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Magic is all about choices. Every day a magician faces possible annihilation or the fulfillment of their wildest dreams. The choice can be one they embark on or one forced onto them by the hand of fate. Either way, every choice must be made with the utmost thought and presence of mind for it can spell their doom if they choose poorly.

I was at a personal crossroad this morning. Like many people, it was while sitting on the toilet. Should I read the book of magic pornography that my friend sent me, or do I flip through the Delight Channel guide and see if I wanted to watch a movie? Both had their appeal for I was feeling that particular kind of lazy and horny where I wanted to fuck but wasn’t really in the mood to do anything about it.

“I call for the one who pulls my hair.”

That wasn’t me. That was a psychic signal sent out from someone else. They sounded female and they were broadcasting out into the world. The fact that I could hear it meant that I was eligible for her requests. It also meant that my soul was still empowered by the internet spirit I ate out yesterday.

“I call for the one who fucks me as rough as I can take it.”

She was tailoring her request and I was certainly interested. I finished my business and flushed the toilet. I walked into my bedroom and laid down. I wanted to focus as I listened to the rest of her spell.

“I call for the one who will satisfy themselves with my body.”

I winced. Her request was too broad. She had left loopholes big enough for a demon and his sixty best friends to walk through. She might summon playful spirits who could sate her lusts but she would just as likely call forth something that defined sex differently than her.

So I made my choice right then to accept. I didn’t do it because I was a hero. I did it because one should always help another who studies the craft. I was doing her a favor and perhaps she would help me out one day.

Also I was really horny.

My astral form left my body. Her spell tugged at me and I followed it. Cities zipped by in a blink. I passed through hundreds of buildings and cars without feeling a thing. At the speed of thought, I was beside her in her bedroom.

She was older than me and but her nude body was delicious to look upon. Her skin was a light brown and a small afro crowned her head. Plump breasts hung from a shapely body. Runes had been drawn in red lipstick on her body. Half of the runes were nonsense but the other half had power.

A body formed around me. It wasn’t my own. Instead of my long white hair, I was bald. My stomach was covered in abdominal muscles. My cock was long and uncut. Carefully manicured stubble graced my chin. This was a form that she thought about a lot.

“I am here,” I said and my accent was British. Of course it was.

She turned to face me. Surprise danced in her eyes but she struggled to remain calm. She held up her palm and a rune was drawn there. I didn’t recognize it.

“By the Will of the Wet One, I command you to tell me your true name!” she said.

Oh, so that was what the rune was supposed to be. She had left out the third arc and didn’t charge it properly. I gave her my other name instead.

“I am called Samuel,” I said. “You wish to be used?”

She shuddered. “For one hour you may use me,” she said. “Then we must stop because my son gets home then and OH!”

I lunged forward and grabbed a handful of her brown tit. I crushed it with my strong fingers and dipped down to bite her nipple. My teeth sank into her breast while other hand wrapped around to her ass. Teeth and fingers clenched around her flesh.

“Fuck!” the woman cried out. “This is real!”

I had little doubt that she was a novice but this proved it. She needed to learn about wards. She needed a lesson in wording her requests. She really needed to practice her rune making. The best thing for her right now would be for a mentor to take her under his wing.

To hell with that, I was here to fuck.

I picked her up. It was easy with my body made of dreams. She squealed with delight as I grabbed both thighs and lifted her from the floor. So powerful was my body that I was able to easily bring her sex to my lips while the rest of her towered above me.

Her pussy was shaved and damp with ritual magic. I drank from her dark lips and tasted the power flowing through her. Novices carry so much energy in them that the lightest lick brings it forth. That is why people are even willing to teach; fucking a novice is payment enough.

“Oh shit!” she cried out as I ate her. I tasted her dreams in her pussy. I saw her crazy ex-boyfriend. I felt the frustrations of her many vibrators. I browsed the titles of the books of magic she had read. I experienced the fantasies that she dreamed of when she touched herself.

They were good fantasies. I wouldn’t mind making them come true for her.

I tossed her onto her bed. She cried out as she flew the five feet to her bed. When she bounced on the mattress, she laughed like a teenager in lust. She looked up at me and bit her lip. She wanted to roll onto her back and spread her legs but she stayed where she was. In her dreams, she never did anything on her own.

I growled as I played my part. I reached down and grabbed her by the throat. A smile came to her lips as I tightened my grip.

“Yes,” she whispered.

My other hand went to her thighs. I slapped them apart and this time she did spread her legs. My fingers pushed cruelly into her sex and it greedily accepted me. I finger fucked her as my hand continued to slowly choke her.

She moaned. Why wouldn’t she? How many times had she come imagining this very thing?

