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monstermash“Greetings, mortals! It is me, Suckubeth, the terrible sin you always let in! Joining me as always is my Flaming-Skull-on-a-Stick companion, Burny.”

“Listen to me, mortals. Your only chance now to save your soul is to pluck out your eyes. Do it now!”

“Oh Burny, you are always such a joker with your self-mutilation advice. If they can’t read my stories, I’ll just whisper the stories to them. Today’s story is especially good for whispering. I call it Ménage a Séance.”

“No! You can’t tell them that story! It will expose them to perverse forces they couldn’t comprehend!”

“Only if I tell the story right.

Read on, mortals.”


“Spirits of the underworld,” Julie intoned, “we three sluts, dressed as sluts, wishing to be greater sluts, have joined hands and call on you.”

Sydney frowned at that.  She felt that her genie outfit was revealing, especially with her already ample curves but she wouldn’t call it a slut outfit. It was just a normal Halloween outfit sold at stores with lots of cleavage, transparent fabric and tight stockings.

Okay, maybe she was dressed like a slut.

Sydney glanced to her left. Julie was dressed as a witch but that wasn’t very different from how she normally dressed. Her long dyed black hair flowed from underneath her pointed witch’s hat. Crescent moon earrings sparkled around a pale face with black lipstick. Small breasts were pushed up by an ambitious black corset. Really except for the hat, it might have been Julie’s normal day clothes.

Sydney looked to her right. Emma was dressed as a sexy schoolgirl. She wasn’t wearing a bra so her black breasts were clearly visible under her white shirt. Ruby red lipstick covered her full lips.

Yep, they were dressed as sluts.

Julie continued to read. “This Halloween we call upon the spirit of Grifen Trull, who died in this city ninety years ago. Warlock, wise man, known smuggler of pornography, we call on you.”

Sydney didn’t know about the pornography. Grifen Trull was a local legend. He was blamed for the bridge collapse of 1909. He was credited with stopping the typhoid outbreak of 1911. He was accused of causing the deaths of every town council member who voted for closing the local brothel. He was thanked for making Maggie’s Point a popular make out spot. The guy was a busy man.

Julie clutched Sydney’s hand tightly. Emma cried out and Sydney knew that Julie was doing the same to her. She looked at her witch friend in concern.

“Are you okay?” Sydney whispered. She didn’t know if whispering was allowed in a séance. Julie had all the magic books, read the message boards and bought the props from that weird white haired man. All that she told them about tonight was to not let go of each other hands. If the circle of hands was broken, bad things would happen.

Julie groaned. “Grifen Trull, we call on you. We wish to learn magic. We wish to learn wisdom. We wish to learn your ways.”

“And cure my acne,” Emma whispered.

Sydeny giggled. “And lose some weight would be nice.”

Julie’s corset suddenly ripped open. Metal snaps went flying as her small tits were exposed. Red lines marked her chest from where the corset had squeezed her.

“Holy shit!” Emma cried. She went to stand up but Sydney clutched her hand.

“Wait!” she said.

“Yes, wait,” a man’s voice said from Julie’s lips. Julie’s eyes were closed. Her hat had fallen and her black hair floated around her head.

Emma sat back down.

Sydney wasn’t sure what to do. She had expected Julie to talk to the spirit.

“Are you really Grifen Trull?” Emma asked. “Can you prove it?”

Julie laughed. It was deep and sinister. Shivers ran down Sydney’s spine.

Emma cried out. Sydney watched as Emma’s shirt was ripped open just like Julie’s corset. Emma’s plump black tits fell out but were then lifted. Her breasts moved and changed before being tightly squeezed by something invisible.

Something warm touched Sydney’s thighs. They pushed her legs apart under the table. The thin fabric on her crotch ripped. The pink panties underneath ripped as well. She looked down at her bare sex and felt terribly exposed.

“I am Grifen Trull,” Julie said. “Six secret wives I had. I had brought down the children of Venus and I banished the Green Dog from our world. I love tits and I love ass. I really hate that they put a bridge across Victoria Creek.”

“Oh fuck, it is him!” Sydney yelled.

Emma just groaned as her tits were groped by unseen forces. Her dark nipples were being pulled on. Sidney watched her friend bite her lip and wince.

It was up to her. “Grifen Trull, we called on you to learn magic. Julie said you were willing to teach if three women were to hold a séance on Halloween.”

“And who told her that?” the voice from Julie demanded.

“Umm, she read it on the internet,” Sydney said. “She printed it out. It is right in front of you.”

Julie leaned forward. Her eyes were still shut. . She looked down at the paper in front of her and laughed.

“They left out a few bits,” Grifen’s voice said. “You three were supposed to put your panties on the table. The house should have a party going where no less than six couples are fucking. There should be a plate of candy corn. I love candy corn.”

