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monstermash“Greetings, mortals! It is me, Suckubeth, the sassy lassy with the cursed chassis! Joining me as always is my Flaming-Skull-on-a-Stick companion, Burny.”

“Mortals, stop touching yourself, right now! Every stroke gives her more power over your fragile soul!”

“Oh let them stroke, Burny! Everyone deserves a little pleasure before they join my collection of damned souls. That is why today’s story is a delightful treat I like to call, “The Pleasers”.

“No! That story is too seductive and will teach them bad habits like staying out too late and giving blowjobs to strangers!”

“One can certainly hope, Burny.

Read on, mortals.”


At exactly one am on Halloween, Angelica stepped out of her car. She pulled down the skirt to her nurse’s costume. The brisk October breeze went right through the thin material. She was thankful for the white stockings she had chosen to wear. They should help keep her warm.

The street was dark. Rows of houses stretched out before her. Most of them had their lights turned off to let people know they were no longer giving candy. Here and there, purple lights shined like beacons on select houses. Street lights illuminated parts of the road but mostly there was darkness.

Angelica was glad that she wore a nurse’s uniform. She was Hispanic with dark skin and black hair; all of which blended too easily into the dark. At least the white should make her stand out to any cars.

She headed for the first purple light. The road was a slope but that was why she was wearing sensible shoes instead of the heels from last year. The rules were to wear something sexy and Angelica’s overflowing cleavage, short skirt, tight stockings and red lips certainly made up for the lack of heels.

The purple light called to her. Her heart race as she walked up the driveway. She felt her mouth go dry as she climbed the porch steps. A paper skeleton leered at her from the door. She pressed the buzzer and stood up straight.

The door opened. A woman towered over Angelica. The black dress she wore clung to her body. Red hair framed a pale face. A bat necklace dangled between pale exposed breasts. She smiled to reveal pointed teeth.

There was a pause and Angelica blushed. The woman was waiting for the ritual words.

“Use me please!” Angelica said. She put her hands behind her back and waited.

“Lift your skirt,” the woman said.

Angelica did as she was told. She pulled up her skirt to reveal a shaved sex. No panties were allowed on Halloween.

The woman leaned down and pressed her fingers to Angelica’s sex. She pushed and her fingers slipped in.

Angelica gasped. She was wet. She had been wet ever since she stepped out of her car. She knew she was going to be wet all night.

The woman used her free hand to pull aside the shoulder of Angelica’s nurse costume. She dipped down and planted a kiss on Angelica’s shoulder. A tremor ran through Angelica and she let out a moan.

The woman bit down. Sharp points clamped down on Angelica’s shoulder. At the same time, the woman’s fingers stroked Angelica’s sex.

Angelica gasped. The bite was intense and grew stronger with every passing second.

The fingers dug deeper into her sex. The fingers stroked faster.

Angelica gritted her teeth. It would be bad to scream. It was against the rules to draw attention to oneself. She was here to receive whatever was given to her.

The woman kept biting. Her fingers kept stroking.

Angelica began to squirm. She couldn’t help. Pain and pleasure wrestled for control of her body.

Suddenly the woman let go. She pulled her fingers out of Angelica and stood up. Looking angelica in the eyes, she brought her wet fingers to her mouth and sucked on them.

“You may go,” the woman said. She continued to lick her fingers.

Angelica walked away on shaking knees. She pulled her skirt down when she reached the street. Her shoulder ached and she knew it would bruise. Her sex ached and she knew it was just the start.

She passed a house and then another. A dog barked at her from a dark house.

Across the street was a man walking in the opposite direction. He was dressed like a superhero from a movie she hadn’t seen. He waved at her and she waved back. He was a fellow traveler this night.

Three more houses and she reached another purple porch light. A paved path guided her to the door. She climbed the steps and was frightened by a toy bat that suddenly hissed at her.

She pressed the door bell. She heard someone cry out inside the house.

The door opened. A handsome dark man with no shirt answered the door. The sound of a hard spanking came from behind him.


When the spanking paused, Angelica spoke. “Use me please.”

The dark man looked over his shoulder. “She is still busy but come in.”

He stepped aside and Angelica entered the house. They were in a foyer and down the hall; a living room could be seen. Someone cried out as the spanking continued. It was a male’s voice.

