Mar 092015

Purity Warning! This message is for Fathers and Husbands only!

The Nelf bitch terrorist, Gli WorldSong, has been sighted within Patriarchy Preserve Space. If you see the alien whore, Fathers and Husbands are to contact your nearest Purity Defender. Your duty is to shame and humiliate the lesbian cocktease until law enforcement arrives.

Do not be fooled by her long blue hair and slender Patriarchy Approved thin body! Gli WorldSong calls herself a Doctor despite her obvious weakness of having a female brain. Her small waist, perky breasts and tempting lips are because she is a member of the Nelf race. If she was human, she would be just as fat, dirty and unappealing as a human dyke.

Keep an eye on your Daughters and Wives! Gli WorldSong is a known distributor of Female Birth Control, Femi-evil Propaganda, and Pseudo-Penises! Secret lectures given by the alien menstruator were directly responsible for the last Misbehaving Daughter Uprising! The bitch whore slut is a known critic of the Fathers and refuses to shut her lying stupid cunt sucking face!

Be warned that Gli WorldSong currently serves as the ship’s doctor for the pirate vessel known as the Savage Thrust commanded by Captain Blastpants. Blastpants is a known Gender Traitor who willingly allows women to hold positions of power despite frequent studies that we have transmitted to his ship.

  2 Responses to “Purity Warning: Gli WorldSong”

  1. “His response was to carpet bomb our greatest city in multi-fem propaganda and simulated fem-juices. The damages were in the billions though two percent has never been recovered.”

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