Nov 182015

Felicia Grafal Flores walked to the entrance of the corn maze. The sun was high in the air but the November air was brisk. The smell of barbecue, hot cookies and corn enveloped everything.

A man stood at the entrance. He was young and couldn’t stop looking at Felicia’s tight sweater.

“Here’s your card, ma’am,” he said. “Get to all of the checkpoints and you could win a free grill.”

“Checkpoints?” Felicia asked. She knew all about it but she wanted to give the young man an excuse to keep looking at her.

“There are checkpoints within the maze and a hole puncher for each one,” the man continued. His eyes kept drifting from her dark lips down to the curves of her sweater. “Each hole puncher has a different shape. Find all the checkpoints, punch out the sides here, and turn it in for the drawing later.”

Felicia nodded. “Thank you,” she said.

She walked slowly away in the hopes that he would appreciate how tightly her jeans clung to her round ass. When she reached the entrance of the maze, she glanced back. The young man quickly pretended to be looking elsewhere.

Felicia laughed. If nothing else happened today, at least she had one admirer today.

She put the map away in her pocket. It was better to get a little lost. Although she had come to this maze a dozen times, every year it was always different. You never knew what could happen at new places.

The corn stretched out before her. Even when she could look over the corn, she just saw more corn. The path branched and turned with the occasional break where someone impatient had made their own path.

Children ran past her and Felicia let them by. Two teenagers crossed her path and smiled at her chest. A mother herded a group of children with threats and promises.

Felicia went deeper into the maze. There were well worn paths and paths rarely taken. She took the later. There were slender paths and larger paths. She took the former. Some paths had voices around the corner. These she avoided. Choice by choice, she avoided more and more people.

After a while, she noticed the subtle changes. She stopped seeing candy wrappers and instead found a pair of panties. The corn leaves were wet as if it had rained this morning. A moan was carried on the wind.

Felicia stepped into a clearing. There was no checkpoint to be found. The ground was torn by the passage of many feet.

Another woman came into the clearing. She was dark brown like Felicia but she was naked from shoulder to toes. Instead of a human head, she had the head of a large black bird. It took Felicia a moment to realize it was a mask.

The bird woman cawed. Answering caws came from all around. Another bird woman came from a different path into the clearing. Across from her, another woman came. More and more came until Felicia was surrounded by dark naked bodies and staring bird masks.

“Oh,” Felicia said. “They are crow masks. I just realized that. I should have guessed sooner.”

The crow women cawed. Their blank eyes and open beaks were unnerving. Felicia wondered how they could see.

The women pressed closer around Felicia. A hand went to her ass. Another hand went to Felicia’s breast. One hand petted Felicia’s long dark hair.

Felicia let them. Her heart was pounding but she stayed where she was. This was a new experience but Felicia had learned over the years to trust.

Hands touched every part of Felicia. They grabbed and pulled at the breasts beneath her sweater. Hands gripped and squeezed her ass. Fingers pressed against her thighs. A thumb slipped between Felicia’s lips.

Felicia relaxed and gave into the hands. The crow women cawed as they grinded palms into her back. Multiple hands rubbed and massaged her arms. Skilled hands worked away tense knots along her thighs.

A hand pressed against Felicia’s crotch. It belonged to the first crow woman Felicia had spotted but she couldn’t be sure. The empty eyes of the crow looked at her as the hand pressed tightly against the heat in Felicia’s jeans.

Felicia grinded against the hand. Her hairy pussy soaked the material of the jeans for Felicia never wore panties to somewhere new. She felt the fingers straining against the jeans to touch her wet sex.

The crow woman cawed. The others answered with caws of their own.

They tugged at her sweater and peeled it over her head. Felicia’s shoes were pulled off and discarded. Hands unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down. Felicia’s bra was unclasped and lost to the ground. They stripped her with a dozen hands.

Felicia was picked up. Strong feminine hands held every part of her body. Their strength and skill was uncanny. It was like floating in a hammock of hands and arms.

Other crow women reached past the ones holding Felicia. Fingers tugged at her hard nipples. Hands pulled her thighs wider apart. Fingernails danced and pinched her flesh at random.

Felicia groaned. A long finger invaded her mouth. She flicked at it with her tongue. The finger played with her tongue.

Fingers went to Felicia’s sex from multiple hands. Her sex was buried under grasping hands. They pulled at her pussy lips while others pushed inside. Felicia lost count of how many fingers were inside her.

“Oh shit,” Felicia moaned. Her body was smothered in touching. Not only were there hands and fingers, but also the press of naked breasts and slender arms. The smell of women was in the air.

She wished that she could see their faces. Dozens of black bird heads bobbed on the sweaty bodies of naked women. Their eyes were blank and their beaks were unable to move. Were the women smiling or were they busy focusing on Felicia’s body? She couldn’t know and their motives remained an enigma.

Felicia didn’t question the motives of the fingers stroking her sex. They took turns playing with her clitoris. Some of the fingers stroked the depths of her sex while other fingers rubbed the outside of her pussy. They smeared Felicia’s sex juices all over her dark thighs and round hips.

She threw her head back and moaned. Strong hands cradled her head and petted her forehead. Other hands held her body as she began to arch her back.

Felicia came. She cried out her orgasm and the crow women answered her with caws. The stroking fingers stayed within her quivering sex until she could scream no more.

The crow women set Felicia down on the ground. The coldness of the dirt was a welcome change to the sweaty heat of the hands that held her.

Felicia stayed on the ground and tried to catch her breath. The crow women cawed and backed away through the paths leading out. One by one they disappeared back into the maze.

The last crow woman paused to pick up Felicia’s bra. Felicia suspected that it was the first woman she had seen. The crow woman bowed her large bird head towards Felicia before taking Felicia’s bra with her into the maze.

Felicia laughed and slowly rose to her feet. Let the woman have her trophy. Felicia would have the memory of the crow women to keep her warm this winter.

She gathered her clothes and put them back on. It felt strange to be standing on her own two feet after being carried literally to orgasm.

When she was dressed, Felicia returned the way she came. She avoided a clearing where she saw a man with the mask of a bull. She walked past a path where she heard the grunts of fucking. When choosing her way, she always picked the path most familiar.

It wasn’t long before she came across a group of children posing for a picture by their mother at a checkpoint. She followed a group of tired teenagers through shortcuts.

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  1. I love the stories of hidden sexuality in your world. They are always a prize.

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