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This was bad. I was stuck in a restraining chair with my shirt torn off. My hands and ankles were bound with solid vilimium metal. My head was still ringing from the beatdown I took. The only good thing was that my intelligent pants refused to come off so my captors couldn’t strip me completely naked.

The prison cell opened. In walked a big tough looking guy. You learn to recognize the type. He had dead eyes, a slight gut and thick wrists from sending threatening messages to women over social media. This guy was the torturer.

The guy behind him was worse. He had the dashing face of a space pirate. A trimmed goatee decorated a cruel face while a flattering scar accented his left dead eye. He flexed his metal hand that had probably been up some cabinwoman’s ass moments ago. He also had a parrot, some sort of cybernetic bird and that was new. Anyway, he was much worse because he was an asshole.

“Captain Blastpants, I can’t believe you were foolish enough to sneak aboard my ship,” my long time enemy said.

“Foolish!” the bird said. A robotic eye glared at me.

“Captain Assfucker,” I said in return. “Is that a Mark Four Parborg? I hadn’t seen one of those before

Pow. Assfucker punched me. He was pretty strong and the metal hand made it worse. My head snapped and stars danced in front of me. Shit, that fucking hurt.

“You know,” Assfucker said, “when I downloaded the entire contents of the internet cloud of Kolos Five, I just thought I would make a fortune selling it back to the poor citizens and maybe jack off to some of their homemade porn. I had no idea that the idiot Captain Blastpants would be stupid enough to sneak on board and try to steal files. Did you plan to sell them yourself?”

“Nope,” I said, spitting out some blood. “I steal money and valuables. Stealing people’s personal pictures, letters and videos? That’s just being a dick.”

Assfucker punched me again. The room spun.

“Correction, that’s being an asshole dick,” I said.

I wasn’t sure what that meant but he punched me again. My left eye closed and stayed that way.

“Keep an eye on him, Gog” Assfucker said to the brute. “Don’t let anyone in. Blastpants is a tricky bastard so don’t take your eyes off him fro a second.

The brute grunted.

“Fuck his ass!” the Parborg said.

“Much later,” Assfucker replied. “I want to get the cargo hold ready and prepare the recording devices. I’m going to take Blastpants there so the entire crew can watch us find out how many fists we can cram in his ass.”

I laughed. “Never as many as you can, Assfucker,” I said.

“Assfucker takes three!” the bird croaked. Assfucker gave his bird a dirty look. He turned away and headed for the cell door but I called out to him.

“Hey Assfucker!”

“What?” Assfucker said.

“Give me the bird and let me go, that’s my final offer,” I said.

Assfucker smiled. “And what would I get?”

“Your get to keep your nose,” I said.

Assfucker blinked at me. “I’ll be back later.”

The door closed and it was just me and Gog. The thug stood in front of me, his brow furrowed with the stress of not hurting something. He didn’t blink as he looked at me.

It was damn creepy.

The cell door opened. Gog kept looking at me because that was what he was told. He didn’t see the two women enter and raise stun pistols.

Gog glowed and I saw his skeleton. When the glow faded he slumped to the ground. Smoke rose from his ears. What passed for a brain was most likely vapor.

“About time you ladies- hey, you’re not my crew,” I said.

“We certainly aren’t,” one of them said. The other dragged Gog off to the side while the first one sealed the door behind them. That gave me time to study them.

The one who talked was my age with the scars to match. She had a strong body that came from countless fights. Ragged jeans covered an ass that promised bountiful treasures. Straight blond hair was pulled into a sensible ponytail that also revealed a missing right ear. Heavy breasts were suspended by a gravity reducing black demicup bra.

Her companion had the darker color of one that lived on a desert planet. Short kinky black hair crowned her head. A stolen Pik Navy jacket covered small breasts while stolen Qwer Army pants covered long legs. She was the youngest of all of us and had that happy deluded look of a newbie pirate who thought they could get away with anything.

“Well ladies,” I said. “I am grateful for the rescue. Untie me and I will gladly accept you into my crew.”

