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Felicia Grafal Flores walked through the mall with purpose. Instead of dressing for attraction, she had opted for utility. She had sensible sneakers instead of heels. Comfortable blue jeans covered her generous ass. To cover her plentiful brown breasts, she wore light sweater that was just warm enough for the outside with a jacket but not too warm for the inside of a crowded mall. Even her long curly black hair was tired back into a practical ponytail.

The mall was crowded like it always was around Christmas. Felicia had thought she was done with Christmas shopping but there was always a cousin she had forgotten, a present needed returning and of course, many last minute inspirations of generosity. Despite the best plans, Felicia had returned to the most crowded shopping area in town in the busiest week of the year.

Felicia wasn’t her usual self. Normally she would be looking for lone men to flirt with or cute saleswomen to seduce. She would have found reasons to bend over and catch people’s eyes. Usually she would have whispered an indecent proposal or two to fellow shoppers by now but now today. The stress of the holidays had her out of her usual mindset.

Part of the reason for her lack of sexual energy was the fact that she had been to this mall hundreds of times. There had been no new shops in months. There was a familiarity to the mall that dulled her senses. For Felicia, adventures happen in places she had never been, not places she knew as well as the veins on her husband’s cock.

But Felicia forgot an important fact. Christmas wasn’t normal. It was a time of hope, giving, desire and faith. It was a time when people wanted and people believed they would get what they wanted.

It is a magical time of the year.

Felicia continued her mission of shopping. She didn’t notice the little things. Most of the other women shoppers were wearing skirts despite the cold outside. The men shoppers had thin collars around their necks. There were no children in the mall. The food court actually had clean tables.

There was still Christmas music playing though. There will always be Christmas music.

It wasn’t until Felicia reached Santa’s Workshop that she realized something was different. The area was as she remembered; a gingerbread fence to keep kids out, a fake cottage surrounded by fake reindeer and a perky woman dressed as an elf but there were changes. The woman’s elf costume had a strap-on dildo painted like a candy cane. Santa was naked with a massive cock under his large belly. He had a woman shopped bent over the gingerbread fence and he was fucking the hell out of her.

“Oh,” Felicia said. She had seen such sights before but she wasn’t expecting it. She was at the mall. This kind of thing didn’t happen at old places but here it was.

There was a place to get in line but no one else was there. Felicia smiled. A short line was proof that she was somewhere else.

Felicia took her place in line. Shopping could wait.

The elf woman approached her. “Would you like Santa or his helper?”

Felicia looked down at the strap-on. It was tempting but there was something she couldn’t resist about Santa. He was a big man but he certainly looked jolly.

“Santa,” she said.

The woman that Santa was fucking cried out. The gingerbread fence shook.

“Not long now,” the elf woman said. “Would you like complimentary pictures?”

“How much do they cost?” Felicia asked.

The elf woman’s smile turned a laugh. “For a woman? They don’t cost anything. It’s taxpayers’ money.”

Felicia laughed with her. Free things were another sign that she was somewhere else.

The elf woman was right; it wasn’t long before the other woman was done. She screamed her orgasm and the scream was lost in the Christmas music and shopping crowds. Santa pulled out of her, slapped her ass, and then pulled down her skirt. The woman stood up and walked away on unsteady legs.

It was Felicia’s turn. She worked at the buttons of her jeans as she walked over to him.

Santa wiped his massive cock with a wet towel. “Have you been naughty, or nice?” he asked. His voice was deep and his eyes twinkled. She knew the beard was as real as was the red cheeks.

“Naughty,” Felicia answered. “Very, very, very naughty.”

“Good, that is what I like to hear!” Santa said.

He grabbed her hips and yanked down her pants with a speed that unexpected from one of his size. He glanced at the plain white panties that covered her sex and yanked them down as well. He ducked in and gave her thick bush of pubic hair a kiss before spinning her around towards the gingerbread fence.

Felicia laughed as he pushed her over the fence. The rail was soft and deceptively padded. She wondered how many other women had been bent over this rail today. For that matter, how many women this holiday season?

His cock pressed against her sex. Felicia gripped the gingerbread fence. Thick hands held onto her hips as he pushed in. The warmth of his belly pressed against her ass. Santa’s cock filled her wet sex.

“Ho, ho, ho,” Santa grunted. His deep voice made her pussy clench tighter around him.

Santa fucked her. He kept a tight grip on her thighs as he pounded her. He had wonderful stamina. Felicia had no doubt he could fuck her all day.

The elf woman set up a camera in front of Felicia. The camera was huge and looked old. Felicia reached for her ponytail and removed the band. She shook her hair out for the picture.

“Smile!” the elf woman said and Felicia did. She smiled as Santa banged her from behind. She smiled as she thought about showing the picture to her husband, Emil. She smiled as Santa’s big fat cock rammed into her pussy.

“Tell me how naughty you have been,” Santa said.

“Last week I gave a handjob to one of the old men who hang out in the food court,” Felicia said. “We went into the bathroom and I let him come down my tits.”

“Naughty, naughty,” Santa said with his booming voice. He fucked her deeper. “More.”

“I sent pictures of me playing with my pussy to a friend my cousin brought to Thanksgiving,” Felicia said. “I sent them from the bathroom while my family was making dinner.”

“So naughty,” Santa said. He pounded her harder. “More.”

“At Halloween, some college kids were trick or treating and they came to my house. I let each one have two minutes of sticking their head under my witch’s dress and licking my pussy. Both guys and the girl took my offer.”

“Naughty, naughty, naughty,” Santa. It was a mantra he chanted as he fucked her as hard as he could.

“Smile!” the elf woman said again. Felicia hadn’t noticed that the woman had moved the camera for a side shot. Felicia smiled as Santa continued to fuck her.

Shoppers continued on their way around her. Some of the men looked wistfully at Felicia before moving on. Some of the women checked their watches and debated getting in line. Three women had already formed a line to be next.

Santa fucked her harder. His thick cock came ramming down her pussy. The gingerbread fence creaked.

Felicia felt her orgasm building deep within her. It was slow and steady like the anticipation of Christmas. She could feel it coming but she couldn’t wait for it to come. Every stroke of his cock brought her just a little bit closer.

“Ho, ho, ho!” Santa said, punctuating each ‘ho’ with another thrust.

Felicia came. She cried out her orgasm to the busy mall. She felt the joy of the season reverberate through her body.

Santa pulled out of her. “Merry Christmas!” he said.

Felicia laughed. It was a merry Christmas. She slowly stood back up and pulled her pants back up. The elf woman was by her side and passed her an envelope. She helped Felicia walk out of the Santa area as a second woman took Felicia’s place.

Felicia walked away from Santa, clutching the envelope to her. She kept walking until she no longer saw men with metal collars. She passed through crowds until she saw children again.

She peeked inside the envelope. Glossy 8×10’s of her getting fucked by Santa were stacked on top of one another. They had given her four copies of each shot.

Well, Felicia knew what she was giving her husband this year but who was going to get the other three? She thought about it as she went back to her shopping.

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  1. I want to find this mall. I’ve been to three of them already and not a single one had this. *pout* Yummy!

  2. Dammit! This would make shopping considerably more appealing :)

    xx Dee

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