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Magicians are terrible record keepers. As much as we seek out lore from others we are terrible at recording our own. We rarely keep notes and when we do we tend to jot down what we consider is important at the time instead of writing everything. This can be painful for when we later refer to our notes trying to ascertain what the fuck the sound of a fan has to do with the strengthening of personal wards.

If we were any good at making good reliable records, we would probably be scientists instead of magicians.

I was reminded of this when I smelled a burning coming from upstairs. I rushed up the stairs and tried to remember if I had left any candles going after last night’s ritual orgy. The orgy room was empty, as was the summoning room, the guest bedroom, the enemy bedroom, my bedroom and the Room That Shall Not Be Named. That just left the sunroom.

The sunroom door creaked as I opened it. I tried to remember the last time I used it. It had become less of a sunroom and more of a sloppy storage room.

The heat hit me as I swung open the door. The burning smell was coming from here. A singular brightness filled the room and I shaded my eyes.

There was a woman on the floor. A circle of sunlight surrounded her. Her skin was pale but it glowed in the sunlight. Long red hair fell onto her naked breasts. Her hand was buried between her thighs and she was rubbing a fiery patch of pubic hair.

The fiery patch was not a euphemism. Flames danced along her sex lips. As my eyes adjusted I noticed that flames curled along her red hair as well.

She looked at me with golden eyes. Pink lips parted as she moaned.

“Fuck me,” she asked.

My cock stirred but I ignored it. What the fuck was she doing here? I hadn’t summoned a flaming redhead. Even with my shitty record keeping I would remember that.

I followed the circle of light up to the window. A piece of glass dangled in front of the window. It was a circle with colored glass in the shape of a rune. I remembered baking it in my oven with a kit I bought at the hobby store.

“Stick your cock in me,” the redhead moaned. She got on her knees in front of me. Her hand never stopped stroking her sex. I noticed she stayed inside the circle of light.

I tried to remember why I had made the glass thing. What was it called? Oh yes, a sun-catcher.

Then I remembered.

It was from a book I found. The author was a Southern magician from the turn of the century by the flashy name of Dr. Pietro. His book was filled with the usual notes about spells, demons and favorite pie recipes but he had one artifact description that appealed to me. It was an item to “call down the wisdom of the sun.” It was a simple artifact and I gave it a try.

“Make me your whore,” the redhead moaned. She grabbed a pale breast and squeezed. Her flesh glowed with an internal fire. The burning smell increased.

I expected “calling down the wisdom of the sun” to be knowledge of stellar events or perhaps communication with the greater spheres. Apparently it was a naked redhead creature. That is what I mean by poor record keeping; Pietro could have at least mentioned her really lovely breasts.

More importantly, Dr. Pietro could have mentioned how long the spell takes. I am pretty sure I hung it over a year ago.

“Do whatever you want to me,” the redhead moaned. She let go of her plump breast. Flames flickered over the hand print on her breast. The flame faded with the print. She licked her fingers. Her tongue was very nimble.

My cock stirred but I stayed outside the circle. I didn’t know anything about her. The fire suggested that she might be some sort of elemental but fuck, I had never seen an elemental with dimples before.

I wondered how long she would be here. My guess was that she would be gone when the sun no longer came through the window. When would that be? Noon? Sooner? I really didn’t spend much time here.

“Use me,” she said. She turned around and bent over. Her pale ass was presented to me as she spread her legs. I watched sparks fall from her sex.

Touching her might burn me.

Not touching her would haunt me.

I reached through the circle. The sunlight was warm on my hand. The redhead arched her ass towards me. My fingers grazed her round ass.

Heat radiated from her.

I laid my palm against her ass. As expected, she was but it wasn’t unbearable. I squeezed her ass and saw sparks pop. The sparks landed on my skin and it felt like the kiss of a hot wind.

“Take me,” she moaned. She parted her sex lips and the burning smell increased. I realized now what was burning. It was her pussy.

I thought of a dozen incantations to protect myself and didn’t use one. I stepped into the circle and pulled down my pants.

“Oh yes, hurry!” the redhead moaned.

I grabbed her hips with both hands. A surge of heat went through me. My mouth dried. Her begging words rang within me.

