Aug 122015

Felicia Grafal Flores stepped out of the skybox suite. Her husband’s coworkers cheered at something happening in the baseball game below them. Felicia wasn’t tempted to find out what had happened. She closed the door behind her and walked along the outer ring of the stadium.

The wind ruffled her light green dress. She felt the breeze on her expansive brown cleavage. Wisps of her long black curly hair lifted slightly. Her wide hips casted curvy shadows before her.

Felicia was glad her husband was having a good time. His company usually used the skybox for clients but this week they had selected random employees to enjoy the high life. Well, the high life of watching a minor league baseball team from the skybox of a small stadium but still it was a treat of sorts.

It was just a treat that Felicia had already grown bored with. Baseball was a game of men standing around until something happened. It lacked the sweat and thighs of soccer. Four innings in and Felicia was horrified to discover that they weren’t even halfway through the game.

Which was why she was out here. There were fourteen skyboxes. She had been in one and that left thirteen others to explore. With thirteen new places to visit, Felicia was sure she could find something to entertain herself.

Felicia always had the best luck with new places.

She picked skybox seven. The handle was unlocked. A quick turn of the knob and the door opened.

“You’re late,” a voice said. It belonged to a pale woman dressed in a leather corset and not much else. Her pale breasts were on the verge of bursting from her corset. She grabbed Felicia by the arm and steered her to a wall.

“Pick one,” the corset woman said.

Felicia smiled at what was before her. In the other skybox, this are was dedicated to a sink and counter. Here the space was a large shelf filled with dildos. They ranged from small to disturbing and included every color in the rainbow.

“Hurry,” the corset woman said.

Felicia picked a red one. It was long and thick but she could handle its girth. She held it in her hand and marveled at the fleshy touch. What was it made of?

“Good,” the corset woman said. “Now go out there.”

The corset woman steered Felicia to the glass doors. Instead of seats, there was a small transparent walkway that extended out over the stadium. As Felicia stepped onto the walkway, she got her first look of the audience. They weren’t sitting in the stadium looking out at the field. No, they were in the field looking back at the walls of the stadium.

Felicia looked to each side. Other men and women stood on similar walkways. Some were dressed but others were naked. They stood at the end of their walkways and played with themselves.

“Wow,” Felicia whispered. A slight vertigo washed over her. As she reached the end of the walkway she noticed the nearly invisible hand rails. Still, she was overwhelmed by what she saw. She always loved having an audience but how many were in the field watching? Hundreds? A thousand? More?

Many of them looked to her. They saw her green dress blowing in the wind and cheered. Some watched her intensely while others were already bored and watching elsewhere.

Felicia took that as a challenge. She lifted her dress up to her waist. The crowd cheered at her lack of panties. They cheered louder as she fingered her thick bush of curly black hair.

She was already wet. Of course she was.

The crowd cheered louder as she lifted the dildo to her mouth. She gave it a long lick and more of the crowd paid attention to her. It slipped between her lips and inch after inch disappeared into her mouth. She didn’t stop until it hit the back of her throat.

She got a better look at the crowd. None of them wore clothes beneath their waist. Hundreds of cocks and pussies were being stroked and sometimes not by their owners. Many of them wore goggles and Felicia guessed that they were binoculars or opera glasses.

The dildo came out of her mouth, shiny with her spit. Felicia squatted down on the transparent walkway above the crowd. She placed the dildo against her pussy lips and with teasing slowness; penetrated herself.

Fuck, it was thick and fuck, it was long. Felicia placed the base against the walkway and lowered herself. The crowd roared as the dildo vanished inside her pussy.

Felicia rocked on the dildo. She bounced up and down on the thick sex toy. Her free hand pinned her skirt to around her waist so the crowd could see her bare brown ass and hairy pussy.

She was soaking wet. Felicia had fucked on stages, participated in orgies and had fucked in front of crowds but never a stadium like this. The cheering made her pussy clench. The arousal of the fans was a physical presence that made her bounce faster.

Felicia pulled down the top of her dress. A large brown breast flopped out. It jiggled as she humped the dildo.

She gyrated her hips for the approval of the crowd. Her movements were exaggerated so that every one could see. She whipped her long hair back and forth so that every hump appeared to throw her into ecstasy.

Felicia pulled her large breast to her mouth and bit down on her dark nipple. The louder the crowd cheered, the harder she bit down.

She thought about her husband, Emil. What would he say if he knew she was masturbating for an entire stadium? Would he call her a slut as she slammed his cock down her throat? Would he spank her ass for showing herself to so many people? Would he force her to go down there and offer to fuck each and every one of the crowd like the whore that she was?

Felicia shuddered as these fantasies went through her mind. She grinded faster on the thick sex toy. Knowing her husband, he would be more than happy to sit among the crowd as he watched his slut wife perform.

She looked down through the transparent walkway. Hundreds masturbated to her. Hundreds masturbated to other people but that was okay. She was doing this for the ones watching her.

Here was a woman with skin as dark as night. She stared up at Felicia with bright red goggles. Long braids shook as she furiously masturbated a shaved pussy.

There was a pale man with fiery red hair. He shook beneath Felicia as she humped above him. He bit one hand while his other pumped a thick cock.

Over here were two tanned women. They looked up at Felicia while their hands were in the other’s pussy.

Down there was a man who came right as Felicia’s eyes locked with his. White ropes of seed flew from his dark cock and splattered his chest.

Felicia climaxed. She cried out her pleasure as hundreds watched. Her fingers dug painfully into her breast while she rode the dildo to completion.

The walkway vibrated. Felicia looked back and saw the corset woman stomping on it. She was beckoning for Felicia to return.

Felicia reluctantly rose to her feet. The dildo was drenched with her juices. Many in the crowd stood up and held their arms and a great begging cry came forth.

She tossed the dildo down. It speed through the air like a glistening comet. Many in the crowd dived for it but a woman with silver hair caught it. Congratulatory applause rippled through the crowd.

Felicia returned to the skybox. Her dress had fallen back down but her breast was still exposed. She was in too much afterglow to care.

The corset woman looked unamused. “The cost of the dildo will be deducted from your prize money.”

“Prize money?” Felicia asked.

“The winners will be announced later,” the corset woman said. “Hold onto your game ticket. Here is your complimentary yetcan.”

The corset woman handed Felicia a bread product. It was about six inches long and had groves that looked like veins. It was almost hot in her hand.

“Out you go,” the corset woman said and she pushed Felicia out the door.

Felicia was back in the outer ring. The warm breeze was back and kissed her exposed breast. Felicia giggled and stuffed her breast back into her dress.

The yetcan was still in her hand. She took a bite. There was a hot cheese filling inside. It was pretty good.

Felicia ate her complimentary snack. She wondered how well she did in the game. She speculated on what kind of prize money was at stake.

There was a loud crack of a baseball hitting a bat. The stadium cheered. Something interesting was happening soon to be followed by a lot of less interesting things.

Felicia decided that she better head back to her husband’s company’s skybox. He might be wondering where she was.

On the other hand, there were quite a few other skyboxes to explore.

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  1. Lovely, lovely sexual surrealism. It was fun… not just because I was at my first baseball game only a few weeks ago.

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