The younger one giggled and the older one just smiled.

I kept smiling because when you’re tied up, it is always good to appear confident.

“Get his pants off, Farine,” the older one said.

“You’ll find that hard,” I said. “My intelligent pants only open in my best interest.”

Farah knelt before me. She kissed my crotch. My intelligent pants betrayed me and unzipped.

“Got them, Venda,” Farine said. She pulled them down and my cock stood at attention. Farine smiled and then smirked.

“Not that big after all,” Farine said.

“Hey!” I snapped. “It is quite big enough. What do you two want?”

Venda came over and pointed the stun rifle at my cock. To my credit, my erection didn’t waver.

“We wanted to fuck the famous Captain Blastpants before he had his cock ripped off and shoved up his ass,” Venda said.

My erection may have shrunk a little then.

“He doesn’t look like he likes us,” Farine said, pointing to my unsure member.

“Nonsense,” Venda said. “Give him a kiss.”

Farine saluted and grabbed my cock. Instead of a dainty kiss, she opened her mouth and took me inside her.

“Whoa!” I groaned. I pulled against my bonds but the vilimium kept me pinned.

“This is against the Space Pirate’s Code,” I told Venda.

She laughed. “Are you claiming duress?”

Farine looked up at me with her bright eyes. The side of her cheek bulged from where my cock pressed. Drool dripped from her lips and down onto my balls.

“No, I don’t think I am,” I said.

Venda smiled and put the stun rifle down. She sat on the arm of the chair I was bound to. Her leg pressed against my arm but I couldn’t grope it like I wanted to.

She smelled nice. Like lasers shots and flowers.

“Go deep, Farine,” Venda commanded. “Like I showed you.”

Farine saluted with my cock in her mouth and then swallowed more of me. My back arched as her lips took inch after inch. She struggled with the last inch or two, her nostrils flaring but she kept at it. Her lips finally met my balls and she gave me a lick at the base of my cock.

“Lords of Space,” I groaned.

“She’s a quick learner,” Venda said. “She was the hundredth and third daughter of a Governor-Caliph. He paid the ransom for the first hundred but wasn’t willing to pay for the other thirty. We put them to work around the ship. I think they like it better with us.”

“Mmm-hmm,” Farine groaned, nodding her head in agreement. I shuddered as my cock moved with her head.

“What about you?” I asked. “What’s your story?”

Venda looked down at me. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled my head back. A sharp fingernail pressed against my throat. “I’m the bad girl who grew up to be a bad bitch pirate.”

“Good enough,” I said.

She let go of my head. I guess I should have been mad but my cock was still deep in Farine’s throat. It made me a little mellow.

Farine withdrew her mouth. My cock was shiny with her spit. She grabbed the base of my cock and slapped it against her cheek. It left a wet spot on her dark skin.

“It is much nicer now,” Farine said.

“Well then, let’s fuck,” Venda said.

Farine stood up and grabbed her pants. They were a size too small for her and she had to wiggle to get out of it. Watching her hips and long legs move side to side was the best part of my captivity so far. Her sex was unnaturally bare and looked like it may have never grown hair.

Next was her jacket. She looked me in the eyes as she slowly unbuttoned the Pik uniform. Only the military would still use buttons. One by one, she slowly unfastened her jacket to reveal the small proud brown breasts beneath.

When she took off her jacket, I saw a red tattoo of a foreign language written across her breasts. She must have seen the confusion on my face because she laughed.

“It is my birth number,” Farine said. “It is how they told us apart.”

Venda had gotten undressed while I had been leering at Farine. There had been no performance on her part. She stripped off everything except her gravity reducing bra. It kept her heavy breasts floating forward with eternal perkiness.

My eyes drank in her body. There were a dozen stories written on her pale flesh. A laser scar on her leg, a burn on her ass and cut on her ribs told me of the fights she had been in. The tattoo of a black hole on her thigh told me about her time with the Singularity Gang and a name on her shoulder told me that she had once loved. There was beauty in her story.

