Apr 082015

The women gathered around the fire. Together they shed their robes to reveal a range of bodies. Some were old with bodies ravaged by age or the trials this life gave. Others were plump soccer moms with sensible haircuts appropriate for corralling multiple kids through busy lives. A select few had the bodies of young barely legal teens though whether those bodies were truly young or meticulously altered only their familiars knew for sure. I suspected it was a mixture of both.

All of them had witch marks. I could see them from this distance but I also felt them. The older woman with the single breast had a demoness’ handprint on her ass that was almost as old as her. The soccer mom with short red hair dripped the invisible semen of a God between her thighs. The young woman with the supernaturally perky breasts had tongue marks around each wrist. If there was any doubt that I was spying on the wrong group of naked women in the woods, the witch marks dispelled that fear.

I watched from the bushes as they prepared the ritual. They set up makeshift standing stones of Styrofoam purchased from hobby stores. A chubby mother with an amazing ass hung bloody panties on tree branches. An ancient woman with gorgeous silver hair cut the air with a knife only she could see.

My heart pounded. I had never witnessed a ritual like this before. A flirty ghost had told me of what the local coven was up to and I couldn’t resist seeing it for myself. I don’t do well with groups and these kinds of secrets were closely held. My eyes took everything in and every detail was seared into my mind. Even if I never use this ritual myself the elements of the ritual could have other uses.

Someone said a word I didn’t hear. As one, the witches reached for their sexes. Together they stroked as if a single mind guided them.

A wave of sexual energy washed over me. My cock hardened and my mouth had an urge to lick. They were releasing sixty days of sexual tension. Sixty days multiplied by thirty-six witches was a lot of power. They were calling forth something big.

Something sharp pressed against my back. “Don’t move,” a female voice whispered.

I groaned. I had set up three spells to hide my presence and apparently none of them worked. I was counting on them not setting up a Watcher because of the isolation of the location. That was my mistake. These witches were good.

“I’m sorry for trespassing,” I said. Apologies have power if sincerely spoken. “I was curious and I thought watching would do no harm.”

In front of me, the witches began to dance. Their motions were strange with bizarre arm waving and shaking of their heads. The twerking was also a bit unexpected.

The voice behind me spoke a word and my pants dropped to my ankles. A gentle breeze told me that my boxers had also dropped. Now that was a neat trick.

“I accept your punishment but wish to ask for mercy,” I said. “I will also defend myself from undue harm.”

There was a snicker. “What is your name?”

“Samuel,” I said.

“I am sure,” the voice said. “Turn around.”

I regretfully turned away from the dance of the witches. The owner of the voice was one of the soccer mom witches though the shock of blue in her long brown hair was a nice statement of individuality. The teeth marks of something with a gigantic mouth glowed around her right breast. I thought she would have one of the thought knives but the knife in her hand was silver, long and very real.

She looked me in the eyes. I felt a slight brushing of memories. A defensive sigil formed in my mind on reflex and pushed her out. A smile came to her lips. I hoped it was of respect.

Behind me I heard the groans of witches. They were teasing themselves to the edge and giving voice to their frustrations. Thunder answered them.

“What is your name?” I asked.

“Samantha,” she said.

It was my turn to laugh. Witches of a certain age use that name a lot. At least I wasn’t dealing with a Phoebe or Gods Beyond, a Hermione.

Light flashed behind me. Samantha and the forest around her were bathed in a green light that lingered after the flash was over. Something was coming.

I started to turn my head and Samantha’s knife pricked my stomach. I kept looking at her.

“Lie down,” she said. “On your back.”

I sank to my knees. My body leaned so I was facing the witches but another prick of her knife stopped that. I got on the ground with my head towards the witches. Unless something took to the sky I would be seeing nothing.

The wind shifted and I smelled something like a well fucked mattress. Samantha smiled and stood over me. She squatted down over my lap. She guided my cock into her pussy and sat down on me.

Both of our bodies shuddered. We were high on the ambient sexual energy and our bodies were ready to release. If we were normal people, I am sure we would have climaxed from penetration alone.

Something sang. It had a voice that reminded me of unrequited crushes. The words were nonsense but I felt a terrible longing within me.

I tried to sit up and Samantha’s knife was at my neck. She looked down at me and shook her head. The blue in her hair began to glow.

Samantha rocked back and forth on my cock. The grinding of our sexes was wonderful. I forgot the knife at my throat and used my hands to grab her hips. The hard forest ground was harsh on my ass but my body did its best to fuck her back.

The singing was joined by other voices. These voices were pale imitations but you could hear their desperate need to try. I wondered if they knew the words or were they somehow being compelled to cry out unnatural syllables. If only I could have seen for myself, I am sure I would have divined the answer!

The knife stayed at my throat. Samantha watched as she rode me. Her mouth was open though from horror or awe I could not say. Most likely both.

I felt my climax coming. It was a wonder I had held off for as long as I had. As her wet pussy clenched and pulled on my cock, I felt my seed rise and prepare to release.

It didn’t. My climax swelled within my cock but it would not release.

Samantha gritted her teeth and I could sense that she was at the same precipice as myself. Our bodies kept fucking as we tried to push over an edge that was perpetually out of reach.

The song continued behind me but the witches had stopped singing. Their voices were moaning, shrieking and howling. They were in the throes of bliss though maybe it was agony. It was hard to tell when I myself wasn’t sure what I was feeling.

New colors erupted from the summoning. Samantha’s full tits were bathed in green and pink light. Her skin appeared to grow spots that vanished with the next flash of light.

My hips lifted her body as I tried to fuck her from beneath. She bounced wildly on my lap but she never looked away from the summoning. The knife’s edge pricked my throat and I felt blood trickle but I didn’t stop fucking.

Our bodies were trapped in a state of almost climaxing. I grabbed her tit but it wasn’t enough to go over. She stroked her sex with me inside her but it wasn’t enough. Our bodies wouldn’t obey our natural needs.

The singing grew louder. I still didn’t understand the words but images filled my mind. I saw a beautiful castle of blue glass. I remembered the birthing of a star. I relieved a concert of drums in an underground city.

“Of course,” Samantha said as she grinded on me. Tears ran down her open eyes. She had discovered a powerful epiphany through what she saw. Who knows what wisdom the witches that were in the presence of what they had summoned were learning?

The song suddenly stopped. A piercing cry of pleasure shook the trees. My cock suddenly released while a gush of fluid flowed from Samantha’s pussy. We shook together as our orgasms sent us into convulsions. Thankfully she dropped the knife and it stabbed the ground beside me.

The scream ended and the mad lust let go of us. Samantha looked down at me and her eyes flickered with black light. She bit her lip as she came to a decision.

“Go,” she said as she climbed off my cock. “Go and never return. Do not look back. I’ll know.”

I nodded and rose to my feet. The temptation to look was strong but I obeyed. I wanted to eat a giant meal and sleep for a week. I was in no shape to try something clever.

Besides, there was always next time.

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