Sep 092015

Felicia Grafal Flores waved goodbye to the delivery men. Her house robe fell open and a plump brown breast peeked out. She pretended not to notice.

The pale delivery man blushed and looked away. The darker man smiled and waved back.

Felicia closed the door and giggled. She loved flashing delivery men. It was a shame that only one in six ever tried to follow up on her flirting. She was really in the mood to give a blowjob this morning.

Oh well, at least she got a new coffee table this morning. Emil and she had bought it this past weekend to replace the one they broke. Hopefully this one will be sturdier for fucking.

Felicia inspected the table. The delivery men had been careful and there were no marks on it. Someone had polished the surface and the wood gleamed. The silver of the cabinet door handles reflected the red of her robe.

She bent over and opened a cabinet door. A branch of a bush popped out. A humid smell came from within. There was the caw of a bird.

A smile came to Felicia’s lips. She should have known. The coffee table was new and Felicia always had a certain way with new things.

She got down on her hands and knees. The interior of the table was filled with branches. The leaves were slightly blue. The foliage was thick and hard to see through.

It smelled wonderful. A multitude of scents competed for her attention.

Felicia put her head inside the cabinet. She took a deep breathe. It was invigorating.

Something grabbed her long black curly hair. Felicia was pulled up to her waist through the cabinet opening. The branches scratched at her face and tugged at her house robe. She felt one of her heavy breast come free.

It was dark inside. Something brushed her cheek and she recoiled. The hand holding her hair wouldn’t let her move away. It kept her in place as the thing slapped against her cheek.

Felicia recognized the meaty weight. She turned her head and felt it brush her lips. Her tongue slipped out and gave it a lick. It shuddered under her tongue.

It was a cock; a rather thick and musky smelling cock but definitely a cock.

Her mouth watered.

The cock pushed against her lips. Felicia opened her mouth and felt the tip slide between her lips. Her tongue danced over the tip and tasted him.

She tasted sweat. She tasted dirt. She tasted musk. She tasted cock.

A hand pulled aside her robe. It reached under her and grabbed a hanging breast. The fingers opened and closed around her breast. She felt the dirt from the fingers grind against her skin.

Who was this person?

It was a difficult position to stay in. Felicia was on her knees but to fit through the coffee table cabinet doors she had to get down to her elbows. The hand wrapped itself in her hair and kept her mouth down by its cock.

Felicia lowered her legs to be flat on the carpet back in her living room. Her wet pussy pressed against her house robe.

The cock pushed inside her mouth. Felicia licked every inch that came into her. She explored the veins of his cock with her tongue as her lips tightened.

There was a growl and it came from the owner of the cock.

Felicia reached out for the base of his cock. Her fingers glided down to his hairy sack. She gently massaged the heavy balls.

The man growled again. He squeezed her breast painfully hard.

A jolt of desire went down to Felicia’s sex. A surge of wetness dripped onto her robe. She humped the floor of her living room.

She pulled back and pulled his cock from her mouth. Her tongue flicked over the tip, down the lengthy shaft and to the base of his cock. The cock throbbed against her cheek and was heavy against her face.

The grip in her hair tightened but he didn’t try to drive her back to his cock. He did squeeze tighter on her poor breast though.

Felicia appreciated that. In the darkness she pulled his cock back to her mouth. Her sealed around his cock as she took all of him into her mouth. She sucked down to the base of his cock and stuck her tongue out past her lips. Her tongue flicked his dirty balls.

The man growled. He let go of her breast and both hands grabbed her hair. His hips pumped towards her mouth.

Felicia moaned and allowed some of his cock to leave her mouth. Her hand wrapped around the base of his cock that was coated in spit. She sucked on half of his cock while she stroked the other half.

The man growled louder.

Felicia wondered what her husband would do if he saw her right now. He would pull her house robe aside and spread her legs. His hand would go to her pussy and set just how wet she was. He would take his cock out and instead of giving her what she needed, he would stick his cock into her tight asshole instead. He would fuck her ass while she sucked a stranger’s cock and leave her poor wet pussy neglected.

She moaned and sucked harder. Her hips humped the floor as she stroked the stranger’s cock faster. The branches pulled at her hair as she bobbed her head on the man’s cock. The top half of her body settled into the dirt of the ground.

The man cried out. Felicia felt the first splash of seed inside her mouth a moment later. Her head stopped moving but her fingers jerked faster. She milked the man as he shot streams of come into her mouth.

He tasted fruity. She swallowed it all.

There was a roaring sound that did not come from the man. The cock quickly pulled from her mouth and the hands left her hair.

The ground shook. Something heavy was coming.

Felicia retreated out of the cabinet. Her tits and face were covered in dirt.

The branches inside the coffee table shook. There was another roar and it was much closer. The ground shook again and this time Felicia felt the floor in her house shake.

She slammed the cabinet doors shut. The roaring stopped and so did the shaking.

Felicia’s heart was racing. Her pussy was also clenching.

She laughed and rolled onto her back. Her legs spread and she reached down with dirty fingers. She rubbed her wet pussy and recalled the feeling of the stranger’s cock in her mouth.

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  1. I am Groot! (sorry-ish)

  2. I have to wonder … who says it was a man? My brain went to large age, myself. Or perhaps a yeti?

    xx Dee

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