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My cock pushed into the Cabin Woman’s ass. Her tiny asshole opened for me as I slid in. She cried out and grabbed the back of the chair.

“The Countess will see you-Lords of Space!”

I looked at the servant who had come into the waiting room. He was mostly cybernetic but the parts that were organic were blushing. Half of his face turned the same shade of crimson as his uniform.

“Wait here,” I told my Cabin Woman. I pulled out of her ass and my intelligent pants zipped me up. The Cabin Woman waved at me still bent over the chair.

“Take me to the Countess,” I told the servant.

He glared at me with one organic eye and two robotic. He turned without saying anything and I followed him through the mansion.

I took in the décor as we walked. Seven years ago, the hallways had been decorated with portraits of famous love scenes in history. Now the walls were decorated with holographic recreations of pirate ships exploding. Quite a few of the ships bore a resemblance to my own.

The servant paused in front of a door. He turned to face me and took a moment to not spit at me.

“The Countess is waiting for you, pirate filth!”

I smiled back at him. “That’s me!” I said.

He opened the door and I went in.

The room was another display of money and power. A balcony looked out on the city with only the barest flicker of a privacy screen. A large desk carved from a single giant tree dominated the center. The floor was made of priceless delicate tiles imported from the far side of the galaxy. Even the air was specially treated to be refreshing and soothing.

The Countess was standing by the balcony. We were alone, as I knew we would be. She turned to face me and I admit that even I was struck breathless by her beauty. Long red hair shone with a faint light around her face. Intelligent green eyes stared out from behind floating gold glasses that were merely cosmetic. Pale pink lips sneered at me and yet I still had an erection from their fullness.

She wore a thick dress of green and silver. Her breasts were fully exposed and I wondered if it was the fashion or something especially for me. A necklace held a silver amulet that dangled between her small pert breasts. The dress tightened to an impossibly small waist and I wondered if she indulged in rib removal surgery again. The bottom of her dress was a dozen different ends that snaked and moved on their own; revealing flashes of her long slender legs.

“Captain Blastpants,” Countess Matherine Pellis said. “What blight has brought you back to my world? What fecal matters do you bring to my attention today? What fresh stain will you inflict on my sovereignty now?”

She always makes me laugh. I walked over to her desk and sat down in the seat behind it. She stared at me with silent hatred.

“First, my ship needs refueling,” I said. “Second, we are low on provisions so we will require the normal re-stocking. Third, we suffered some damage on our tracking systems so if you could send a repair team that would be great. Last, my First Mate has a birthday coming up so I am going to take that necklace from you and give it to her.”

The Countess walked over to the desk. The ends of her dress swished and swarmed with menace. She stared at me from behind her floating glasses.

“And what if I told you to go to a black hole and fornicate yourself?” the Countess said.

“Oh, no problem,” I said and I stood up. “I’ll be leaving now and you won’t hear from me again.” I headed towards the door.

I walked six steps before she said, “Wait.”

I stopped but I didn’t turn around.

“And what if I said that I had six warships of the Pik Collective hiding on the moon, waiting for my command to destroy your precious pirate ship?” the Countess asked.

I still didn’t turn around. “Then you would have another hologram to decorate your halls.”

She walked towards me and I heard the swishing of her dress. “And what if I told you that I had twenty armed warriors right outside the door, ready to arrest you?”

At that I laughed. “I would say to get twenty more.”

The Countess came around to my side. She stared at my face but I saw her eyes dip for a split moment to my crotch. I was too much of a gentleman to mention it.

“And what if I said I had a hundred of the best neural surgeons in the sector, waiting to tear you apart, nerve cell by nerve cell, to figure out how to undo the neural lock you placed on me?”

I looked down at her bare breasts, intentionally not looking at her face. “I would say that you wasted your money. At the first sign of being captured, I would activate my own failsafe which would reduce my nervous system to mush.”

The Countess’ breasts rose in a gasp. “You would kill yourself? Wait, are you taking yourself hostage?”

This time I looked her in the eyes. “When it comes to you; that is the only hostage you care about.”

The Countess looked away. She knew it was true. She just hated admitting it.

I felt sorry for her but only for a moment. I remembered seven years ago when prison pods would orbit her planet containing captured space pirates. I remembered how the pods transmitted the screams and agonies of the prisoners as they died of starvation, exposure or worse. I remembered the look on my friend, Captain HellSnatch, as she died slowly in one of those pods.

