Feb 172016

Alexis stretched out on the bed. It was narrow but it felt empty without her fellow submissive, Samantha. She tugged on her restraints and they held her tight. She wasn’t going anywhere.

The room had a slight chill. Alexis wished that she could cover up. Her nipples were cold and hard. She tried to bring her thighs together to keep her bare pussy warm.

She groaned and shook her head. The blindfold stayed on. She paused with her cheek buried in the pillow. She smelled pussy.

A smile came to Alexis’ face. That must be Samantha. The bratty blonde had rubbed her pussy into Alexis’ pillow. She wondered if it was Samantha’s idea, or their dom, Nick.

Alexis groaned. She wished one of them would come into the small bedroom. She wished one of them would climb onto the bed and use her. She wished one of them would fuck her brains out. That was what she was here for.

She took a deep breath. She thought about the coin toss this morning. Nick had said it was for her, and the custom coin came up ‘Fuck’ instead of ‘Serve’. Alexis had been happy with that. While Samantha dressed up in that skimpy cheerleader outfit and served drinks and snacks for the party, Alexis had been tied up in the bedroom for anyone in the party to use.

Someone laughed in the living room. The trailer walls were thin already and her bedroom shared a wall with the living room. If she strained, she could almost hear the game.

Goddamn game! All everyone cared about today in Hornbeam Estates was that damn sports game! Not a single person had come in here to use her! Did they even know she was here? Did they really care more about some stupid game than they did about fucking a helpless willing pussy?

Alexis didn’t move to this damn trailer park of kinky people just to watch football games! What was wrong with these people?

People were talking louder. Someone was arguing about a pass.

Alexis wanted to scream.

The door opened. Alexis tried not to smile and failed. Finally!

“Oh my,” a voice said. “What an abundant spread we have here.”

Alexis frowned. Was that a fat joke? No, she recognized that voice. It was the Professor. He was always super nice to her. He wouldn’t have made a joke about her weight.

“I am afraid I don’t know where to start with you,” the Professor said. “Should I use that talented mouth with the cupid bow lips? Should I maybe tease, bite and grope those superlative breasts? Or should I partake of that special Delta of Venus between your legs?”

Alexis groaned. She wasn’t allowed to speak. Her lips lifted and she humped the air. He was a professor; he was bound to get the hint!

She didn’t know for sure if he was a real professor. Hell, she didn’t even know his name. He lived in lot #3 and he was a retired teacher. Samantha said he was a professor at some sex college but that was ridiculous. There was no such thing as sex colleges.

A weight settled onto the bed. A hand grabbed one of her breasts. It squeezed her plump flesh as fingers tightened around her nipple.

“Oh!” Alexis groaned.

“I must admit, dear, I have thought of manipulating your mammaries for quite a while,” the Professor said.

Everyone yelled in the living room. It was followed by curses and profanities. Alexis didn’t give a fuck.

Another hand grabbed her other breast. It was followed by a bearded mouth sucking on her flesh. A gentle tongue warmed her cold nipple.

Alexis squirmed. The bristles of the Professor’s beard scratched her breast. As his mouth gently licked one breast, the other hand tugged at her hard nipple with tender care.

There was a cheer from the living room followed by more cursing. Something interesting was happening and Alexis wished they would shut up. She just wanted to sink into the adoration she was feeling on her tits.

The Professor let go of her tits. His mouth moved to the one that he had been tugging. She gasped as her warm mouth sucked on her sensitive nipple.

Alexis groaned between clenched lips. This was nice. This was good. She felt worshipped.

She would rather be fucked though. She writhed in her restraints. Her hips rose and fell as she tried to tell him to fuck her.

The Professor must have understood. His hand moved down to her sex. A knowing finger slipped between her wet lips and penetrated her.

Alexis shook. Yes! Finally!

The finger quickly withdrew. Fingers clamped around one of her pussy lips. They pinched together hard.

“Ow!” Alexis shouted. She didn’t care if that counted as speaking. The pinching fucking hurt!