“Uh, sorry?” Sydney said.

“I can still teach you,” Grifen said.

“Really?” Emma said. She was breathing hard as her breasts continued to float and contort. “You’re going to teach us magic?”

“Of course,” Grifen said. “I’m not an asshole.”

“Shit, should I get a pencil?” Sydney asked.

Grifen laughed. “I have my spellbook right here.”

Julie cried out and this time it was her voice. A red line appeared on her breast. It was joined by another red line and then another. It looked like scratches or welts.

The lines were forming letters. The letters formed very small words. The words curled around the curves of her small breasts.

Julie cried out and winced with every mark.

“Why are you hurting her?” Sydney asked.

“Because it amuses me,” Grifen said from Julie’s mouth. “She can break the circle at any time if she prefers peace to knowledge.”

Julie’s hand squeezed tighter around Sydney’s.

“I desire other amusements,” Grifen said.

Emma made a choking sound. Her red lips opened wide and the side of her cheek bulged. Sydney stared into her open mouth and saw Emma’s tongue push against something invisible.

“Fuck, yes,” Grifen groaned from Julie’s mouth. “This mouth was made for fucking.”

“Mmph! Mmph! Mmph!” Emma groaned. Her head bobbed forward with savage thrusts. The grip on her breasts became extreme enough that handprints appeared on each breast.

Sydney loosened her grip on Emma’s hand. Emma’s dark fingers held on tight.

Julie whimpered. More red words appeared on her other breast.

“I haven’t forgotten you,” Grifen said.

Sydney cried out as something grabbed her hair. It yanked her up to her feet and then pulled her face down onto the table. Something kicked her legs apart. She felt her genie harem pants being yanked down to her ankles.

“Oh fuck,” Sydney whispered.

“Yes,” Grifen said.

Something cold, hard and thick slipped into her sex. Sydney gasped as it filled her. It throbbed inside of her and grew thicker.

It began to fuck her. The small table shook as her sex was pounded. Something grabbed her hair and pulled back. Sydney was forced to lean back as she was fucked.

She looked into Emma’s wide eyes. Her friend was in shock at what was happening to Sydney. Or perhaps she was in shock at the invisible cock that was fucking her open mouth.

“How can you fuck both of us?” Sydney asked between moans.

“Death can very freeing,” Grifen said. “I highly recommend it for everyone.”

Emma moaned and spit fell from her mouth. Her head was snapped back and forth as the invisible cock fucked her face.

Sydney moaned as the cock inside her slammed harder into her. It was a chilly cock but it was a large one. The heat of friction soon warmed Sydney.

Julie let out a cry as a red mark appeared on her nipple. Both tits were filled with words made of welts.

Selfishly, Sydney worried that the welts might fade before they could write them down.

Sydney turned back to Emma’s open mouth. She watched her friend’s tongue lick the unseen cock in her mouth.

All three women held onto each other’s hands.

Something touched the outside of Sydney’s sex. She moaned as nimble fingers stroked her clitoris. The thick spectral cock continued to fuck her.

Emma moaned as well. A flush came to her face. She shifted in her seat. Sydney guess that she felt a similar touch.

Julie cried out. She let out a long sensual moan followed by another wince as a word appeared on her stomach. She wasn’t being left out of Grifen’s touch.

Sydney smelled pussy. She also smelled cock. For a brief moment she smelled candy corn.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Julie moaned. Her fingers tightened painfully around Sydney’s.

Sydney bit her lip as she climaxed. The powerful thrusts continued as her body shook with orgasm.

Emma screamed her orgasm but the unseen cock in her mouth muted most of it. Then her neck bulged as she swallowed and swallowed and swallowed.

“Our deal is done,” Grifen said. “These should help you get started. If you want to know more, call me next Halloween.”

The cold cock vanished within Sydney. Her sex felt empty. She sat back down in her chair and felt a wet spot instantly form.

Emma gasped. She stretched her lower jaw. Her tits flopped back down. Angry finger marks laced her tits.

Julie’s eyes opened. She looked down at the welts on her breasts and hissed in pain.

“Oh shit,” one of them said. Sydney wasn’t sure who.

They held onto each others hands for a little while longer.


“Such a lovely story and in the end, they learned a valuable lesson.”

“To not call upon the ghosts of horny warlocks?”

“No, Burny. The lesson is to always remember the candy corn.”

“Even I in my eternal damnation must agree to that. Candy corn is important.”

Very important indeed. As for you mortals, I’ll catch your souls later.


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  1. Can’t forget the candy corn!

    xx Dee

  2. Heh, love the candy corn bit too. Fun little story, I liked it.

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