Mar 302015

There are many paths to the ways to magic. All are costly but what you pay differs with each method. For some the cost is years spent reading nearly incomprehensible books. For others the cost is fortunes spent acquiring artifacts. History is filled with those who paid too much envied by those who paid too little.

One method and perhaps the oldest is to give your body to desires of supernatural entities. Beings of unnatural bodies crave the flesh of mortals. We are a rare indulgence and a unique sexual experience for them. As tempting as painfully beautiful demons can be, we are just as irresistible to them.

Negotiation is key. Value your existence and sell it for a good price. Don’t be the wizard who sucked a thousand demon cocks and finds out later that all they gained was a spell for finding lost socks. Make your demands up front and haggle only in your favor.

Sometimes just the act of fucking a magical being is enough to endow oneself with magic. The thrust of something that has travelled worlds may penetrate your soul as well as your ass. Licking the juice from a giant cosmic vagina may give birth to new abilities. Even something as simple as a kiss can awaken a locked part of your mind.

Due to the complexity and power required for some of the more obscure and powerful beings, some wizards and witches pool their resources to call the creature. These grand summonings can pierce the veil and bring forth immensely powerful entities that are near insatiable with their desires. At this point the numbers of the group become a safety feature as they can work together to sate the needs of the aroused thing they have brought to this world.

Never summon that which you can not get off.

Samuel Noone,
“The Pussy of Life”

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  1. “I will never eat an energy field larger than my head.”

    I love demon summoning fuck stories. They are one of my favorite since they are usually so over the top, they are just fun.

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