Mar 232015

Attention Euphorians! After enjoying an eventful orgiastic night with the loyal men and women of the 51st Executioner Squad, Queen Erishella has declared a Moment of Reprieve for all enemies of the Queen!

This means all prisoners of the Queen shall enjoy a break from their deserved tortures and punishments.

This means all rogue states that have not rightfully submitted to the Queen shall enjoy a ceasefire from her righteous armies.

This means all traitorous democracy advocates will be allowed to speak without a justified beating.

This means all sex slaves of the state shall rest their weary and well used orifices.

Enjoy this Moment of Reprieve from Queen Erishella and do not mistake this act of mercy as weakness! The glorious Queen’s kindness is undoubtedly a complex and inscrutable action born from some terrible and mysterious cruel scheme.

The Moment of Reprieve shall end in one hour.

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