Jun 182014

I dreamed of tanned flesh and open thighs.

My eyes opened to dark sand. I reached out and clawed at the weight above me. My arms were weak from hunger. My hands had trouble opening and I dug with clenched fists.

Seagulls cried above me; calling me to the surface.

I emerged from the sand reborn for another summer. The sun’s rays warmed my cold flesh. The wind kissed me as it blew the sand from my mouth and eyes. I breathed in deep the smell of my home, Mermaid Island.

A hundred seagulls surrounded me. They had dug as much as they could with their webbed toes. I loved each and every one of them. They were children of the day.

I pulled myself out of the sand. My hand petted a seagull and I didn’t like what I saw. My flesh was wrinkled and ugly. Lesions and veins stood out on my hand. It disgusted me. It was a reminder of the years I had picked up sleeping away from the sun.

The seagulls flocked around me. I touched as many as I could until my hunger grew too strong.

“Go,” I told them. “I will need your eyes later.”

They flew off without a sound. When my strength had returned I would use their eyes but right now, I just wanted to feed.

I stood up on shaky legs. I soaked in the sun’s rays and felt life return to my body. It was tempting to strip off my faded swimtrunks and walk naked but I resisted. I needed hot flesh not harassment by what passed for authorities here.

Beside me was a sand sculpture. It was a bare breast being gripped by a strong hand. I laughed. It was obviously a warning about me. One day I really should find out what makes these sculptures.

To the left was the pier, with their sunbathers, their sightseers and the worse hot dogs that never improved. I was drawn to the people there but the shade of the pier disturbed me. After months in the sand, I had no desire to go back into darkness.

So I went right. Vast stretches of open beach lay before me. I was too hungry to reach far with my mind but no matter. I would walk and see what there was to eat. My knees screamed with every step but I still I walked.

I passed by two young women with tanned flesh barely covered in cloth. It was good to see that swimsuit fashion continued to get skimpier with every year. Both of them would have been a delicious feast but they looked at my old body with as much disgust as I had. I peeked into their minds and was disappointed. They had no fire.

I kept walking and found a woman picking up seashells. She was curvy with plenty of sun kissed skin and a fire burned in her soul like the hottest furnace. She dreamed of force, lust and spankings. I started walking towards her and my cock hardened.

As I drew closer, I saw that she walked awkwardly. She had been spanked, and many times this week. Ah, she belonged to the Painter. I respected him so I left his meal alone.

I passed a mother watching her children play in the sand. Her soul was cold with duty and contentment.

I walked past men who dreamed only of soft flesh and easy conquests.

I stumbled on weak legs past a woman whose heart was dead with the stench of commitment and love.

The first meal was always the hardest. Weak with hunger, I had to find my prey face to face. Later, when I am stronger, I will see through the eyes of the seagulls or I will feel their heat on the summer wind. They will seek me out because the fire inside me will burn brighter than their greatest fantasy. I will take my fill of the ones who throw themselves at me and I will use that strength to build my summer kingdom once more.

That was if there even was a later. If I didn’t feed by sunset, I would be too weak to survive the night. My heart would age as much as my leathery skin. I would perish.

I kept walking; one foot in front of the other in the hot sand.

Finally, I found her. She sat on a beach towel while others played in the water. I felt her heat as soon I saw her. She was dark brown with a white bikini. Short curly hair was soaked in summer sweat. She ignored the sun and the beach to read from some device I didn’t recognize but I recognized the fire in her mind. She was reading burning words that set her sex aflame.

I owed my existence to the writers of sex. The titles and stories change but the fires they ignite are all the same.

I walked towards her. The seagulls cried above me in triumph.

She looked up at me. Sunglasses hid her eyes. A frown crossed her face but I smelled her sex flush with desire. She knew. Even in my weakened pathetic state, she knew deep down what I was. I was the heat that she craved.

“Hello,” she called out to me.

“I’m going to fuck you,” I said.

She laughed nervously. “Are you serious?”

