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The thing about magic is that you don’t need components, props and etched runes. If you have the intent and enough will, you can do all the magic you want. Ingredients help but they are not absolutely necessary. They just make the magic easier to cast. They are also a lot of fun to use.

In some cases how we get the components is too fun to pass up.

Tonight I was at Maggie’s Point. Maggie’s Point was a special place. It was high on a ridge which meant it was close to the powers that lurk in the sky. The forest was near by which connected it to nature spirits. The ground was solid stone that had lasted for ages. Looking down from the ridge you could see the lake which invited the beings of the water. In the day time it was a decent view but at night when the moon is high and the lake surface sparkles with silver, it is quite gorgeous.

There were nine cars parked here by the time I arrived. Six of the cars were rocking and I assumed the other three soon would. No one was here for the view.

I was nude except for a bag slung over my shoulder. The ground still held the heat of the summer day and I felt every degree with my bare feet. The moonlight did cool things with my white hair. A warm breeze kissed my throbbing cock.

My eyes closed and I pictured the blue circle. Mist poured from the circle. I imagined and felt my body fade from view.

My preference was to work right to left. I headed to the car on the far end. The car wasn’t moving but the windows were steamed.

I opened the door. The couple inside didn’t notice. The car light came on but they didn’t see it. A man was sitting in the driver’s side and the man in the passenger seat was giving him a blowjob.

My spell held. The man getting sucked had his eyes open but he was looking at the lake. The man that was sucking didn’t look up.

I smiled. Ten years ago you wouldn’t see a gay couple here. Times were changing and it was about fucking time.

There was work to do. I pulled a small pair of scissors from my bag. There was a choice to be made. Did I want something of pleasure received or pleasure given?

I bent down to the man sucking the cock. Gently I lifted a lock of his blonde hair. The man paused to groan and I snipped his hair. My hand had pulled away as he went back to sucking.

The hair went into a small plastic bag and the bag went into a fuzzy pouch inside my satchel. I closed the door and whispered a blessing of orgasms.

The second car was rocking back and forth. The window was rolled down and I looked inside. In the back seat, a man was thrusting inside of a woman beneath him.

What I wanted was in the front seat. I reached inside and picked up a pair of discarded red panties. They were soaked.

The panties went into a plastic bag and the bag went into a pouch of rough leather. I stepped away and whispered a blessing of lubrication.

The third car was rocking and had steamy windows. A dark woman was riding a man that was in the passenger seat. He had her shirt pulled up and was sucking on one of her small tits.

I opened the passenger door. The light came on and they kept fucking. I bent down and studied them to see what I should harvest.

The woman looked at me. I froze in surprise. She shouldn’t be able to do that.

I waited for her to panic but she didn’t. She kept riding her lover. Her mouth opened to groan.

Maybe she didn’t see me. I moved to the right. No, her eyes followed me. Well, her eyes followed my cock. She definitely saw me.

It was possible that she had a touch of magic herself. I kept the blue circle in my thoughts. My power had to be greater than hers. I just needed to work fast.

I reached for the man. He was sweating profusely. I took a cloth from my bag and wiped his forehead.

The dark woman kept looking at my cock. She kept looking as I put the cloth into a plastic bag. Her eyes were on my cock as I put the bag into a silk pouch.

I closed the door and walked away. My cock was still throbbing. My heart was pounding. That shouldn’t have happened.

Blue circle. Blue circle over flowing with mist. My body fading from view.

The fourth car was rocking. It was an SUV. On a hunch I opened the back door.

The seats in the back were down. A couple was fucking on the floor. The brunette was on her hands and knees while a dark man fucked her from behind. Hard brutal thrusts made the woman whimper with pleasure.

I climbed into the van. The man kept fucking his lover. The impact of his thrusts sent quaking ripples along her ass.

The woman grabbed my cock. My heart stopped. This was impossible. Why wasn’t she yelling? She knew I was here but for some reason she wasn’t upset.

She pulled on my cock, wanting me to come closer. I looked at her lover. Now he too was looking at me but just like her, he didn’t seem to be angry.

