Mar 202015

There are worlds of pure sex. The air is nothing more than musk. Every sound is a variation of a moan. The ground is shifting throbbing flesh. The oceans are a mixture of semen and pussy juices. The inhabitants are beings of sexual energy beyond comprehension.

Surrounding these worlds is the Astral Main. A near endless ocean of erotic thought, the Astral Main serves as a barrier and a gate to these worlds from ours. Every erotic thought, every base desire and every dirty notion came from the Astral Main. Every erotic thought, every base desire and every dirty notion goes to the Astral Main.

Creatures, demons, angels, gods and others roam the Astral Main. They come from the sex worlds to frolic and play in the minds of mortals. Their presence in the Astral Main inspires us with strange thoughts. They haunt us with unnatural desires. They motivate us to sate bizarre needs that are not our own.

A few mortals are there as well. Most are dreamers or magicians, arriving by accident or through unwise rituals. These are usually quickly overwhelmed by the raw thoughts and crash into the dreams of mortals

Beware also of pirates that guide strange ships through storming tempests of ravishing dreams in search of unwary travelers. They often capture trespassers into the Astral Main and subject them to their own twisted needs. Once they are thoroughly used, most of their victims are sold as playthings to barely comprehensible forces on strange shores. A select few however as inducted into the pirates though philosophers debate which is worse.

Not all trespassers are doomed. Some have the will to erect towers or carve caves out of the ocean of boiling desire. These sanctuaries protect the mortal from the attention of most of the inhabitants of the Astral Main. From these protected spaces, the trespasser will find that the slightest forbidden thought can become reality. They find it easy to invite other mortals to play briefly in their private realms. They can peer out onto the Astral Main and see wonders with a lesser risk of madness.

It is written that that some of these islands survive the deaths of their creators. The theory is that the will of the creator was strong enough to alter the turbulent depths of the Astral Main forever. I think it is more likely that something greater dreamed of the island and some poor mortal thought it was their own wish.

Samuel Noone
“The Pussy of Life”

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  1. Mmm, love the idea. Though, erotically abstract. :P

    • Thanks. It has been in my head for years and thought I should write it down eventually.

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