The Professor ignored her. His mouth continued to suck lovingly on her nipple while his fingers cruelly pinched her.

Alexis whimpered. She didn’t know the Professor had it in him. He was gentle. He was harsh. What other surprises did he have?

The Professor released her nipple and pussy at the same time. Alexis gasped with relief.

“That was quite nice,” the Professor said. The bed shifted as he stood up. “Thank you for the pleasant respite.”

Alexis bit her lip as she heard the door open again and close. When she was alone, she writhed on the bed in a violent tantrum.

Fuck! Her pussy hurt!

Fuck! She was so damn wet!

The door opened. Alexis laid perfectly still. Was the Professor back? Worse, was Nick coming in to discipline her? Could they hear her tantrum?

The visitor said closed. The door closed. A zipper came down. Pants were dropped to the floor.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Alexis said to herself. She was going to get some!

The bed shifted near Alexis’ head. A hand grabbed her hair. It pulled her face to the side. Something pushed against her lips.

Alexis opened her mouth. A cock went into her mouth. She closed her lips and sucked.

The stranger groaned. Alexis didn’t recognize the voice. How could she? It was just a groan. She sucked harder.

There was another groan. A hand went to one of her breasts. It held onto her jiggling breast. A thumb caressed her nipple.

Alexis groaned around the cock in her mouth. She bobbed her head as best as she could in her bound position. She sucked as hard as she could around the thick member.

It was a great cock. She couldn’t get all of it into her mouth. It was thick and, unlike some cocks in the trailer park, it smelled really nice. Alexis sucked as best she could; hoping the visitor would be inspired to fuck her.

The visitor groaned again. His hand let go of her breast. The cock quickly left her mouth. There was a sound she knew so well.

“No!” Alexis thought. It is too soon!

Alexis felt a splash of seed a moment later. It landed on her tits. Another long line of hot seed landed across both breasts. A third splash struck a nipple.

She groaned. The visitor had a great cock but no staying power. Maybe that was unfair. Samantha was out there, serving food in her short skirt and bending over every chance she got. That little cocktease probably drove the visitor crazy until he needed release.

The visitor put his pants back on. The door opened and closed again.

Alexis groaned. The sticky come was drying on her tits. He should have at least cleaned her up first. That was what the wet wipes sitting by the bed were for! Christ! Party guests were the worse!

Everyone yelled loudly in the living room. Maybe someone scored. Maybe someone failed to do something. Alexis didn’t know. All she knew was that whatever was happening on the game was more important to those people than fucking her.

Alexis squirmed on the bed. She knew it was useless but she tried to free her hand. If she could just stroke herself while those idiots watched sports, she would be a much happier submissive.

The restraints held onto her. She tried to roll over to hump the bed and failed. All of the tricks of escape failed her.

The door opened. “Motherfucking defense is shit,” someone muttered.

Alexis froze. The voice was familiar but she couldn’t place it. A sense of disdain rose within her.

“Hey sugar-tits,” the stranger said. Pants were unzipped and a condom package was torn open.

“Shit,” Alexis thought to herself. It was Brian. He was an asshole but he was also a pretty good photographer. The other dominants loved him because he was always willing to do good photo shoots for cheap prices when it came to naked people. In fact, under Alexis’ bed was a photo album filled with pictures of her and Samantha fingering each other.

“I can’t wait to get inside your cunt,” Brian said. “I am going to fuck you like a whore.”

Alexis grimaced but she didn’t say anything. He was a loathsome but he was also going to fuck her. She bit her lips to hide her excitement. He climbed onto the bed and crawled between her legs.

He entered her. She gasped as his cock pushed inside her. He was small and a little thin but holy shit, it was at least something. His weight settled down on to of her and the bed groaned.

“Oh yeah,” Brian said. “Take my cock you filthy slut!”

Alexis moaned. She hated him but the fact that she was helpless turned her on. The fact that she had to submit to this piece of shit emphasized how completely she was under Nick’s control. She was a filthy slut and he was going to use her like one.

Brian held onto both of her tits as he fucked her. She felt drool fall onto each tit. Jagged fingernails dug into her breasts.