“Turn around,” the dark man said. He now had a crop in his hand. Maybe he always had one in his hand.

Angelica obeyed. She also gathered up her skirt to reveal her plump ass. Her buttocks clenched. She hated crops. She hated them with a terrible heat within her pussy.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The spanking from the living room continued.

The man pushed Angelica’s head against the door. He pinned her there while the tip of his crop traced over the curves of Angelica’s ass.

Her pussy clenched in anticipation.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The spanking grew louder. So did the cries of the male voice.

WHISH! The air was cut and then a sliver of pain stung Angelica’s ass.

“Fuck!” she cried out.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The spanking continued.

WHISH! Another swing of the crop and another slice of pain formed on Angelica’s bottom.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The spanking echoed down the hallway.

WHISH! Another precise strike of the crop hit Angelica’s ass. She cried out and clenched her skirt in her hands.

The man pushed harder on her head. He ground her face into the hard door.

Angelica’s pussy clenched with need.

“Fuck!” the male voice yelled. Something terrible was happening to him.

Angelica wished that she knew what it was.

WHISH! WHISH! WHISH! A flurry of crop strikes hit her. Angelica’s own screams drowned out the male’s voice. A rain of sharp stings fell on her ass and she quivered against the door.

“There,” the dark man said. He let go of her head. “You may go.”

Angelica quickly pulled her skirt down. Her ass burned from the contact with the skirt. She winced and whimpered silently as he opened the door for her.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The spanking had resumed behind her.

She quickly left the house. The crop marks burned her ass with every step. The cool October wind was no comfort.

Angelica reached the road and paused near a streetlight. She was so wet. That last house had been so hot. Who was being spanked? Was he another Pleaser like herself? How much longer would he get his ass spanked? Would they give him any relief when it was over?

Her hand moved to her skirt. She could lift her skirt and stroke. She could give herself what she craved and be done in less than a minute. It was against the rules but Angelica was so wet that she couldn’t stand it.

The thought of disobeying the rules brought her back to her senses. She took six deep breaths and then continued her journey.

One dark house, followed by another and then another. She turned a corner and walked past a large yard. A bright moon watched her as she looked for more purple lights.

She found one. It was across the street. She hurried her way across and entered the yard. A row of small orange lights guided her to the door.

Someone was already on the porch. It was a woman dressed as an ice princess from a cartoon movie. She was bent over the porch rail as someone fucked her from behind. The long blond braid from her wig bounced over the rail’s edge.

The man that was fucking her was dressed as a pirate. He had an eye patch and bandana. He fucked the ice princess with a frenzied pace.

Angelica wasn’t sure what to do. Who was the home owner and who was the pleaser? She stopped a few feet away from the porch and waited to be called on.

The pirate pulled out. He slapped the ice princess on the ass. “You can go now. You! Come over and finish me off.”

The ice princess stood up and pulled her dress down. She had the biggest smile on her face. She went down the steps with the awkwardness of the well fucked. As she walked past Angelica, she patted Angelica’s arm with almost sisterly affection.

The pirate was waiting. His cock protruded from his pants. Angelica went up the stairs and he grabbed her shoulders. He pushed her down and Angelica fell to her knees. The crop marks on her ass flared and her pussy grew wetter.

“Use me please,” Angelica said.

He pulled her head to his cock. The smell of pussy was overwhelming. Angelica opened her lips and took him into her mouth.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” the man groaned.

The pirate let go of her head and Angelica went to work. Her hands went to his thighs to steady herself. She bobbed on his cock and let her tight lips do the work.

Angelica sucked. She sucked on the cock of a stranger and tasted the juices of another. She sucked while on her knees on a stranger’s porch. She sucked because she loved to be used by others.

The pirate groaned. His hands went to her shoulders and gripped tightly. He was trying to control himself but his hips were thrusting towards her mouth.

Angelica’s pussy clenched tightly. Oh fuck, she wanted to be fucked. She wanted this hard cock in her sex. She wanted to be bent over the railing and fucked like the ice princess.

But she kept sucking. This was his desire and she was here to please this night on Halloween.

There was a gasp and then a flood of salty sweetness. Angelica moaned and swallowed. Her tongue and lips drained all that he had to offer.

“Oh wow,” the pirate said. “Good job.”

