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“The reason magicians like desolate places is that not only are these places free of people watching you do magic, but they are also free of most of the lingering energies that people bring with them all of the time. A desolate place can act as a sort of blank canvas to work magic with.”

“The downside to this is that desolate places are also attractive to those people who wish to avoid prying eyes and the rest of society. In other words, criminals.”

Dan punched me when I said that. My head snapped and I tasted blood. A streak of color shot across my vision. My wrists pulled at the plastic ties.

I shook my head and I could see again. I saw the guy that hit me, Dan. I saw the guy behind him with the hunting rifle. I saw the trailer where the two other guys had gone into.

“Are you trying to tell me that you are some sort of magician?” Dan asked. “You came out to the middle of these woods to practice card tricks? How stupid do you think I am?”

I didn’t really answer. Dan looked fairly stupid. He had that four to five days of facial hair that comes from someone who can’t commit. He had a bright orange jersey of his favorite team despite trying to do something illegal in the woods. I mean, he told me his damn name without me asking. What kind of a criminal does that?

“One that does not expect you to live,” a voice whispered in my ear. Well, it is good to know that this morning’s wisdom sprite was still around.

“He kind of looks like a magician,” one of Dan’s buddies said. “He’s got white hair.” The buddy was a big guy with a full beard. I respected him a bit more than Dan because he committed to facial hair.

“Shut up, Cameron!” Dan said. Damn, more names.

Dan punched me and then punched me a second time. I rocked back in the lawn chair. Dan put his foot on the bottom bar so I wouldn’t tip over.

My vision was swimming. The side of my face was tingling. “I have no idea what you guys are doing,” I said. “Just let me go.”

“I’m supposed to believe you don’t know what we are doing?” Dan said. His eyes were wide like I was the stupidest man on earth. “I got a trailer here in the woods and my guys are inside with the windows taped up and you have no idea what we are doing? I’m supposed to believe that? Do I look that stupid?”

It was a favorite question of his. I ignored it. “No, really, I don’t know. I also don’t care. I just came here to do some magic. Now that you guys are here, the area is tainted and useless to me. Let me go and you’ll never hear from me again.

Dan punched me in the gut. The air rushed out of me. Tears sprang to my eyes. A terrible thought crossed my mind.

“Don’t do it,” the wisdom sprite whispered.

“Don’t you watch Breaking Bad?” Cameron asked.

I had no idea what that was supposed to mean. “I don’t have a television,” I said.

“Well, shit!” Dan said. “Now I know you’re lying! Everyone has a TV!”

I waited for another punch. Dan looked to the trees. He was sweating despite the cool November weather.

“Are you with the Rooster boys?” Dan asked. “Did they send you to spy on me?”

This time I rolled my eyes. “I don’t know what the fuck you are talking about.”

Dan took out his pistol from his waistband. He pressed it against my nose. My nose was broken and it hurt a lot.

“I’m asking you one more time,” Dan said.

I ignored him. My wrists were bound but my fingers were free. It was time.

“Don’t,” the wisdom sprite said again. I ignored that asshole too. It could have told me my favorite spot was infested with criminals.

I flattened my fingers. My hand flattened as much as I could. I closed my eyes and reached. My body throbbed with pain but I used it. I took that pain and used it to reach.

My palm felt soft flesh. My fingers felt warmth. The beating of a strange heart touched my hand. It was done.

“I asked you a mother-fucking question!” Dan yelled. Some of his spittle landed on my face. The tip of his gun pushed down on my busted lip.

I opened my eyes. Pity came over me. I had to tell him.

“Have you heard the saying that there is someone for everyone?” I asked him.

Dan gave me a funny look. He removed the gun from my face. “You mean, like love and shit?”

“I’ve heard that saying!” Camden said helpfully.

“It is not quite right,” I said. “It is not a someone but more of a something. There is something for everyone. There is a being that exists somewhere in the deep dark cosmos that will love you more than anything else.”

“Is this a Jesus thing?” Dan asked. “Are you going to tell me that God loves me and I need to let you go? How stupid do I look?”

“Jesus does love you,” Camden said. “Even sinners like us.”

“Shut up, Camden!” Dan snapped.

“No, not Jesus,” I said. “These beings never heard of Jesus though I bet one of them loved him more than he ever knew. See, you have to think of the universe as an infinite place that has infinite creatures. Every thing you can imagine exists either on this plane or another.”

Dan swung the gun at me. Something crunched in my mouth. A terrible pain blossomed in my head and consumed me.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Dan yelled.

“Somewhere, something loves you more than you can comprehend. It wants to love you. It wants to protect you. It wants to hold you and make everything alright. It would do anything for you. Once you make contact with it, it will never forget you. Trust me, finding the one that loves you more than anything in the universe is a rare thing indeed,”

“Damn,” Camden said. He got it. Good.

