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monstermash“Greetings mortals! It is me, Suckubeth, that demon beauty with the supernatural booty! With me as always is my Flaming-Skull-on-a-Stick companion, Burny.”

“Listen to me, readers! I will teach you how to set up a circle of protection to guard your souls! First, arrange your underwear in a circle around you and then-“

“Enough of that, Burny! It is the week before Halloween and our readers are on the cusp of experiencing forbidden delights. That is why today I am sharing a story I call, The Athol Sisters.”

“Vincent Price’s Ghost! I love that story!”

What, no dread warnings, Burny?”

“Nope, these readers get what they deserve. I want to get on with the story!”

“You heard the flaming skull. Read on, mortals.”


There was a creak outside the bedroom door. I paused in mid-thrust. Rowena’s cunt clenched me with urgency.

“What’s the matter, cock-meat?” she asked. A blue eye and a green eye stared up at me.

“I think your sister is listening again,” I whispered.

“Of course she is,” Rowena said. “The little slut likes to watch. Let her.”

Rowena hooked her legs around me. I felt the dozens of skin tags press against my sides. Crooked fingers dug into my back. The strength of her cunt made me moan.

I went back to fucking her. Hard brutal thrusts made her cry out. Sharp fingernails dug into me wanting more.

There was a moan from the other side of the door. I laughed.

“I told you Gywn was a slut,” Rowena said. “Listen, cock-meat.”

She rolled me onto my back and mounted me. I tried to ignore the pattern of moles on her stomach and focused instead on the hairy cunt that embraced my cock. My hands went to her tits and ignored the dryness of her skin in favor of the plumpness that I held.

Rowena grinded on my cock. She held a finger to her lips and urged me to listen.

All I heard at first was the wet sound of Rowena’s crotch but when Rowena paused I heard it. I was hearing a different pussy, one that was so wet and getting fingered so hard that I could hear it from the hallway. It was deafening.

“Horny bitch,” Rowena said with affection. “Just like our mother.”

I shuddered a little. Old Lady Athol died last year. She had been the terror of the neighborhood children and was old when I was young. Kids who crossed her yard would find their toys broken. Adults who insulted her would get sick. The sidewalk in front of her house was always cracked. When she started walking around with a baby, no one dared asked who the father was.

Rowena mistook my shudder for pleasure. She resumed grinding on my cock. Her fingers played with her enormously large clit.

Outside the door, I heard a long shuddering moan. It sounded like Gywn had climaxed. There was a pause in the wet noises but then they resumed.

“Maybe we should let her in,” I said. “She could watch from the chair.”

Rowena laughed. “You would like that wouldn’t you, cock-meat? You would like to fuck both of the Athol sisters, wouldn’t you? It would be a lifelong dream of yours.”

“To be honest, I didn’t even know you had a sister until this week,” I said. “I remember seeing you through the window growing up but I never saw another girl. But I guess since you are twins maybe I saw both of you and didn’t even know it.”

Rowena snorted. “I doubt it, Gywn has always been shy,” Rowena said. “That was good for Mother since she wasn’t too social herself.”

“What about you?” I asked as I squeezed her tits.

“I think people have their uses,” Rowena said. She climbed off my cock and turned around. Her ass was presented to me. I never met a girl that loved anal as much as her.

I sat up and got on my knees. My cock went to her ass and pushed in. She was always loose at first but then tightened when I was fully in.

“Fuck,” she groaned.

“Fuck,” I groaned.

Outside the door was another moan.

I started to fuck Rowena’s ass. Rowena cried out her first orgasm. She was also the only girl I ever knew that could come from anal. It was like all her sensitive bits were in her ass.

There was another orgasmic cry from behind the hallway. The bedroom door shook a bit.

“I hope she’s not jealous,” I said.

Rowena came again before answering. “That slut? Trust me, cock-meat, she gets more cock than I do. Pussy too. Her lovers come from all around. They come from her mind, her books and her dreams.”

That seemed mean but Rowena had her cruel streaks. Just because her sister fantasized and masturbated a lot was no reason to assume she wouldn’t get jealous.

Rowena’s ass clenched tighter around my cock. The fine red hairs on her back stood up. I pounded her ass harder; knowing she could take it.

“Praise the Gods your hard cock came to my door,” Rowena cried. “Praise the Gods you had the balls to ask if we needed landscaping! Praise the Gods for your dirty filthy cock in my twice damned asshole!”

I kept fucking. Rowena was always saying weird shit like that. Home schooling fucks kids up.

Rowena came again. Gwyn came again outside the door.

I came and fired my load inside Rowena’s tight ass. She might have a bunch of skin conditions, weird ideas and a dirty mouth but fuck; she had an ass for fucking.

The wet sounds stopped outside the door. I heard heavy thudding steps go down the hallway. Gywn must be the fat twin.

I fell back on the bed exhausted. Rowena curled up next to me. We were done talking. We laid in silence until sleep overtook us.