Angelica’s pussy clenched tighter. She could drown a pirate ship in her pussy she was so wet.

The pirate pulled out. “You may go,” he said, freeing her. now it was his turn to walk awkwardly as he headed inside and closed the door.

Angelica rose to her feet. She licked her lips for any lingering traces of the pirate or the ice princess.

The purple porch light went out. A surge of pride filled Angelica. That was one house that was too sated to continue.

She returned to the street. There were fewer lights than she remembered. The next one was across the street and four houses down.

Angelica hurried. She didn’t see the ice princess. Perhaps she was always ready at the house Angelica was going to. Maybe the purple light would turn off before Angelica reached it.

The light stayed on. A jack-o-lantern burned on the porch. A plastic sign promised candy to ghosts and ghouls.

Angelica rang the doorbell.

She waited.

The door opened. A short woman with a simple domino mask answered the door. The rest of her was naked. It was an effective costume.

The masked woman had a vibrator in her hand. Angelica gasped. It was the new Von Madd Hurricane with the large sphere attachment.

“Use me please,” Angelica begged.

The masked woman smiled.  “Reach up,” she said.

Angelica looked up. Leather handles hung discretely from the roof of the porch. She was so eager that she almost jumped for them. They were set high so Angelica had to stretch to grab and hold onto them.

She felt wonderfully exposed.

The masked woman turned on the Hurricane. A powerful hum came from the device. A louder moan came from Angelica’s lips.

Angelica watched the Hurricane come closer. The masked woman didn’t bother to lift Angelica’s skirt. She just placed the sphere end against Angelica’s stocking covered thigh and slowly moved it upwards.

The deep vibrations made Angelica’s leg quiver. As it neared her sex, Angelica felt tears spring to her eyes. Fuck, she wanted this.

The masked woman touched the vibrator to Angelica’s sex. It was powerful, almost too powerful. It was perfect.

Angelica lost herself and cried out. The woman’s hand clamped over her mouth a second before she screamed. Angelica’s cheeks flushed with shame at the terrible mistake she almost did but the masked woman just laughed.

The masked woman pressed a button. The vibrations began to oscillate. Round and round the vibrations penetrated Angelica’s soaking pussy.

Angelica screamed again into the woman’s hand. Her knees buckled and her arms shook as she held onto the hanging handles.

“Come, little nurse,” the masked woman said. “Come as I look into your eyes.”

Angelica nodded. She wanted nothing more than to obey.

The masked woman pressed another button. The sphere end began to rotate in the opposite direction of the oscillating vibrations.

Images and sensation flashed through Angelica’s mind. She felt the sting of the crop once more on her thighs. She tasted the ice princess’s pussy. She felt the sharpness of the vampire woman’s bite. She felt the surge of the pirate’s seed going down her throat.

This time Angelica moaned with the masked woman’s hand clamped over her mouth. She felt the dam collapse and a huge orgasm swept over her like a wave. Her knees gave out completely and Angelica hung from her arms as she came.

Throughout it all, the masked woman watched her. She stared into Angelica’s eyes as Angelica moaned, squirmed, shuddered and came.

The masked woman smiled and turned off the vibrator. She brought up to in front of Angelica’s face so she could see how soaked it was. Angelica blushed at the mess she had made.

“You can go now,” the woman said. “And be sure to come back next year.”

The masked woman went back inside. Angelica let go of the handles. To her surprise, she stayed on her feet.

The October wind blew and was colder. Angelica barely felt it. The heat in her sex was an inferno. The crop marks were hot sparks on her ass.

She returned to the street in search of more houses to visit.


“Like I have always said, it is not Halloween until you come on a stranger’s porch.”

“Is that why you told two stories this year about trick-or-treaters? Or are you running out of infernal ideas?”

“Why, Burny, I am pleasantly surprised by your snarky criticism! You are growing a spine which is quite the trick for a flaming skull on a stick.”

“Does this mean you will shave a few years off my damnation?”

“Of course not, Burny! In fact I plan to add a few. I like snark but save it for other demons.”

“Well, fuck.”

“Fuck is right. But remember, only stop at houses with the purple lights.

As for you mortals, I’ll catch your souls later.”

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  1. A fantastic and lovely and hot little tale. Thank you!

  2. I am, generally, not a halloween fan. You, Sir, have changed my mind!

    xx Dee

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