She didn’t care. He was fucking her. He was inside her with his slender penis. Her wet slick pussy was finally being used.

“You like it, don’t you!” Brian said.

Alexis didn’t answer. She wasn’t allowed to speak.

WHAP! He slapped one of her tits. Alexis jumped. It was a short harsh slap.

“You like it, don’t you?” Brian demanded.

Alexis nodded passionately. She hoped the asshole would remember that she wasn’t allowed to speak.

“Yeah, I know you do,” Brian moaned. He fucked faster. He pounded her needy pussy with his small dick.

Alexis was getting close. She was going to come. She couldn’t believe that sleazy Brian was going to give her the first orgasm of the day. She hated it. The possible humiliation turned her on even more.

“You like getting fucked,” Brian said as he kept fucking. “Because you are a dirty, nasty, slut who can never ge-“

“HOLY SHIT!” someone yelled from the living room.

“Holy shit!” someone else yelled.

“Jesus Christ!” a woman yelled.

Brian stopped. “What happened?” he yelled.

Alexis groaned. She clenched around his cock. Her hips surged against him.

Brian ignored her. The bedroom door opened. Alexis groaned and missed the first part of the conversation.

“- threw an interception and it was run in for a touchdown!” someone yelled.

“Shit!” Brian yelled. He pulled out of Alexis and scrambled off the bed. She heard pants being grabbed and then the bedroom door slammed shut.

“Son of a bitch,” Alexis whispered. She didn’t care that she had spoken; she had been so close! Goddamn it!

People laughed in the living room. Someone cursed loudly and more people laughed.

Alexis growled. Fucking game day!

She waited. Brian would surely want to finish, right?

There was more yelling. Something exciting was happening.

Alexis groaned. Her pussy clenched in frustration. He wasn’t coming back.

Time passed. There was more laughter and cheers. A scream of excitement shook the walls.

Alexis gave up. Was there anything more humiliating than a sex slave not fucked?

The door opened and closed again. Alexis strained to hear who it was.

“Alexis?” Samantha whispered. “Are you doing okay?”

Disappointment washed through Alexis. It wasn’t one of the guests! It was just Samantha checking on her.

Alexis shook her head in the negative.

“Poor baby,” Samantha said with genuine concern. “It has been a hell of a game.”

The bed shifted between Alexis’ legs. Samantha climbed between Alexis’ legs.

“What are you doing?” Alexis whispered.

Warm breath on Alexis’ pussy was her answer. Alexis gasped as a delicate mouth licked at the lips of her sex.

“Samantha, no!” Alexis whispered but her hips rose to Samantha’s mouth. “We’re not allowed!”

There was a giggle and then fingers parted Alexis’ sex. A tongue entered Alexis and talented lips nibbled. Samantha’s tongue was smaller than Brian’s dick but she knew how to use hers better.

Alexis groaned and clenched her mouth shut. She couldn’t stop Samantha’s transgression even if she wanted to. The ropes held her as her fellow submissive ate her out.

There was more yelling from the living room. It felt like the game watchers were in the room with Alexis.

Alexis realized that only one thing would make her friend stop; she had to come. She focused on Samantha’s skilled tongue. She kept her attention on Samantha’s soft lips. She humped Samantha’s face with her wet sex.

It didn’t take long. Alexis came and the power of her climax surprised her. She clenched and pulled against the ropes while Samantha kept licking. It took all of Alexis’ willpower to keep from screaming her pleasure.

Samantha stopped and climbed off the bed. There was another giggle. Alexis felt hot breath on her neck as her friend whispered in her ear.

“Half time is coming up,” Samantha whispered. “At least seven of our guests plan to fuck you silly during the half time show. There might be more. I wanted to make sure you were ready. Be good.”

Samantha left and the door closed softly behind her. Next door, there was another cheer and a demand for more beer.

Alexis giggled. Game day was looking better than she had expected.

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  1. Lovely story, the torture is fantastic, and I like the complete reversal at the end. Thank you!

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