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The wave knocked Tina down from behind. She fell forward into the water and the water carried her off her feet. She reached down and grabbed wet sand. Her knees hit the bottom and planted themselves. Tina rose up and spat out salt water. She was barely in a foot of water but her heart was racing.

“Damn,” Tina said. That wave came out of nowhere. Another wave hit her from behind but this time she stayed stable. She climbed back up to her feet and headed for the shore. She needed a break

She pulled long wet red hair away from her face. It occurred to her that people might have seen her and thought she was in trouble. She glanced around and there was a man and the woman in the water near her but they didn’t seem to notice Tina.

Tina noticed them. They were laughing and splashing in the water like children. The water receded and Tina saw the man’s bare ass from behind. She quickly glanced at the woman and what she first thought was a bikini was just tan lines. The couple was completely nude.

“Shit, you can’t do that on a public beach,” Tina said. Mermaid Island had a reputation for being a party beach but there were limits. She averted her eyes and focused on getting back to shore.

Tina left the water behind and felt the sun’s warmth immediately. Two steps later and she was already missing the water. It was supposed to be warm today but already it felt twice as hot as when she had went into the water. How long had she been out there?

She stopped a few feet away from where she thought she had left her towel and bag. There was nothing there. Her heart pounded as she ran to the spot. It was completely bare. There wasn’t even an imprint from where she had laid out her towel.

“Fuck!” Tina yelled. She had never had anything stolen from the beach before. What should she do?

A blonde woman was on her stomach a few feet away. Tina called out to her. “Hey, did you see a bag here?”

The blonde rose to a sitting position. Tina noticed that the woman wasn’t lying on a towel; she was lying directly in the sand. Even stranger, the tanned blonde was naked like the two had been out in the water. Sand clung to the woman’s curves like a second skin.

“You don’t need a bag here,” the blonde said. “Just enjoy the sun and the sand.”

“I think my stuff had been stolen,” Tina said.

The blonde shook her head. “There are no thieves in Lasyrc. Sit, relax.”

The blonde spread her legs and Tina saw the sand clinging to the woman’s bare sex. The woman reached between her legs and began stroking her sex with a casual slowness. She wasn’t even looking at Tina as she masturbated; she just looked back out to the water.

“Uh, you know there are kids here, right?” Tina said. Was someone having a swinger party at Mermaid Island? Was that legal?

The blonde laughed. “Do you see any kids here?”

Tina was about to say something but she noticed something. There wasn’t the usual sound of kids screaming in the water. She looked down the beach and the only sand castles were being made by adults. There were plenty of adults, and all of them naked, but no kids.

“Okay, I have had enough,” Tina said. Her bag had been stolen, everyone was naked and now this woman was masturbating right in front of Tina. She was going to go to her timeshare and figure out what the fuck was going on.

Tina headed for the dunes. The hot sand was hard to walk on and Tina cursed the people who had stolen her sandals. She cursed the news for not telling her that today was apparently exhibitionist day at the beach. She cursed the beach for not being nearly as relaxing as she needed.

A warm tingling formed between her legs and Tina laughed. “Really?” she said out loud. She was horny. Well, despite what her ex had claimed, Tina wasn’t dead below her waist after all. Even her nipples had joined in and were rock hard under her swimsuit.

Would it be so bad to go sit with the blonde? Tina could sit in the sand and soak in the sun while she rubbed one out. Maybe the blonde would watch. Or maybe the blonde would help?

Tina found herself smiling. Wouldn’t that blow Chad’s mind? She thought about texting him and letting him know what he was missing.

No, fuck Chad. Tina came to Mermaid Island to be with herself, not her grudge with Chad.

As she drudged through the sand, Tina wondered where the beach access was. She didn’t see it anywhere. She decided to climb the dune. It grew steeper the higher she climbed and towards the top, Tina had to drop to all fours to keep climbing.

“I am going to my room, and finishing off all the wine coolers,” Tina promised. She debated maybe grabbing her purse from her room and then hitting the Bkini Bar. She was annoyed and horny. Some halfway cute guy might get lucky.

Tina was smiling at the thought but the smile vanished as she reached the top of the dune. She looked out from the top of the dune in disbelief.

There was no parking lot. There was no road. There were no condos, beach houses or even the Bikini Bar. Even the pier with those awful hot dogs was gone. There was nothing but sand and water.