Later I awoke. Rowena was beside me, snoring that weird high pitch three note thing she does. Despite the cold October air, the bedroom was hot and sticky.

There was a moan. It was faint and distant. My cock stirred.

I climbed out of bed. My cock bounced between my legs. The bedroom door was silent as I snuck out.

Gywn’s room was down the hall. I expected it to be locked but it wasn’t. It opened to reveal a flight of stairs. A single light swung at the top of the stairs.

I frowned. I didn’t know there was a second story. It must lead to the attic.

The smell of pussy was strong. It was amazing. I hadn’t smelled this much pussy since my senior prom party. How much masturbating did Gywn do?

I went up the stairs. There were a lot more than I was expecting. Things were written on the walls but I didn’t understand the language. Old Lady Athol might have homeschooled them but at least they learned foreign stuff.

The top of the stairs opened into a large room. It didn’t look much like an attic. It didn’t look much like anything. There was a wall of books that blocked most of the light coming from the stairs. Around the wall was just darkness.

I read some of the book titles. They were most romances. “The Duchess and the Pirate’s Cook” was one. Some of the titles were weirder. What kind of romance book was “The Princesses’ Tiny Demon?” Or “Six Daughters of the Goat”?

Oh well. I wasn’t much of a reader myself. I was more of a fucker.

“Gywn?” I asked softly. “It’s me, your sister’s boyfriend.”

Boyfriend might have been too strong of a word but I doubt she would know my name. Rowena just usually called me cock-meat.

“I know you,” a voice said. It was nicer than I was expecting.

“I just thought I would check on you,” I said. “I heard some odd noises.”

“Turn off the light,” Gywn said.

“Why?” I asked.

“I want to fuck you in the darkness,” she said.

That was what I thought. Without another word I clicked the light off. A single beam of moonlight came from a window.

“Where are you?” I asked. I took a step into the darkness and then another. I was headed for the square of moonlight on the ground.

“Here,” a voice said.

I was grabbed from behind. Something wet picked me up and slammed me on my back. My head hit the floor and I yelled out in pain.

“Shh,” Gywn said.

I could hardly see her in the darkness. She was big, much bigger than I was expecting. Lumpy too. I was having a hard time making out where her arms were.

Something heavy dropped on top of me. I thought it was a giant sack of wet cloth. I pushed with my hands but everything I touched was soggy.

Something wet pressed against my face. It was pussy. Soaking wet pussy. There was a tiny bit of pubic hair which was a welcome change from the shrubbery bush that Rowena had.

It was irresistible. My mouth opened and I started to lick. It was musky. It was spicy. It was quenching. It was salty. It was sweet. It was all of those things and I couldn’t help licking.

Something wet touched my cock. I groaned into the pussy I was eating. I assumed it was Gywn’s fingers. The horny sister’s fingers must be dripping from stroking all the time.

Wet heat gripped my cock. It wasn’t fingers. I thought it might be a mouth but it was too slick. It was a cunt.

I was confused. The cunt squeezed around my cock and I groaned again.

I reached out with both hands. Something was in the way. Smooth slick lips intercepted my fingers. Both hands plunged into two sets of cunts.

What the fuck? My heart pounded. I tried to rise but Gywn was too heavy.

My mouth didn’t stop licking. I was scared but I was also horny. I needed to eat more pussy. My cock wanted more cunt. My fingers stroked and fucked two wet holes.

Gywn groaned. The sound was intensely loud. My fucking rib cage vibrated.

The cunt on my cock rocked back and forth. The pussy grinded on my face. My hands curled into fists inside tight cunts.

Something wet and slick rubbed against my legs. Hot desire dripped onto my chest. My toes slipped into hot pussy lips.

I had never been so hard.

There was the sound of laughter. “You like it?” It was Rowena.

I tried to answer but the pussy smothered my words.

“I wasn’t talking to you, cock-meat.”

“Yes,” Gywn said.

“I knew you would,” Rowena said. “It is about time you had a human cock. I am just disappointed that it took him this long to come to you.”

The cunt bounced on my cock. I was going to come soon.

I tried to ask a question. My tongue wouldn’t stop licking to form the words.

“Yes, we’re sisters,” Rowena said. “And yes, we’re twins. I take after mother.”

“I take after Father,” Gywn groaned.

I could care less. My cock erupted and it felt like my entire soul came.


“Halloween is always fun for the whole family.”

“Especially if the family is a pair of witch-spawned twins with an other-worldly father.”

“So true, Burny! Remember people, if you really want an interesting Halloween, go fuck a witch!”

“Or skip the witch and fuck the entity from another dimension directly!”

“Good advice, Burny! Very good advice for the readers to keep in mind when a certain dark demoness with gorgeous tits visits them later.

As for you mortals, I’ll catch your souls later.”

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  1. Heh, lovely story of going down a mysterious hallway. And not knowing what would happen in the end. Reminds me of one of your bad endings in the Harem CYOA book. Thank you.

    • Ha, I had forgotten about that monstrosity. And this poor guy doesn’t even have a helmet.

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