Jan 202016

Felicia Grafal Flores bought a large popcorn and ordered a large bottle of water to go with it. As the young man gathered her popcorn, she broke down and ordered a bag of sweet and sour candy. She stuffed her purse with napkins while the man totaled her order. The amount due was always shocking but she paid it anyway. Felicia always indulged herself at the movies.

The young man behind the counter indulged himself on Felicia. It was cold outside so Felicia had on a large coat but it was open enough to reveal her cleavage. Her blouse underneath was scandalously transparent. The young man tried hard to look at her face instead of stealing peeks at her plentiful soft peaks.

Felicia picked up her popcorn. She could have used her hand to get a bite but instead she leaned forward. Her lips parted and her tongue flicked out. The buttery popcorn stuck to her tongue and she drew it back to her mouth.

The young man stared. He licked his lips as he tried to think of anything to make this transaction last a little bit longer.

Felicia thanked the man and gathered her food. She walked slowly away from the counter. It was freezing outside which was a good excuse to wear tight jeans. The high heels she wore lifted her round ass as she clacked across the lobby. There weren’t many employees in the afternoon on a workday but Felicia knew that every one of them were watching her right now.

This was a familiar place for Felicia. She had blown her husband, Emil, in six of the ten theaters. He had fingered her in seven of the ten. They had fucked in three of the ten. Out of the ten theaters, she had fucked, been fucked or seen a movie in nine of them.

It was the tenth theater that she was heading for today. It was one of the smaller screens, set off to the side at the end of a long hallway. A movie from last Halloween was playing there. It was a kid’s movie about vampires or maybe witches. Felicia wasn’t sure.

It didn’t matter. It was some place new and when Felicia went to new places, something good always happened.

Felicia opened the door and walked into the theater. Right away she could tell the difference. Red lights ran along the walkway. The air was warm and her coat was unnecessary. Instead of pop music she had never heard of, the sounds of a full orchestra could be heard.

She turned the corner expecting to see an orchestra pit, but no, it was set up like any modern theater. Seats were laid out in rows. A white screen waited to be used. Exit signs glowed red in the dim light.

There were only a dozen people here. No one sat together. There were more men than women although not by much.

Felicia decided to blend in and sat by herself. The seat was comfortable vinyl. She sunk into her seat. The smell of a disinfectant hung in the air. Well, this was certainly new. It might be the cleanest theater seat she had ever sat in.

She noticed that that there was a lot of space between her and the next row. It gave her an immense amount of legroom. In fact, there was plenty of room for another person to sit on the floor if they wanted.

The lights dimmed. Felicia put her water in the drink holder of the arm seat. She ate her popcorn as the curtains pulled back to expose more of the screen.

She heard a dozen zippers come undone. The man in the row in front of her took off his shirt.

Felicia wasn’t sure what to do. She unzipped her pants but she kept them on. At least they were ready to drop in a hurry. There was no need to worry about panties. She never wore panties to a new place.

An advertisement appeared on the screen. It was for a green food that she had never heard of. It looked a lot like a dick. The people chomping on the food were doing their best to imitate oral sex. By the end of the commercial, Felicia was licking her lips.

Another advertisement followed it. This one was about a company that edited your home sex movies. Felicia nearly choked when she saw penetration on the big screen. The advertisement gleefully explained how the company could add computer generated effects to make you and your lover look like aliens, monsters or just remove unwanted pounds.

Felicia had some more popcorn. This was getting interesting.

The next advertisement was for Coca-Cola. Felicia wasn’t surprised. No matter where she went, Coke was every where. This ad was memorable for having a cunnilingus scene in it. Felicia wished she had bought something sweeter than water.

There were three more advertisements after that. One was for camera equipment, another was for lubricant and the third was for renting the theater for a party.

“Some things never change,” Felicia said. “There are always too many damn ads at the movies.”

A logo appeared on the screen. The orchestra music returned. It was slow and sensual.

Someone walked across the front of the theater. Their image was duplicated on screen in a live feed. It was a woman, dressed in a tight red jacket and black stockings. Her ass and pussy was left bare. A small red hat sat on top of her short hair. She looked like a pornographic version of an old time movie usher.

Felicia looked to see if she could find the camera. It was impossible to tell in the darkness.

The usher was joined by another woman and then another. A dozen women lined up under the screen. The large screen panned slowly across their faces. Sometimes the view dipped down to show their cleavage bursting from tight jackets.

The audience clapped. Felicia joined them. They were pretty young women.