I heard a growl. It wasn’t me. It came from the thing forming in her closet. It must have heard her request. I couldn’t see it but I doubted that it was taking the form of a well hung British man.

I released her throat. She gasped for air before moaning from my fingers that were still fucking her. My thrusts were rough and unkind but it just made her wetter.

The thing in the closet growled louder. This time she heard it and her eyes went to the closet.

“Look at me!” I snapped. Too many things gain power by attention. “Look at me when I’m molesting you!”

My other slapped one of her heavy breasts. WHAM! Her eyes snapped to me as another moan escaped her lips.

“Yes, I’m sorry, sir,” she said.

WHAM! I slapped her other tit. “Use my name, Samuel!”

“Yes, Samuel!” she shouted. “I’m sorry, Samuel!”

I felt the thing in the closet shrink. Her attention was on me now. Her request had opened the door but now it knew someone had already stepped through.

My fingers fucked her faster. The wet sounds of her pussy filled the room.

WHAM! I slapped her tit again. Her brown globe now had a splash of pink where I had slapped her.

“Shit,” my summoner moaned. Her hips fucked my hand as I finger fucked her.

Eyes appeared in her window. A presence formed on her wall. Something took possession of the bed. Her request had brought others.

WHAM! I slapped her other tit. She cried out with lust and pain.

The things around us grew stronger. They sensed my claim but they were greedy. Other worldly forces weren’t always respectful. I needed to make a stronger claim on her.

That was fine. Like I said, I was horny this morning.

I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and grabbed her hips. My strong body easily flipped her onto her stomach. I pulled her half way off the bed and her legs dangled off the side. My foot kicked her legs apart and I leaned down onto her.

“Fuck me,” she groaned.

A surge of power went through me. Her binding of me was weak but her need was incredible. My body obeyed her outside of my control. My hips pushed forward and my cock sunk inside her.

It was a perfect fit. Of course it was. This body was the culmination of all of her needs. I was thick enough to fill her completely; long enough to reach what was needed and curved for her pleasure.

I was overcome with lust. There was something intoxicating about being someone’s fantasy. Other desires stormed within me and I remembered that her demands were more than just physical.

My hand grabbed her short hair and yanked her head back. She shouted and quivered around my cock.

“I’m going to fuck you,” I growled. “I am going to use your body as I wish.”

And I did. My cock slammed into her with the never ending endurance of a wet dream. I pounded her sex while my fingers kept her head pulled back. My hips crashed into her ass until the sounds of our collision drowned out her cries.

The eyes in the window watched us. The thing in the closet stayed behind the door. The presence on the wall shrunk to a dot. Whatever possessed the bed went away as we shook the bed with our thrusts.

“God damn!” my summoner yelled. She had no idea how close she had come to being damned. Instead, she was just getting her brains fucked out.

I enjoyed the body she dreamed up for herself. I slapped her ass with a hand that never missed. I choked her from behind as my hips continued their relentless fucking. I lifted her off the bed with massive arms and fucked her against the wall.

She came. Over and over again she climaxed on my cock. I made her come up against the wall. I made her come when I fucked her on her hard floor. I made her scream my name as I pounded her wet sex back on her bed.

One by one the other entities left. With each screaming orgasm, the summons she sent out was weakened. I fucked the monsters away that she didn’t even know were there.

There was one monster left: me.

I pulled out of her drenched pussy. My cock was drenched in the powerful juices of her beginning magic. Already I felt the power surging through me and this wasn’t even my body. I had plans for this power but first I needed to take my due.

I grabbed her head and pulled her to my cock. She looked at me with glazed eyes. She was high on a spell well cast and a body well fucked. I stroked my cock inches from face.

“Wait,” she said. Reason pushed through the languor of her afterglow. This wasn’t part of her fantasy. “I wanted you to come in my mouth.”

“Then you should learn how to make better runes,” I said.

I came on her face. A look of total surprise came over her. She realized that her bindings were nothing and everything that had happened was because I allowed it. The thought terrified and aroused her.

I emptied myself onto her face and generous tits. It felt good.

“Who are you?” she asked. “Can you teach me?”

I wiped the last of my seed on her face. She obediently licked the tip of my cock as it pulled away. It was a tempting offer.

“No,” I said. “Look for the Witches of Wheatley. They have a website. Send them an email about what happened today. Tell them everything. They can train you. Plus, don’t do any more magic until they do. You were lucky today.”

I let go of the force that held me. My borrowed body began to fade and I felt the tug back to my real body.

“Will I see you again?” she asked.

I didn’t answer. It would depend on well she worded her next request.

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  1. Damn, but that was a really good (and hot!) story, Shon. I need to work on tailoring my fantasies and writing my runes …

    xx Dee

  2. I agree, that one absolutely yummy story. Mmm, loved it.

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