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51iEUNaSOpL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_A recent erotic interactive book that I read was Princess to Pleasure Slave Adventure: The Dungeon of the Monster Breeder by Amanda Clover. It places you in the role of a captured Princess who is thrown into a terrible dungeon of sex obsessed monsters who will mind control you as soon as they fuck you. Your goal is to find your sisters who are also in the dungeon, escape and kill the evil wizard who runs the place. Or perhaps your goal is to get fucked by the monster of your choice. We don’t judge.

Rape and mind control fantasies are often tricky subjects to tackle in erotica. People have fantasies of being raped but this is often associated with real rape because of the rape culture that we live in. For me, rape is about violence and non-consent. People who indulge their fantasy of being raped by reading books and watching erotica is giving their consent to enjoy something non-consensual. For this to work however, the reader has to be fully informed of what they are about to read. If someone goes into a story expecting consensual sex and there is surprise non-consensual sex, that is a gross violation of a reader’s trust. If a reader is forewarned that there is non-consensual scenes coming, then the reader gives their consent to the story by reading.

This is basic stuff but I wanted to go over it because of what I feel is the unique nature of interactive erotica. We as readers identify with the main character but we super-identify with a character when we are playing as the character. With the level of trust required to be invested in an interactive story I feel the stakes are higher to make sure that we respect the player’s level of consent.

Dungeon of the Monster Breeder does this extremely well.  Up front in the introduction it is explained that sexual contact with monsters while in the dungeon will result in a loss of control and a terminal end to the story. Fuck the monsters here and you will be fucked.

Which makes it interesting that the book uses the same five choices for every encounter. You can attack, you can wait, you can use magic, you can try talking or you can go ahead and surrender. Surrender results in just letting the monster have their wicked way with you.

I find this to be brilliant. The other choices are about overcoming monsters. Some will work and some will fail. However, the surrender option works as a sort of reverse-safeword. It asks for your consent to fuck you. It tells the book to do whatever it wants and it delivers with some really good extensive monster/mind control scenes.

If you choose to not get fucked, there is a lot of cool things to do. You fight monsters, slay beasts and outwit terrible thing. The challenge level ramps up nicely and I didn’t suffer my first loss until 3/4 of the way through the dungeon and even then it was my own dumb fault. This is not a book will send you to a fail state unfairly. The monsters range from the disturbing to the sexy. My personal favorite involved a hunchback on top of a pile of bodies.

Best of all, the adventure itself is interesting and takes some surprising turns. It is good erotica but it is also a good game.

Amanda Clover has written several interactive erotica books and I recommend them all.

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