“Senior officers always go first,” Farine said.

“She is a good learner,” I added.

“Yes, she is,” Venda said with fondness.

There wasn’t a trace of fondness in the way Venda grabbed my cock. It was too tight and she pulled too hard. I gritted my teeth and didn’t complain. I was a fucking Captain; I had an image to maintain.

Venda mounted me facing away from me. I watched her plump ass lower towards my lap. My cock pressed against a furry sex before being engulfed in liquid heat. Down, down, down she went to impale me deep inside her.

Farine knelt down in front of me. I couldn’t see her but I felt her hands on my thighs. She was in front of Venda’s sex, watching from the most intimate place possible.

Venda rode me. The vilimium bonds rendered me helpless as the space pirate fucked me. She went at her own speed, moving in ways that pleased her and taking what she needed from my cock.

All I could do was watch and feel. I watched her plump ass rise and fall just out of my reach. I felt her warm sex wash me with her plentiful desire. I watched her ponytail bounce in front of me. I felt her ass as she grinded on my lap.

Farine leaned forward and I heard her lick. I moaned as I realized it wasn’t me. She was eating her fellow pirate, her teacher and her senior officer. I couldn’t feel Farine’s mouth but I knew her work ethic. She was eating the hell out of Venda.

I groaned and pulled at my restraints. Fuck, I couldn’t do shit. I could barely move my hips. All I could do was sit there and take Venda’s grinding.

Venda groaned. She grinded faster. Her ass slammed into my lap as she took her pleasure. She was close.

I felt Farine’s tongue. She licked my balls as Venda rode me. Venda must have been moving too fast for her to lick. My balls were grateful for her attention. The Governor-Caliph’s one hundred and third daughter had a talented tongue.

“Yes, yes, yes, blast off!” Venda yelled.

I felt a surge of fluid dampen my cock. Farine’s tongue moved up and licked Venda’s juices as they sprayed onto my cock. I shuddered and gritted my teeth. Fuck, I would have given anything to slam Venda downand fuck her pussy right.

Instead I was stuck in the chair.

“Your turn,” Venda said. She climbed off my cock. It looked like someone had dumped a bucket of pussy juice on my lap.

Farine smiled from between my legs. Her face was splattered with pussy juice. She climbed onto the restraint chair and mounted me while facing me. My cock was gripped by your young tight pussy.

“Whoa,” I said.

Venda grunted as she sat beside me. “Men don’t last long inside of Farine.”

“Yeah,” I whispered. Farine was tight but other factors were at play. She had muscles down there. She a certain kind of heat like a laser shot. If this talent was genetic, I can see why her mom had over a hundred children.

Farine rode me. The chair kept me from grabbing her and pounding her. I watched her small pert breasts bounce. Pussy juice ran down her small brown body.

Venda watched as she sat beside me. She was smiling. A rosy color had warmed her pale cheeks. Her breasts floated before me.

“Please,” I whispered to Venda.

I saw a flash of cruelty in her eyes. Yes, any pirate would be happy to deny any request. It was nothing less than I would expect but her eyes softened. She took pity.

Venda leaned forward and guided a breast to my mouth. I opened my lips and sucked on her pale pink nipple. I couldn’t move but at least I had this breast. I was being used but at least my lips were kissing this lovely breast. I was going to die but at least my tongue was licking one last nipple. It was a beautiful mercy.

Farine started to squeak. It was adorable. She did things with her hips that were taught on some distant desert planet. My cock was trapped within a wild spin of pussy muscles. My cock was slick from the pussies of two wanton pirates.

I sucked harder on Venda’s breast. I bit down a little. Venda winced but she didn’t stop me. All of my frustrations went into my biting suckling mouth.

Farine suddenly stopped in mid hump and let out a long squeak. She climaxed on my cock and I felt the spasm of a hundred muscles within her pussy.

Venda stood up, her nipple escaping from my lips. Farine dismounted and my cock was a shiny throbbing mess. Venda helped Farine stand as the younger pirate wobbled on shaky legs.