All of this was on the order of Countess Matherine Pollis. So one very lucky day, my crew and I snuck into this very mansion and we brought along a certain criminal genius of medical skills. We captured the Countess and we made a few small adjustments to her brain. We could have reduced her to a vegetable or inflict endless torments but no, we just made a small tweak to her sex drive.

We made it impossible for her to climax without my touch.

“I’ve enjoyed out talk,” I said, “but I got a pirate ship to restock and refuel and since you’ve said no, I better be going.”

The Countess stepped in front of me. “You bastard, I will take care of it.”

“What?” I said, playing dumb. “Why would you do that?”

“You know why,” the Countess hissed. Her red hair glowed brighter.

My smile faded. “Then do it, now.”

The Countess raised her fingers to her lips. “Port Authority, restock and refuel the Savage Thrust. Also send a maintenance team over to assist with any repairs.”

She nodded as the Port Authority answered in her ears only.

I placed a hand on her breast. She gasped and her knees buckled. Her breast was soft and immaculate like only youth-treatments could provide. For me, it was a lovely breast to hold. For her, it was the first sexual thing she had felt since the last time I had been here.

What was it, two years ago? I wasn’t sure.

“How long has it been since I last fucked you?”

“One solar year, fourteen months and three days,” the Countess said.

“Have you tried vibrators?” I asked.

“Yes,” the Countess answered. Her defeated tone told me how well that worked.

“Did you try subliminal programming?” I asked.

The Countess nodded. I pulled on her nipple and she moaned.

“Anything else?”

“I tried Ugnian mold as an aphrodisiac,” the Countess confessed. “I tried a telepath. I sought out a teacher of the Six Mysteries.”

“Did any of them help?”

“No,” the Countess growled.

“Would you like me to fuck you now?” I asked.

“Yes,” she whispered and it came out like a hiss.

I squeezed her breast. “Suck me, first.”

The Countess dropped to her knees faster than a Mupian whore. I laughed as she tugged at my intelligent pants. A seam opened and my hard cock flopped out.

She took me into her mouth instantly. Her eyes narrowed at the taste of the Cabin Woman’s ass but she didn’t stop. She sucked my cock between her lips and down her throat. Her hair glowed intensely around my crotch.

“Lords of Space,” I groaned. I always forgot how strong her need was. Right now the taste of my cock was unlocking parts of her body. She felt wetness between her legs. Sensitivity was returning to her nipples. An old heat returned to her sex.

She grabbed my ass. Her fingers bit into my cheeks as she tried to swallow my cock. I felt her tongue take long licks of my hardness.

I grabbed her glowing hair and pulled out of her mouth. She fought me but I was stronger. When I left her lips, she looked up at me with desperation.

“What?” she asked.

“Nothing, I just like the look in your eyes when you want my cock,” I said.

I slammed her face back into my crotch. My cock went back into her mouth. My balls slapped against her chin.

The Countess took it as I fucked her face. Spit fell from her hungry lips and landed on her small breasts. She looked up at me from behind her floating gold glasses. Her eyes were dazed and had trouble focusing.

I kept fucking her face. The Countess took it. One of her hands drifted down between her legs. She parted the swathes of her dress and fingered her sex. The violence of what I was doing to her mouth was nothing compared to the fury of her stroking.

The countess moaned. The moan turned into a cough and then into choking. I pulled out of her mouth and let her recover. When she tried to take me back in her mouth, I tightened my grip in her hair to stop her.

“Let me!” the Countess said.

That was the terrible thing about the neural lock. It didn’t suppress her desire. It just suppressed her ability to climax. It kept her on edge without any relief. It turned her into a pirate-cock hungry slut.

“I am going to fuck you,” I said.

Tears sprung from her eyes.

I dragged her by the hair towards the desk. The Countess crawled alongside me. Her dress slipped off her body. It must have been intelligent or maybe she had a quick release in there somewhere. Either way, by the time we reached her desk, she was naked.

The Countess crawled up on her desk. She tried to sit on it but I spun her around and forced her face down over the desk. I slapped her ass and she parted her legs.

“Beg,” I said.

“Please!” the Countess cried.

