Jul 152015

Felicia Grafal Flores sucked hard on her husband’s cock. Emil groaned and pushed down on her head. His hips bucked and his cock surged up into her mouth. A hot stream of seed sprayed the inside of her mouth. She swallowed every drop.

“Fuck,” Emil groaned. “It’s safe,” he added.

Felicia lifted her head from her husband’s lap. There were two cars in the rest stop parking lot but no one was outside. The only creature watching the car was a squirrel from a nearby tree. It didn’t look like it would tell.

“I needed that,” Emil said. “It has been a long drive.”

Felicia laughed. “You would need a blowjob even if we were sitting at home.”

“True,” Emil said.

“I’m going to the rest room,” Felicia said. “Do you need to go?”

“Yes, but I will wait,” Emil said. “You go by yourself first.”

Felicia kissed her husband on the cheek. He was such a thoughtful man. He knew she would have better luck in a new place by herself.

She got out of the car and walked up the steps to the rest stop. The wind ruffled her long yellow summer dress. The sun shined down on her deep brown cleavage. She shook her long curly black hair out as she walked.

A sign told her where she was in Tennessee. Another sign asked her not to litter. A third sign told her who to call in case of trouble.

Felicia went through the glass doors and entered a small area. A shelf held brochures. Vending machines offered salt, sugar and fat. A water fountain tempted her to bend over at an indecent angle for a sip.

She found what she needed. A thick heavy door sealed the entrance to the women’s restrooms. Experience had taught her that the more secure the door, the greater the chance for adventure.

Felicia walked in. A wave of heat washed over if an oven door had been opened. It was dim inside and Felicia worried that she had her sunglasses on.

Strong hands grabbed her by her arm. “Quickly, this way,” a voice commanded.

Felicia looked at the man. He was tall and covered in dark leather. A badge she didn’t recognize sparkled in the dim light. A helmet covered his head and the top half of his face but she could tell he was at least twenty years older than her.

“Quickly,” he snapped. He swatted her bottom with a flat paddle.

WHAP! Felicia jumped. The sting spread along her amble bottom. She quickened her pace.

The corridor was long; much longer than the rest stop they had parked in front of. They walked past dozens of doors. All of them were closed but Felicia could hear the sounds of screams inside.

A shiver of fear went through Felicia. Had she finally came to a place that she shouldn’t?

They reached an open door and walked inside. This room was brightly lit and Felicia tried to shield her eyes. Her hands were pulled up over her head and something cold clicked around them. She tugged but the cuffs held her hands tight.

“What have you done?” a voice asked. It was another man dressed in the same strange leather uniform and helmet. Felicia could tell he was much younger than the first man.

WHAP! The older man slapped her ass again. “Answer him,” he snapped.

“Umm, I just sucked off my husband,” Felicia said. “It was in a public parking lot.”

The younger man nodded. “A Class Two.” He pulled out a knife from his belt.

Felicia pulled on her restraints but they were too strong. She let out a scream as the younger man approached. She tried to kick him but the older man grabbed her legs.

“Calm down!” the younger man snapped. He grabbed the neckline of her dress and pulled. The knife came down and cut through her dress. He cut a slit that went all the way down to her waist. He pulled the slit apart to expose the yellow bra holding her large brown breasts.

Felicia stopped struggling. Now she was intrigued.

The younger man cut the middle of her bra. The cups fell from her massive tits and the younger man pushed them out of the way. He gave each of her nipples a quick pinch.

“Take the right,” the younger man said. He stepped back and pulled out something from his belt. It looked like a flogger.

“Take the right, where?” Felicia demanded.

The older man chuckled as he reached up from behind. His rough glove grabbed her left tit and squeezed. Small metal spikes in his glove contracted around her breast.

“Oh shit!” Felicia groaned. It wasn’t that bad. The spikes were small and spread out. It was like being pricked by a dozen needles.

TWHIP! The sting of six rubber tips slapped her other tit. The younger man had struck her free breast with the flogger.

Felicia jumped which made the stings from the clenching glove even worse. The older man opened and closed his hand around her tit. Every grope resulted in new bites on her tender flesh.

TWHIP! The flogger struck her right breast again. This time it struck perilously close to her nipple. Felicia was terrified of how it would feel if it did hit her nipple.

“Okay, okay! I won’t do it again!” Felicia yelled. It was a complete lie but she had to try.

The younger man shook his head and swung again. TWHIP! This time he did hit her nipple and it felt like six instant bites on her sensitive nub of flesh.

“FUCK!” Felicia screamed. It didn’t hurt as bad as she imagined, it hurt worse.

She felt a sudden flood of desire surge to between her thighs. Her panties were soaked. The pain and the manhandling and the sexy cruel helmets were having an effect on her.

TWHIP! The flogger struck her breast again. Six rubber ends quickly stung the side of her breast.

The older man continued to grope her left breast. Now his fingers were squeezing around her nipple. Sharp metal spikes stung her tender flesh.

Felicia tugged at the restraints above her head. The metal cuffs didn’t move an inch. She tried to move her body but the older man’s biting glove kept her in place. She toyed with the idea of kicking her legs but she didn’t want to piss these people off more.

