Jul 312014

Steven stretched out in the hammock. He had a clear view of the Mermaid Island beach from the porch. The waves rolled and twisted before him as his body relaxed into the netting. The sun was out and it was almost too hot to move. It was pretty nice.

Behind him he heard the yelling of his housemates. They were having a party watching the World Beach Volleyball Tournament. Guys from the neighboring beach house were over as well as many girls picked up from the Bikini Bar, the Fish Shack and maybe some that just walked in from the beach. Everyone was watching the game and getting drunk. It wasn’t a bad way to spend a summer vacation.

Steven had no interest in the game. It had been a really weird day. He saw a highly detailed sand sculpture of a woman going down on another woman. During lunch at the Fish Shack, some strange lady flashed him her shaved pussy from across the dining area. He saw ten different women reading dirty books on the beach. While shopping in the pier store, he found a seashell that was painted with the most perfect tits he had ever seen.

The weird day had made him horny. There was something in the water here at Mermaid Island. He wanted to go upstairs and jack off but his room had been claimed by Jason who was nailing a redhead he met. He thought about wacking off in the bathroom but he didn’t like to think of how many of his housemates had already done that. Fuck it, he would just lay out here and enjoy the beach in quiet.

He heard the porch door slide open and close. So much for peace and quiet.

“Got room to share?” a voice said. A girl’s voice.

“Of course,” he said before looking at her. He got his first good look at her as he scooted to the side to make room. She was short with even shorter blonde hair. Her small tits jiggled inside her blue bikini top. A blue bikini bottom stretched across tanned hips.

“My name is Alexandra,” she said as she climbed in. To Steven’s disappointment, she reclined in the opposite direction from him, her short legs ending by his elbows. Still, it gave him a good vantage point to look at her sweaty tanned body.

“My name is Steven. Not watching the game?”

Alexandra shook her head. “Not really in the mood to watch girl chase a ball in the sand. I’ve had a really weird day.”

“Really?” Steven asked. “Like what?”

Alexandra giggled. “Well, first I got hit on first thing in the morning by a guy who came right to me and offered to slap my tits.”

“Whoa!” Steven snapped. “Did you report to somebody?”

“Here’s the odd thing,” Alexandra said. “I had just read a dirty story last night about a girl getting her tits slapped and I had been thinking about it all morning. I was too shocked to say anything so I just kept walking.”

“Wow,” Steven said. Now he was thinking about Alexandra’s tits getting slapped. They were small but he bet they would still jiggle.

“Yeah,” Alexandra said. She stretched out some more. He felt her body scoot closer to his and relax into the curve of the hammock. “Then some lady asked me to take a picture of her while she sat on a giant sand sculpture of a giant cock.”

Steven laughed. “That isn’t so weird.”

“She stripped off her swimsuit before she climbed onto it,” Alexandra said. “She didn’t prepare me for that but I took the picture anyway.”

Steven laughed and his cock stirred within his shorts. He tried to mentally force his erection to stop but it was hard with a bikini clad woman in the hammock with him.

“I went to the Bikini Bar for lunch and I sat next to these two hot guys that were twins,” Alexandra said.

Steven’s erection stopped growing. He was thankful for a story of hot guys so he could prevent a tent rising in his shorts.

“And I overheard them talking about fucking an older woman that lived near them,” Alexandra said. “They were pretty graphic and apparently today she let them both come on her face.”

Steven’s erection steadily pushed against his shorts.

“So here’s the thing, Steven,” Alexandra said. “I am really horny and I don’t want to have sex because it is too fucking hot for that but I also don’t want to come alone. How about we just masturbate in this hammock and keep each other company?”

The tent in Steven’s shorts was fully visible. Alexandra giggled at it.

“Right here? What if someone comes out onto the porch?” Steven said.

“Then we’ll stop,” Alexandra said. “Come on, I’ll flash you a tit,” she said.

“Ok,” Steven said, as if the offer of nipple was what convinced him. She had him when she used the term ‘horny’.

“Good, let’s make this quick,” Alexandra said. She pulled one of her bikini cups to the side and flashed her breast at him. The pale tan lines around her pink nipple made his cock throb. “I don’t want my friends finding out about this. I’ll never live it down.”

Alexandra plunged her hand down her bikini bottom and she gasped. He couldn’t see her fingers but he knew she was inside herself now. She looked at him and her mouth opened in a moan.

Steven returned the favor by sticking his hand in his shorts. He grabbed a hold of his cock and started stroking. The swim shorts were thankfully loose around his hand as he pumped his cock.

The crowd in the house cheered as another point was scored. Steven and Alexandra froze in midstroke before resuming. They were alone, for now.

Steven reflected that this is how you end a weird day. He jacked his cock while watching a girl he just met stroke herself. Was this the start to the oddest summer romance or was this just a one time release of tension? He wasn’t sure which he preferred more.

Alexandra watched him as she stroked herself a little bit faster. She bit her lip as he groaned. Her free hand grabbed his knee as she stroked and Steven felt his cock grow harder.

His eyes kept moving back and forth over her body. He watched her pale exposed breast jiggle as much as he watched her tanned covered breast bounce. He watched her bikini bottom stretch to hold her stroking fingers and then looked up at her moaning mouth. He looked at her writhing tanned legs rubbing against him and then he looked at her eyes focused on the bulge in his shorts.

The hammock creaked as they stroked. The wind kissed their bodies as they wiggled together. The sun burned down upon them.

Steven thought he heard a sound from the porch door. He ignored it and stroked faster. Alexandra’s eyes looked to the door as well but she kept masturbating. They looked at each other and smiled at their shared conspiracy of lust.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Alexandra said and then she came. There was no doubting the way her mouth opened, the way her eyes clenched shut and the way she shook from bared nipple down to her tanned legs.

Steven came seconds later. A gush of seed filled his shorts and made a terrible mess but he kept pumping. He was caught in the moment and right now he just wanted to come with this strange girl in his hammock.

“Nice,” Alexandra said. She took her hand out and wiped it on the hammock.

Steven took his hand out and then put it back into his shorts to wipe his hand clean.

“What do you want to do now?” Alexandra said.

“Nap,” Steven said.

So they did.

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  1. Aww, I liked it. :) Plus, Mermaid Island continues to be awesome.

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