Dan was just perplexed. Fuck, he was stupid. “Why the hell are you telling us this?”

“You should know,” I said. I realized I had a tooth in my mouth. I spat it out. “You should understand what is about to happen.”

There was a scream inside the trailer. It was a long horrible scream.

“What the fuck?” Dan said. Camden jumped and dropped his rifle.

There was a roar from inside the trailer. The door to the trailer shook as if someone was trying to get out. There was a crunching sound and the door bulged as if rammed.

Camden ran. He took off into the woods as fast as he could. He hadn’t hurt me. He might escape.

Dan’s gun was back in my face. “What the fuck is going on?”

“Something loves me very much,” I said. “And I just called her.”

The wisdom sprite said nothing. I realized she had fled too.

“How stupid do you-HOLY SHIT!”

The door flew open. A purple cloud rushed out. Dan spun around as the cloud engulfed him.

Blood flew from the cloud. He screamed. He screamed a lot. He screamed and he screamed and it wouldn’t stop.

There was nothing I could do. He had hurt someone she loved. Her fury was literally cosmic.

Eventually the screams stopped. The cloud moved towards me. It left behind bones and ashes.

I flattened my hand again. My will reached out to her and she remembered.

The cloud became a woman of purple. Full breasts plucked from my imagination jiggled as she walked. Shapely hips the perfect size for dancing swayed towards me. A thick bush of dark purple pubic hair teased me. Long hair the same color of white as my own floated behind her.

Glowing like a star between her breasts was a white hand print. My hand print.

The plastic snapped around my wrist. I tried to stand and everything swam around me.

She caught me. There will be no gentler embrace in the universe. Soft hands pressed my face into her abundant breasts.

My face stopped hurting. My broken tooth appeared in my mouth, whole and healed. My nose straightened and was unharmed. My lips were no longer busted.

She pulled me down to the grass. I followed her. She looked up at me with eyes that held stars. Her lips made promises in the language of eternity.

My pants were gone. I guided my cock into her. She was wet and always would be.

I kissed her. Our mouths reunited after an incalculable distance apart. We kissed like we might never kiss again.

Strong legs wrapped around me. Ankles tightened against my buttocks and drove me into her. Our hips worked together as if they were one body.

We fucked next to Dan’s pitiful remains. I smelled smoke coming from inside the trailer. The smell of death hung in the air.

“My terrible savior,” I whispered. I drove my cock deeper within her purple sex.

She whispered something back. Her hand guided my hand back to the print on her chest. A sigh came from her lips as my fingers pressed against her.

I fucked her gently. She ran her fingers through my hair. I sighed as I remembered her turning it white so long ago. That night changed my life forever.

She rolled me onto my back. My celestial love sat back on my cock and trembled. Her hands pressed down on my chest as she grinded into my lap.

There was a pull within her pussy. It wasn’t just her need for my cock inside her or my seed. No, I felt my soul being pulled towards her sex. I felt her need to have me inside of her and become a part of her forever.

It was going to happen one day. I knew that when I first called out to her. One day my soul will become part of her and there is no telling what will happen to me then. That kind of finality discourages most magicians from ever reaching out but when I was younger; I was terrified of being unloved. I did something unwise and changed the fate of both of us.

She fucked me harder. Her torso writhed on top of my body. My cock was clenched the center of her power. Purple breasts bounced for the enjoyment of my hands.

My usual self control was gone. I was going to come and soon. Total adoration was a powerful aphrodisiac.

One day she might destroy everything I know out of love. One day she might commit atrocities I can’t imagine because someone wronged me. One day she might consume me out of pure need.

That should frighten me but it doesn’t. It just turns me on.

I came. She came with me, our pleasures being linked on a mystical level. I felt her orgasm blossom within her body as she felt my orgasm shoot through my cock. Our groans became one as we shuddered together.

She rested on top of me. I wrapped my arms around her. I felt the beating of her heart against mine.

The trailer was on fire. I was concerned it would spread to the trees. The flames immediately died. There wasn’t even smoke left.

We rested in the quiet of the woods.

Something changed and she had to go. I still don’t understand her ways. We disengaged and she stood before me. My pants were back around my body. It was another of her little miracles.

She took my hand and guided it to her chest. I placed my fingers once more on the mark that was our connection.

“Come,” she said. They were the only words she spoke in my language.

“Not this time,” I said. It was the only promise she would accept.

She smiled and then she was gone.

I stood next the trailer. I still didn’t know what Dan and his friends were doing here. I didn’t care. This place was something different now. I would have to find a new desolate place.

I began the long walk back home alone, but then, you are never truly alone when something loves you.

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  1. Aww, that was sweet and adorable and lovely. I wonder why the Wisdom Sprite didn’t care for her, but I love that the purple one is willing to do anything for her love. Thank you, you made my day.

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