Feb 022015

After months of searching my wife found the perfect job paying the perfect amount of money doing the perfect kind of work that she likes to do. The only downside is that it is in Knoxville, Tennessee and they would like her to start working February 12th.

Alrighty, then.

We’ve been packing. We found an apartment we liked. We did some more packing. Found a real estate agent to sell our house. Did some more packing. And then finally, we did some more packing.

The wife’s company is paying for the movers and they are scheduled to be here next Monday. My study is packed, the living room is packed and the storage room was already packed. That just leaves the kitchen, bedroom, garage and the millions of tidbits that sit around and need to be packed up.

I haven’t been able to do any writing other than the daily updates for Pleasure Station Sigma. It is funny how with all of the logistics of moving going on, what really bothers me is interrupting the flow of stories I do on my porn blog for free. It is really hard for me to stop posting. I took December off for stress and now two months later I am taking another month off to move. Both are perfectly legitimate reasons for stopping but they make me feel like a slacker.

The current plan is to renew posting porn in March. I may however post other stuff to the blog during February as the mood hits me.

Thank you for your patience.


  3 Responses to “Moving Time!”

  1. No plan survives the spouse.

    Have fun moving, think about using moving trucks for bondage.

    > For the last few hours, she was stuck between the wardrobe and the dressers. The only thing she could move was her hands in the top drawer and arch her back against the ridge of the mirror. Every thump and bump of the road under the truck reminded her that she was caught with nothing more than expertly packed furniture and a master who thought keeping the candlesticks between her legs. Thankfully, even dripping wet, there was no where to move.

    Have fun!

  2. At least you’ve got movers. I’ve done too many moves with U-Haul trucks, including driving the van through the hills of Western Pennsylvania with my minivan on a trailer behind us and a drugged-up kitty in a carrier between me and a friend on the front seat. Good luck with the move and with settling in to Knoxville.


  3. Wow, you’re having a major switch of scenery and surrounds huh.
    It’s an adventure, one door closes, but you’ll never know what queer folk you’ll find in Tennessee, may even inspire you this summer for your beach stories :)

    All the best with packing and settling down, all the best with your wife and her new job too :)

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