TWHIP! TWHIP! TWHIP! The younger man increased the pace of the flogging. The stings moved around her breast in a clockwise fashion.

The older man became more aggressive with his groping. He pulled and tugged on her heavy brown breast. The metal spikes bit and nipped at her skin but it never pierced her flesh. He mauled her breast with relentless force.

Felicia’s body couldn’t stop wiggling. Each sting of the flogger and each bite of the glove travelled through her breasts, down her belly to straight to her pussy. Her thighs rubbed together as her sex ached to be touched.

Suddenly both of the men stopped. The older man let go of her breast while the younger man stretched his flogging arm.

She looked down at her poor breasts. The one that had been flogged was crossed with pink marks. The one that had been groped was covered in angry red pricks from where the spikes had poked her. Both of her nipples were swollen and needing a kiss.

The older man moved to her other side. The younger man moved across her as well. She realized her ordeal wasn’t stopping, it was merely redistributing.

“Please!” Felicia yelled. “Enough, enough! I’ll suck both of you if you will stop!”

She couldn’t see their eyes through their helmets but the sour frown of their mouths was answer enough.

TWHIP! The flogger struck her groped breast. Six stings joined the hundreds of bites across her breast.

The older man grabbed her flogged breast. Harsh fingers and hot spikes agitated her already tender flesh.

“FUCK!” Felicia yelled. Her legs gave out from under her and she hung from her wrists. Twin bolts of lightning struck her drenched pussy.

TWHIP! TWHIP! TWHIP! The flogger flailed her sensitive breast. The swishing of the air preceded every stinging slap. It felt like he was striking each and every one of the places that the metal spikes had bit her.

The older man kneaded her flogged breast without mercy. Metal spikes overwrote stinging strips of sore flesh. His hand lifted her large breast and forced it to spill out of his biting fingers.

Felicia ground her thighs together harder. Her desire was dripping down her legs. She wondered if she could come from being flogged and groped alone.

She thought of Emil. If he knew what was happening, would he save her? Or would he take out his cock and fuck her from behind while they abused her tits? She thought that was more likely.

TWHIP! TWHIP! TWHIP! The flogger struck every inch of her sensitive tit. The younger man’s stoic expression never changed no matter how much she screamed.

The older man grabbed her nipple and twisted it. Felicia’s hips moved to fuck the air in the vain hope of coming.

Again they stopped. This time, the younger man put his flogger back in his belt. The older man took off his glove.

“I’m going to lunch,” the younger man said to his colleague. “Let her meditate on what she had done for three minutes and then let her go.”

The older man nodded. The younger man went out the door and closed it behind him.

“You are a wet slut, aren’t you?” the older man said to Felicia. “I can smell your greedy cunt. I bet you would like to come, wouldn’t you?”

Felicia licked her lips. Was this a trap? Part of her just wanted to wait her three minutes and leave. A dirtier part of her didn’t want to miss out on what he might be offering.

She nodded her head.

The older man laughed. He took out his own flogger. Felicia’s stomach dropped with fear.

He reversed the flogger and lifted her skirt. She felt the round end of the flogger press against her panties and against her pussy. The solid leather end sent quivers down her thighs.

“You got less than three minutes,” the older man said.

Felicia grinded against the flogger handle. It was awkward for her but she could be nimble when she had to.

“Dirty slut,” the older man said. “Your tits are bright red with punishment but you’re humping away like a cat in heat.”

Felicia said nothing as she kept humping. Every jiggle of her tits hurt but it also made her wetter.

“I see sluts like you all day,” the older man said. “I’ve slapped their tits, spanked their asses and choked their throats for years and you know what I’ve learned?”

Felicia shook her head in response. She never stopped humping the handle.

“Each and every one of them just wants to come after their treatment,” the older man said.

Felicia groaned. The older man kept the handle still as she grinded wantonly on it.

“You’re the tenth slut to come on my flogger today,” the older man whispered.

Felicia moaned and grinded faster.

“I could bit your tit right now and you would still come,” the older man said.

Felicia gasped and grinded harder.

“If you don’t come right now, I think I will bite it,” the older man said. “I will bite your tit and my teeth will hurt so much worse than the flogger and the glove combined.”

“FUCK!” Felicia cried out. She came and she came hard on the flogger handle. Her body shook and her tender breasts flared from the movement.

Darkness came over her. When next she opened her eyes, she was sitting on the floor. She was sitting in a wet spot from all of her juices. Her wrists were free and her tits hurt like hell.

“Your three minutes are up,” the older man said. “Time to go.”

He helped her to her feet. Felicia leaned on him as they left the room and went back down the corridor. The sound of screams continued from behind closed doors.

They reached the exit. Felicia came to her senses and remembered that her tits were out. She grabbed the sides of her dress and held them together at her neck. The fabric rubbed against the welts on her sensitive breasts.

“Have a nice day,” the older man said as she went through the door.

Felicia stumbled out into the rest area. A wide eyed teenage boy stared at her from the vending machine. Her breasts were barely covered by the hastily held remnants of her dress.

She winked at him as she walked by. He never saw her eyes because he was staring at her tits.

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