“I’ll hurry when I want to,” I growled. I grabbed her hips and flipped her onto her back. She moaned louder as I climbed over her.

Sparks popped as I fell on top of her. I grabbed handfuls of her tits and they glowed like furnaces. My legs straddled her hips and heat embraced me.

I bent down to kiss her. She surrendered to my hungry kisses. Her lips burned but I kept kissing. Her tongue was a flaming snake that wrestled mine. Her breath was the mist of the sauna.

It may sound unpleasant but it was anything but. The heat was vital. Kissing her was like being warm for the first time in my life. I couldn’t stop.

The heat of the redhead did something else to me. It ignited a fire within me. It created a blaze of selfish desire and it consumed my mercy for fuel.

I pulled at her beautiful perfect tits and dug sparking gouges with my fingers. My hands slapped her tits as she moaned, writhed and burned. I bit down on her coal hot nipples until she screamed.

And whenever I stopped, the redhead would moan, “More!”

I sat up and grabbed her hair. Flames flared as I wound her hair in my hand and pulled her to her knees. I forced her head back as I bit painfully hard on her delicate neck. I felt the pulse of her blood beneath the skin and I felt the heat of the fire that flowed through her.

The redhead screamed at her rough treatment but when I stopped, she moaned, “More!”

I shoved her to the ground. My foot went to her neck and pinned her there. The heat of her neck on my foot was like standing on a hot vent in the middle of winter.

I slapped her ass. Sparks flew from where I struck her. She screamed as if I was setting her ass on fire. The irony amused me.

“More!” she cried.

My foot pressed harder on her neck. My hand slapped her ass with the fury of a man enraged. The repeating strikes of my hand changed her ass from pale white to smoldering orange to burning red to glowing blue and finally blistering white. The force of my blows made her ass jiggle, her buttocks clench and her legs kick.

Most delicious of all her reactions were her screaming moans.

We were at the edge of the circle of sunlight. I realized that we hadn’t moved; the sun had. My foot went off of her neck and I grabbed her ankles. I dragged her across the floor and flipped her onto her back.

The redhead spread her legs automatically. She looked up at me with the eyes glowing like the sun. The air shimmered with heat distortions.

“Fuck me!” she yelled.

This time I wanted to. The cruelty in me had nearly been exhausted. I dropped between her legs and grabbed my cock. Flames danced on her pussy lips.

I didn’t hesitate. My cock slipped into her and I climbed on top of her. Legs wrapped around me like searing brands.

She was hot inside. Too hot. It was burned and I felt my body catch fire. I would be ashes in seconds.

But I wasn’t. The heat remained but I adapted. The fire embraced me and we burned together.

I fucked her. It was a slow burn of thrusts and grinding. Her hips rolled with mine. Her pussy clenched with my throbbing cock. Our rhythm became the rhythm of the fire.

“Fuck me,” I moaned.

She stared at me with her glowing eyes. They pulsed with our thrusts. My eyes hurt to look at hers but I couldn’t look away.

Our pace quickened. No, it ignited. My cock and her pussy raced each other. Our moans turned into pants. We clawed at each other as melted into one another.

She came with a fiery flash.

I came and I felt sparks pass through my cock.

We kept fucking. Our limbs intertwined as our bodies merged into one burning husk.

She came and smoke poured from her hair.

I came again and fire filled my balls.

We slowed down and I noticed the circle had moved again. Half of the circle didn’t even exist any more. The sun was moving past the window and the sun-catcher.

We kept fucking. The flames in her hair dimmed. Sparks no longer flew from her breasts with each thrust. The glow of her eyes dimmed to merely blinding.

She came and the heat in her pussy flared.

I came again and I tasted ash on my tongue.

And then she was gone. The last of the direct sunlight left the room. I hit the bare ground and groaned.

There were scorch marks on the floor. The worse burn marks were where her pussy had dripped onto the floor. Smoke hung in the air.

I rolled onto my back. My cock was hot to the touch but luckily not cinder.

She was gone but the heat was still within me. I wondered if I would ever be cold again.

I thought that I should probably write all of this down.

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  1. Oh, lovely. I absolutely adore sexy elementals. And the desperation for a good fuck, yummy.

  2. In case you don’t know, you are an amazing writer.

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