I crawled over to her and she pulled my cock into her mouth. Needy lips wrapped around me. Her lover kept fucking her and I felt her groans on my cock.

The man looked me in the eyes as his lover sucked me. He pounded her faster. It was turning him on.

Something strange was happening tonight. They could see me but they were accepting me into their fucking. It was like the blue circle was working but in a different way than it had before.

Well, that’s magic.

The woman had an extraordinary wet mouth. Spit slid down my cock and dripped from my balls. Her mouth was as wet as any pussy.

The man growled. His amazing body fucked even faster. I was jealous of his endurance.

They were going to come and soon. I was close to coming myself.

I pulled out of the woman’s mouth. Orgasms were powerful magic and there was no telling what it would do to my already misbehaving spell.

The woman screamed her orgasm as I climbed out of the van. The man screamed his right after I closed the doors.

That was close. I walked away and pulled out a cloth from my bag. I wrapped it around my cock and groaned. The temptation to jerk off was strong but I restrained myself. I wiped the woman’s spit from my cock and then put the cloth in a plastic bag. The plastic bag went into my satchel.

This was a weird night. I thought about going home but there was more to gather.

Blue circle. Blue circle with thick white mist pouring from it. The mist embraced and shrouded me. I was invisible, unnoticed and of no consequence to those who see me.

I walked to the fifth car. The windows were steamed but it wasn’t moving.

Someone stood outside the car. It was a woman and she was naked. She was plump and round with short dark hair. No, moonlight revealed her hair to be green.

At first I thought she was a lover exiting the car for a quick piss but then I saw her bag. It was a purse and slightly smaller than mine. She wasn’t a lover; she was a magician like me.

Annoyance flickered within me. I wasn’t aware of any magicians in the area. Had she moved here? Was she passing through? I had several places like Maggie Point and I resented the idea of sharing.

She turned towards me and my annoyance turned to tolerance. Fuck, she was young. Magicians were getting younger every year. I didn’t envy the life of wonder she had before her. I hoped she had a coven.

“Greetings,” she said. “My name is Astra.”

“Pleased to meet you,” I lied. “My name is Samuel,” I lied again.

“Be careful,” Astra said. “My spirit cloak doesn’t seem to be working. I could be casting it wrong but it might also be something in the air.”

Damn, that was nice of her. Most magicians would never admit a possible fault in their skills. It might just be a sign of her inexperience but I was inclined to believe she was being genuinely friendly. I softened to her.

Well, my heart did. My cock was getting harder thanks to her ridiculously heavy breasts.

“You are probably casting it right,” I said. “Mine is acting odd too. There is something happening tonight.”

“Oh, okay,” she said. A warm breeze blew through and we both took a moment to enjoy it. Her eyes drifted to my thighs while mine lingered on her round hips.

Sympathy prodded me. “Looking for anything in particular tonight?”

“I nearly have everything but I still haven’t found a pair of panties washed in lust. I would have thought they would be more common here.”

“I have a pair I don’t need,” I said. I reached into my satchel and felt for the right bag.

“Oh thanks,” Astra said. “I have some pubic hair from a guy who was getting his cock sucked. Can you use those?”

“Yes, I can. Thank you.”

We exchanged sample bags. The car next to us began to rock.

“Good gardening,” I said to her.

“Safe travels,” Astra said.

She walked towards the SUV I had left. I headed towards the newly rocking car.

I stopped. There was something in the air tonight. It seemed a shame to waste it on simple component collection.

I turned around and I saw that Astra had stopped in her steps too. She turned and a smile lit up her face. I called her over with a wave of my arm. She came to me with swinging hips.

She grabbed my head and pulled me down for a kiss. Her mouth opened to mine and out tongues danced. Her fingers locked in my hair and kept me as a very willing prisoner to her mouth.

My hands were free while she took my lips. I squeezed her plump ass and sank my fingers into warm flesh. I cupped her breast and played with her hard nipple. I pulled her hips to mine and let my cock throb against the bush of her sex.

She groaned and our kiss was broken. I pushed her back against the rocking car. My mouth left her lips and kissed down her neck. I left a trail of bites down her shoulder, down the slope of her breast, over her hard nipple, down the underside of her breast, over her ribs, down to her belly, past her waist, and then onto three mouthfuls of musky hair until I came to the lips of her sex.