The ushers walked towards the aisles. Some of them peeled off from the main group to head towards the audience members. A girl with short frizzy blonde hair made her way over to Felicia. She stood in front of Felicia and sank to her knees.

Felicia ate another bite of popcorn.

The blonde girl reached for Felicia’s pants and pulled them down. Felicia let the usher peel the jeans from her legs. The girl took the jeans and folded them properly before sitting them down on the ground.

A cock appeared on the movie screen. It was being stroked by dark delicate hands. The hand was joined by red lips that slipped over the head of the cock. The shot pulled back to show the grinning smile of the man being sucked.

He was one of the audience members. Felicia recognized the plush seat. The red hat sitting on top of the head of the woman sucking confirmed it. He was being sucked by an usher.

Felicia smiled. So that was the movie being shown. The audience was the star.

The usher in front of Felicia reached for Felicia’s sex. Her pale fingers stroked the hairs of the dark bush. Fingernails lightly grazed the thick lips.

Felicia groaned. She didn’t know where to look. Did she stare at the cock being swallowed on the screen? Or did she look down at the smiling young usher teasing Felicia’s pussy? It was a dilemma.

The usher slipped a finger past Felicia’s sex lips. It slid easily into her wet pussy. Ever so gently, it pushed and stroked inside her.

The image on the screen changed. This time it was a dark man leaning back in his seat while a darker woman impaled herself onto his cock. His hands gripped her ass while she lowered herself. The screen zoomed in on the juices dripping down his cock and onto his balls.

Felicia noticed that the shot seemed to be well lit but the theater was still dark. For that matter, where were the cameras? The image moved to the side of the fucking couple and the man’s face was buried in the usher’s cleavage. How were they being filmed?

The usher slipped another fingers inside Felicia and she stopped worrying about cameras. The usher also placed a hand on Felicia’s blouse, her palm cupping Felicia’s beast. The young woman’s hand felt tiny on Felicia’s large breast but there was nothing small about the strength of the usher’s grip.

Felicia groaned. Her thighs parted wider as the usher finger fucked her. She clutched her breast while the usher gripped the other. With her free hand, Felicia grabbed another bite of popcorn.

The screen kept showing other audience member. A thin woman was being eaten by a redhead usher. A large man was having his cock jerked by skilled hands. An athletic man was being ridden by a dark usher.

Felicia shuddered. All of this was happening here. The audience was both watchers and performers. Voyeurs and exhibitionists were fucking together.

The screen changed and Felicia moaned. It was her. She watched a giant close up of her sex as the usher’s slick fingers plunged in and out of her. The view shifted to show the usher’s tiny hand groping her breast. The camera panned up to reveal Felicia’s moaning mouth.

Felicia reached into her blouse to pull out her breast. An appreciative moan came from the audience. The usher’s hands grabbed Felicia’s exposed breast and pinched her nipple. The pale fingers contrasted wonderfully with Felicia’s dark Hispanic skin.

Someone in the audience cried out. The screen shifted to show a man’s cock erupting with seed. The usher’s mouth was there at the tip, lapping and licking at the spurting fountain.

Felicia reached down and grabbed the usher’s head. She pulled the usher’s mouth to her sex. There was no resistance. The usher kept finger fucking her but now her mouth was nibbling on Felicia’s dripping pussy.

The images on the screen kept changing. Cocks fucked tight holes. Fingers plunged inside of pussies. Men and women writhed, moaned and shuddered on screen.

Felicia returned to the screen. The usher’s head was buried between her thighs. The camera lingered on the usher’s bare squatting ass before returning to Felicia’s gasping mouth.

She came. She cried out her orgasm as a giant version of her face filled the screen. She climaxed as the audience watched and other moans of pleasure joined hers.

Felicia gently pushed the usher away. The usher smiled up at her with glistening lips. Felicia watched as the usher wiped her mouth and licked her fingers.

“Thank you for coming to Royal Cinemas,” the usher whispered. “Complimentary showers are in the restrooms.” She kissed Felicia’s thighs before standing up and leaving.

Felicia sat limply in her chair. Her sex tingled with afterglow. She opened the bottle of water and took a long drink.

On the screen, a dark cock was squeezed between dark breasts. The usher spit down on his cock as she continued to breast fuck him.

Felicia reached for her popcorn and enjoyed the rest of the show.

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  1. Heh, that was an awesome one. I love the idea of being part of the shows, but I’ll admit, I’d rather be one of the girls working there. That sounds *yummy*. Thank you, it really got my imagination going.

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