“Where am I?” Tina said out loud. Could she be at the wrong beach? Did the water carry her out and drop her off on another beach? That didn’t make sense. She had only been under water for a few seconds. No, it might have only been a second. There was no way the water could have taken her to a place like this and for that matter; there wasn’t a place like this anywhere near Mermaid Island.

This was impossible.

A group of people sat on the other side of the dune. They were naked as well. Most of them were kissing but Tina didn’t care. She needed answers.

Tina walked down the side of the down. It wasn’t as steep going down. In a few seconds, Tina was at the bottom and walking towards the group.

“Excuse me,” she called out. None of the group answered her. They kept kissing each other although several of them swapped kissing partners. She had never seen so many people kissing at one time. Despite the questions racing through her head, she felt her sex respond with longing.

“Excuse me, I need some help,” she said again.

The group kept kissing. Many of them changed to kiss other people. Tanned hands groped tanned bodies. The hands didn’t limit themselves to the person they were kissing.

Tina felt the heat surge between her legs. When was the last time that Chad kissed her like that? Did he ever?

“Please, I am really confused right now,” Tina said. “I don’t know where I am.”

“They won’t answer you unless you join them,” a voice said.

Tina looked around. A seagull stood beside her. It looked at her with curiosity.

“Fuck, am I losing my mind?” Tina said.

The seagull flew off.

Tina looked back at the kissers. It was a stupid idea. These people didn’t have the answers; they just wanted to make out. She should be looking for someone who would talk to her and not taking advice from a seagull.

Her tongue ran over her lip. It had been a long time since she had been kissed.

Tina sat down next to a tanned man ho hadn’t shaved for a few days. She tried to think of something to say but there was no need. He smiled and leaned in for a kiss. Tina stopped worrying about words and opened her mouth.

He was a good kisser. He was the best kisser. His tongue moved with hers. His lips nibbled and merged with hers. He was gentle when she wanted him to be and he was rough when she craved it.

It was as if he had spent all of his adult life unlearning all the dumb things men do when they kiss. It was as if he had trained for years and years on how to kiss properly. He was fantastic.

They broke their kiss and Tina sighed happily. She felt the tension within her wash away. She felt relaxed and a little buzzed.

“It doesn’t matter where you are,” a man to her right said. Tina reluctantly turned away from the guy she had been kissing to face this new person. He was blond and rugged like he had lived on the beach for years.

“It matters to me,” Tina said. “I need to get back to my timeshare.”

“Do you?” the man asked and he leaned in for a kiss.

Against her better judgment, Tina moved in for a kiss. He was even better than the other guy. She fell into his lips and lost herself. She felt her body slipping away as nothing existed except for her lips and his lips. For one beautiful moment she was nothing more than a mouth exchanging affection with another mouth.

The kiss ended and Tina felt her body return. It almost felt strange to her. She had forgotten what it was like to feel her arms. She found the experience of sitting on her ass to be strange. Her eyes opened and she saw colors for the first time.

“I don’t understand,” Tina said. What she didn’t understand was too numerous to put into words.

“She doesn’t know the way to Lyrsac,” a woman said behind her.

“She needs answers,” the blond man said.

“Go talk to the Fisher,” the first man she kissed said.

“Yes, talk to Fisher,” another voice said.

“Talk to the Fisher,” all of the kissers said before going back to kissing each other.

Tina stood up. Her lips tingled and felt lonely. She wanted to stay and kiss until the sun fell but instead she stood up. She needed answers.

She didn’t know which way to go so she followed the beach. She passed a couple fucking on the beach, their bodies covered in sand. She walked past a man fucking a seashell, moaning with pleasure from every thrust. She walked past four women performing oral sex on each other in a chain of tanned flesh and wet hair.

As she walked, Tina became more and more aroused. Her fear of being somewhere new was washed away with waves of desire. She wanted to touch herself. She wanted to join the oral chain of women. She thought of returning to the kissers.

A woman sat in the water with her legs spread open. She was naked and her skin was dark brown. Her head was bald and her large breasts glistened with sea water.

A wave came in and the woman spread her legs wider. She cried out with pleasure. Her hands dug into the wet sand as she screamed an orgasm. As the water receded, Tina saw a green fish wiggle out of the woman’s bare sex.

Understanding awakened. “Are you the Fisher?” Tina asked.

“Yes,” the woman said, never looking away from the water. “Some change bodies but they never forget their lust.”