“Yes,” she moaned. Astra leaned against the car as it continued to shake with the fucking within.

I kissed her sex. I whispered a silent prayer to the gate of her sex. I entered her with my tongue.

Her hands went back to my hair. She pulled me towards her sex. Hips and thighs quivered against me.

I licked. Long slow steady licks at the source of her desire. No matter how tightly she twisted my hair or how urgently she pulled me to her, my tongue was slow, steady and methodical.

There was a sweep of headlight beams across our bodies. The crunching of gravel came to a stop nearby. An engine idled shortly before cutting off.

I looked up at Astra. My lips were soaked. I brushed her sensitive lips with my thumb.

She pulled me up by my hair. I let her.

She turned around and presented her ass to me. I grabbed it with both hands.

She pressed her tits to the driver’s side window of the car. I wondered if they could see the moons she was showing them.

All of the cars were rocking now. Even the new car was in motion with vigorous sex. It was time we joined them.

I pushed Astra’s legs apart. The tip of my cock went to the soaked patch I had been licking. Cock in hand, I tapped the tip against her lips.

Once, twice, three times, four times, five times and six.

I slipped into her. She cried out. Her yell echoed down the ridge and onto the lake.

All of the cars kept rocking.

I held onto her hips and fucked her. My hips crashed into her abundant ass. The car shook with the force of our fucking.

Did the people inside the car notice their car was rocking harder? Did they look up to see Astra’s plump breasts pressed against the window. Did they hear her moans? I wanted to think they did.

“Harder,” Astra asked and I obliged. Her pussy was a hot summer night. Deeper and deeper I pushed inside her.

Someone cried out their orgasm. It was a long shuddering cry that hung in the air.

Astra and I kept fucking.

Frogs chanted in the woods nearby. They called to each other with croaks of lust. The magic here affected all kinds of animals.

My fingers sunk into Astra’s hips. I watched her flesh quake with the fury of our thrusts. A lover’s moon illuminated every shapely curve.

The last hot breeze of summer blew against us. She reached back and grabbed my hand. Her fingers clutched mine painfully as she came.

“Fuck!” she yelled.

The cars kept rocking.

“I am close,” I roared.

“Wait, I want this,” Astra said. She pulled my cock out of her and turned around. Before me she sunk down to her knees and spat on her tits. Cupping her tits, she lifted them to me in offering.

A magician’s seed is a powerful ingredient. It shouldn’t be given away without something powerful in return. It was a sign of her inexperience that she would demand such a thing free of payment.

On the other hand, she had really nice tits. I wanted to fuck them. Who was acting like the novice now?

I pushed my cock into her tits. Warm softness embraced my slick cock. The head of my cock emerged from her cleavage.

Astra looked up at me. “Give me your come. I want it so bad and I will earn it.”

Fuck. I grabbed her shoulders. She pressed her tits tighter around my cock. My hips bucked and I fucked her warm mounds.

Someone else screamed an orgasm. The car beside us was rocking so hard that I feared it would tip over. There was something powerful here tonight.

“Please, please, please,” Astra begged. Her green hair glowed in the night.

I came. Seed sprayed up from between her tits. She squeezed her tits tighter and milked me. I shuddered in the night as she methodically drained my cock.

When I finally stopped coming, she reached for her bag. I leaned on the car that was still rocking. I had to stop and stand up because it was making me seasick.

Astra collected my seed on a cloth and added it to her bag. I wondered what ritual she would use it for. I hoped it was for something filthy.

She closed her bag and came back to me. She held my cock while she kissed me. It was a light grip and a soft kiss.

“Good hunting,” Astra said. “I am heading home.”

I kissed her back and watched her walk away. Her ass glowed with moon light. I wondered why she was leaving with so many other resources to gather.

Oh yes. I was here for the cars and the couples. She had come for something stronger, rarer and harder to come by.

And she had got it.

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  1. *whistles* Seriously hot!

    xx Dee

  2. That was a damn yummy story. I loved the visceral magic, the act of doing.

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