“We should go,” Farine said. “Before the Captain gets here.”

“Finish him first,” Venda said, pointing at my cock.

Farine made a questioning face.

“He is an enemy Captain, but still a senior officer,” Venda said. “He deserves our respect.”

I suppressed the smile coming to my lips.

Farine nodded and knelt before me. She grabbed my cock and stroked me towards her mouth. Her dark lips opened and dusky eyes looked up at me.

Venda stood behind her, touching herself idly as she watched.

I came immediately. It was a wonder I had lasted as long as I had. My cock released its payload into the waiting mouth of Farine. She smiled with the first load, was surprised at the second load and became concerned with the third load. She sputtered a little and my cock kept erupting. My seed joined the pussy juice that had dried on her dark face.

“By the souls of my Fathers!” Farine cried when I was done. “That is why they call him Blastpants!”

“Told you,” Venda said. “Captains always earn their names.”

The cell door popped open. Deepthroat Sadie and One-Eye Peter rushed in; plasma rifles ready. Old Nathan followed behind them, wielding two laser swords in his gnarled hands.

“Anyone make a move and we’ll cut your tits off!” Old Nathan said.

Farine squealed but Venda just glared at them. Even naked she was a bit scary.

“About time, assholes!” I yelled. “Leave the girls alone and get me out of here!”

One-Eye Peter went to the restraint chair and released me. My intelligent pants bashfully crawled up my legs and zipped up.

“Are you sure, Captain?” Deepthroat Sadie said. A cruel gleam came to his/her eye as she looked at Farine and Venda.

“Of course,” I said. Venda looked a little surprised. “They were just showing me some hospitality. Leave them here and I’m sure they will wait at least ten minutes before sounding the alarm, correct?”

Farine looked to Venda. Venda nodded. “I think I read that in the Space Pirate Code.”

“Good,” I said. “See, even pirates can come to agreements.”

I took a plasma pistol from Old Nathan and saluted them. We left the cell and headed to the shuttle bay.

“Did you get the files?” I asked in the hall.

“Aye, Captain,” Old Nathan said. “Clever plan getting caught like that. The old ship is setting up for your public ass fucking and left next to no security anywhere else. We raided the data banks, stole the files back and got you.”

“I may have left some farm bovine porn in their data banks,” Deepthroat Sadie said. “And in their navigation computers, weapon systems and life support computers.”

“Of course you did,” I said. You don’t bring Deepthroat Sadie unless you wanted bovine porn everywhere.

We were almost at the shuttle bay when we ran into a complication. Captain Assfucker and two of his men came around the corner.

“Motherfuckers!” the cybernetic parrot squawked.

Everything happened at once.

Old Nathan skewered one of Assfucker’s men. Deepthroat Sadie castrated him once he was on the ground.

One Eye Peter shot the other pirate in the face.

I kicked Assfucker in the nuts. As he headed down to the ground, I upper-cutted his falling face. He slammed into the deck wall and was out cold.

“Tits and dicks!” the Parborg said.

I held out my hand to the bird. It hopped on my fingers and I guided him to my shoulder. Suction grips attached to my bare skin.

“You’re my bird now,” I said.

The bird looked at me. It scanned my face and blue lights lit up behind its eyes.

“Pieces of ass!” it squawked. It was mine. Parbogs of his model were highly idiosyncratic. He would only stay as long as he wanted but even a cybernetic bird knew Assfucker was a loser.

“I’m going to call you, Venda, cause you remind me of a tough girl I know.”

“Captain, we should be going,” Old Nathan said.

“Yep,” I said. I turned to the shuttle bay.

“Take his nose, take his nose!” Venda said.

“Oh yeah,” I said. I turned and reached down to Assfucker’s unconscious body. One finger hooked inside Assfucker’s nose while the rest gripped as much as I could. I pulled up with all I had.

The sound was awful. One Eye Peter got sick. Deepthroat Sadie looked turned on. Old Nathan gave me that look that said I was showing off, which I was.

I fed the nose to Venda. She gobbled it up.

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