“I was told you could explain things to me,” Tina said. “I don’t know where I am and people are acting weird.”

Another wave came and this time Tina could see dozens of green fish. They fought with each other as they swam towards the Fisher’s open legs. Only one was fast enough to swim into the Fisher’s sex and part her lips.

“Fuck!” the Fisher cried out. She writhed with sexual pleasure.

Tina waited. The water came to her feet and one of the green fish brushed her toes. It was a surprisingly warm touch.

The water pulled back with the current. The fish left and the Fisher stopped moaning.

“You are here,” the Fisher said. “You are one of us.”

“I don’t understand,” Tina said.

“You won’t understand until you shed your clothes,” the Fisher said. “Shed your clothes and find the Tall One. He will tell you the way home.”

The wave came back and this time there were many more fish. The wave foamed as hundreds of fish fought each other for the Fisher’s legs.

Tina walked away from the Fisher. The cries of orgasms were carried on the wind.

Less and less was making sense. Tina felt more and more lost but she wasn’t afraid. If anything, she wanted to see what happened next.

She thought about the Fisher telling her to shed her clothes. It made sense. No one wore clothes here. Women ran by, their breasts bouncing with wild abandon. Men reclined on the beach, their cocks pointing to the ocean.

If anything was unnatural here, it was Tina wearing clothes.

Tina pulled on the strap of her swimsuit. The blue fabric slipped off of pale breasts that never saw the sun. Her nipple tingled as if the sunlight was kissing her. When she pulled down the other strap and revealed both breasts, she felt warmth in her breasts that went all the way down to her sex.

She pulled her swimsuit further down. Her butt was exposed and she felt a heat build in her bottom. As her swimsuit slipped past her sex, a hot flood of sensation radiated from her sex.

Tina stepped out of her swimsuit and stood nude on the beach. The sun’s rays were warm kisses on her naked body. The gentle beach wind was a sweet caress against her needy flesh. A wave reached across the sand and fondled her toes.

Tina moaned as the beach seduced her body.

The sand shifted in front of her. It formed the sculpture of a figure that refined itself into a muscular man that further grew into a muscular man with a large cock. The sand moved and flowed until the sculpture was ten feet long in the sand.

The sand sculpture stood up. The sand shifted and flowed as he towered above her. His limp cock swung between his legs and was as long as her arm.

“You need want to know the way home,” the Tall Man said.

“Yes,” Tina said.

“Touch yourself and I will point the way,” the Tall Man said.

Tina was too aroused to have shame. She grabbed a sensitive breast and squeezed. Her other hand went between her legs and touched her hungry sex. One stroke and then another before plunging between her lips as eager as any of the green fish.

She stood before the Tall Man and masturbated. The sun watched as she pulled on her nipple. The waves rose and fell in time with her stroking fingers. The wind blew her red hair as she shook with pleasure.

The Tall Man’s cock grew. Sand migrated from the beach and travelled up the Tall Man’s legs and added to the girth of his cock. It lengthened and swelled as Tina touched herself.

Tina stroked faster. She pictured that monstrous cock entering her. She imagined the sand filling her sex and expanding. She wondered if the sand would be wet and smooth or dry and biting.

She moaned. Her hips swayed and fucked the air. Her fingers sunk into her pale breast. Her sex clenched tightly.

The Tall Man’s cock became fully erect. It pointed to the ocean and Tina knew it was pointing home.

Tina’s fingers went deeper inside her sex. She looked out to the ocean. She saw the shimmering lights of a sunken city. She saw underwater gardens where people fucked and swam and fucked some more. She saw a great temple where strange rituals called forth the waves. She saw so many people fucking in beneath the ocean.

Tina came. Pleasure crashed through her body like a thunderous wave. She cried out and her cry seemed to shake the ocean itself.

“Go home,” the Tall Man said.

Tina nodded and walked to the water. The waves came and welcomed her body. She kept walking as the warm water came to her waist. Green fish kissed her sex as she walked. The warm water rose above her breasts, past her hard nipples and up her sensitive throat, past her open lips and over her head. The sand beneath her dropped away and she began to swim.

She headed home to the sunken city of endless pleasure.

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  1. Aw, sweet and lovely. I love the stranger in a strange land type of stories and this one was just right.

    • Weird, i thought I had replied to this one already.

      I am glad you liked it. I have a fondness for this kind of story too and I think I want to do more of them.

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