“Say it,” I commanded.

“Please fuck me! Please, please, please!”

“Do you need it?” I asked.

“Yes, yes, yes! I need to be fucked! Please fuck me! My port needs it so bad!”

“Do you need my cock?” I asked.

“YES!” she nearly howled. “I need your damned cock! I need your filthy pirate cock!”

“Hold yourself open,” I commanded.

The Countess reached behind her. She pulled at her bare pussy lips and held them open. Desire dripped from between her legs.

I thought about the pirates she had condemned to death. I sickened at the thought of giving the Countess anything.

Then I remembered Captain HellSnatch. She would have gotten a kick out of this. I did it for her.

I spat on my cock. My fingers ignored her pussy and went for the Countess’ ass instead. I pulled apart her tight buttocks and pressed my cock against her round brown hole.

“No! Yes! No!” the Countess cried out as I pushed inside her.

She was tight but I was insistent. My thick cock opened her so very slowly.

“You can make me stop at any time,” I reminded her. “Say the word, and I will stop right now.”

The Countess said nothing.

My cock slipped past her tight ring and into her ass. The Countess moaned as my thickness filled her. She trembled as I slowly invaded her.

“Want me to quit?” I taunted her.

The Countess shook her head. Bright glowing hair flew everywhere. She grabbed the edges of the desk. Her knuckles turned white.

I fucked her ass. Nice slow strokes violated her bottom. I took my time. I wanted this to last.

The Countess whimpered. She also humped the edge of the table. A few strokes later, she used one of her hands to finger her pussy. She had no shame left.

“Maybe I should take you with me,” I said as I slammed into her ass.

The Countess whimpered but she didn’t disagree.

“I could make you make my Cabin Woman and fuck your ass every day.”

The Countess moaned louder.

“I could fuck your ass while you suck each and every one of my crew.”

The Countess cried out and shook her head.

“Oh, you would like it,” I said. “As long as my cock is in you, you would enjoy sucking on my crew. You would service the women too. You would lick and suck and you would like it because I was fucking your ass.”

The Countess screamed. Her body trembled around my cock. The slut had climaxed.

I hadn’t so I kept fucking her ass. The spit had long dried so every thrust was awfully tight. It didn’t matter to her. I was tearing her ass apart but it meant she could come. No matter how hard I pounded, she kept stroking.

“Come again, Countess Slut,” I said. “You called me filthy, but you are the one coming on a pirate’s cock on your own desk. You will never sit at this desk again without remembering my cock in your ass. You will never forget how much you enjoyed me plundering this tight little hole.

The Countess screamed another climax.

I fucked her harder. There was no mercy left in me. I pounded her ass as cruelly as I could. I made it hurt. I made her pay for every climax with pain.

I fucked her ass for Captain HellSnatch.

The Countess came again. Her scream was a pitiful thing of lust and pain.

I pulled my cock from her ass. A tug on her glowing hair and the Countess fell to the floor in front of me. The silver amulet bounced on her chest. She looked at me with tear streaks behind her floating glasses. Her lips bled from where she had bitten them.

My cock was inches from her face. She tried to suck on it but I wouldn’t let her. I stroked myself. She stroked herself.

I came. A large load of seed splashed onto her face. I kept pumping and coming. Seed dripped from her floating glasses. Seed splattered her glowing red hair. Seed coated her face and dripped onto her tits.

The Countess came again; shaking and quivering as my seed fell onto her.

When I was finally, finished, I released her. The countess clutched to my leg and kept stroking.

“That’s right, I nearly forgot,” I said.

I reached down and ripped the necklace from her neck. The silver amulet was heavy in my hand. My First Mate was going to love it.

My leg kicked free of the Countess before she could come again. She was sobbing on the floor as I left her chamber.

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  1. A fantastic story and a cruel punishment. Captain Blastpants did HellSnatch proud; though I’m sorry that she won’t be joining us. I love the details, the torture, and the fucking (as usual).

    • Thanks! I had been holding off on another Blastpants story until I had a really good idea and I am glad this qualifies :)

  2. Your Captain blast pants stories are deliciously wicked.

  3. PLEASE tell me you will be selling a Captain Blastpants novel in the future. These stories are amazing!

    • The plan is to collect the Blastpants stories into an ebook, probably around the end of the year.

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