white bra to release large brown breasts. She didn’t have any panties but she did kick off her heels. She removed a pin to shake loose her long curly black hair.

The statue looked won on her with two sets of eyes.

Felicia rubbed her sex. She was wet to the touch. Her fingers played with the thick bush of her hair. She was ready.

She climbed onto the statue. Of the two cocks, she picked the thinner one and lowered herself down onto it. The warm black stone pushed into her wet lips. She slid onto it and felt it fill her.

“Nice,” Felicia moaned and it was.

The second cock was between her and the broad chest of the statue. She looked down on it as she reached for the arms of the statue. Holding onto those solids arms, she raised and lowered herself on the member inside her.

Felicia groaned louder. This was good. The stone cock was hot inside her. She was hot and wet around the thickness. Her thighs clenched and flexed as she humped the statue.

The lanterns flickered and cast strange shadows. She saw large globes of darkness play on the walls as her breasts bounced. Shadows moved to create the illusion of stone faces smiling.

Felicia humped the statue’s cock. With each trust she was able to go lower and lower onto the thick member. As the cock grew slicker, she was able to bounce faster.

Strange sounds came through the parking garage. Felicia heard her moans echo and amplify. She thought she head other moans that sounded like men.

Felicia shuddered and grinded on the unmoving cock. She grabbed the cock in front of her with both hands. She stroked it while her pussy clenched against the one inside her.

Both cocks grew warmer. Both cocks seemed to get bigger. Both cocks felt like they were pulsing.

Felicia groaned. It wasn’t real. She was just so turned on. Her hands and pussy clenched tighter.

She wondered what her husband, Emil, would think if he saw her like this. He would be hard at the sight of his wife impaled on this foreign statue. He would jack his cock as she continued to fuck herself. He would slip into her asshole so he could come inside her while she was already stuffed with cock.

Felicia reached for her clitoris. One, two, three rubs while thinking of Emil inside her ass was enough.

She came with a scream. The scream stretched and winded through the parking garage. Pleasure bloomed within her body and erupted out of her throat.

After what felt like an eternity, Felicia finally stopped coming. She pulled herself off of the statue’s cock. It shined with her juices.

On unsteady feet, Felicia returned to her clothes. Her bra was missing. She looked around but was unwilling to leave the headlights of the car to go looking for them.

“You can have them,” she said. Whether she was speaking to the statue, or someone in the darkness, she wasn’t sure.

She put on her dress and slipped on her heels. Felicia climbed back into her car and looked once more at the statue.

It stared back at her with two faces. Twin cocks almost tempted her back out of the car.

Felicia put the car in reverse and left. The statue was left behind as she retraced her path down here.

Shapes moved in the darkness. Graphic paintings flashed by on the garage walls. She heard another scream and it sounded a lot like her own.

She let out a sigh of relief when she saw parked cars. Her shoulders relaxed when she saw arrows instead of painted cocks. She actually moaned with delight when she saw daylight.

Felicia left the parking garage and didn’t look back. She would park someplace familiar. Maybe she would skip the new Thai place today and eat somewhere she had been before.

Her sore pussy couldn’t take another new place today.

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