I stood above her as she stayed on her beach towel. “I know what you are reading,” I said. “You are reading about a woman who is going through a harsh adventure of sex and pain. You are reading about a woman submitting to horrors and pleasures that most would turn away from. You are reading about frightening things that make you wet between the thighs. You are reading about someone you wish to be.”

She looked out to her friends playing in the water. They didn’t see her. She looked back to me.

“Who told you that?” she said.

I got down on one knee like a suitor. It took all my self control to not shake as I did this simple movement. This close to her, I was able to pour my weakened mind into hers.

“I know because your lust burns like the sun, and I can give you what you need.”

She gasped as my mind touched hers. I couldn’t compel her, no, I never do. I merely touched what was already there. I poured fuel onto the smoldering spark that was buried beneath her inhibitions, buried beneath her reason and buried under a lifetime of being told her desires were impure. My mind touched hers and let her know that if she truly wished to experience what she craved, I was the one to be with.

“What is your name?” I asked.

“Alyssa,” she said. “What is yours?”

I ignored her question. “Alyssa, I’m going to climb that dune behind us,” I said and I prayed that I had the strength to do just that. “You are going to follow me and I am going to fuck you in the sand. My hand will be on your throat as my cock takes what I desire from you. Would you like that?”

She almost lied. My mind pulled the truth from her lips. “Yes,” she said.

“One condition,” I said. “If you follow me, you must first leave your swimsuit here. You must come to me naked. Understand?”

Alyssa’s dark brown skin flushed with embarrassment. I didn’t wait for her answer. I felt the heat radiating off her body. I knew her answer even if she didn’t.

I stood back up and this time my legs did shake. I gritted my teeth and willed myself up that dune. Maybe I should have taken her right there on the beach but I didn’t want her friends to interrupt us.

The damned dune was steeper than it looked. The sand tried to burn my feet but my body greedily soaked in the heat. It gave me the strength to make the climb up and over.

A sea of beach grass greeted me. A condo sat beside us. I felt a flicker of heat from someone high up. They were far away but I will visit them later. For now, they can watch if they are lucky.

Alyssa came beside me. She had done as I asked and she was naked beside me. Dark browns breasts wobbled as she climbed the dune. The wind blew through the tiny tangle of black pubic hair. Wide hips swayed as she approached. The thrill and humiliation of what I had asked her burned like an inferno between her legs. Every inch of her dark skin was exposed to the sun and she was the most beautiful woman on the beach.

I grabbed her throat. Alyssa cried out but she also moaned. My body was old but my grip was tight. My fingers closed tightly around her gasping throat.

I spun her around. I yanked my swim trunks down and freed my cock. My body pressed against her from behind and my cock grinded against her plump ass. Her heat warmed my body and my dead heart began to beat once more.

She moaned. I grinded against her ass. My cock moved up and down the valley of her buttocks in a savage parody of fucking. She pressed her hips to me in offering of her sex and I ignored it. My cock was happy to nuzzle against her ass.

“Fuck,” Alyssa groaned. I laughed. A choke and a dry hump was making her as wet as the ocean. Every year, women seemed to get more and more repressed.

My free hand reached around and grabbed a handful of her brown breast. Her nipple was hard for me and my fingers squeezed tightly. I moaned as I felt the fire in her breast. Kissed by the sun, her breast was a sponge in which I tried to squeeze the heat out of her.

My hand around her throat tightened as I slid my cock up and down the cheeks of her ass. The closeness of my cock to her sex made her weak in the knees. She shook in my arms but I held on. She was mine on this private dune away from her friends. Nothing could pry her from my grip in this moment.

I bit down on her shoulder, harder than anyone had bitten her before even in her dreams. My teeth didn’t pierce her skin but she cried out like I had. I sucked on her skin as I tried to drain the heat from her through my mouth.

“Fuck!” Alyssa yelled and her cry was lost in the crash of the waves and the howl of the wind. Her sex flowed as my cock throbbed against her ass. Terrible thoughts raced through her mind and spilled over into mine.

I flipped through her fantasies as my body gained in strength. My thrusts against her ass grew stronger. The heat of her breast strengthened my hand and I squeezed tighter. The fire in her heart stripped the years from my existence.

One of her fantasies pleased me and I pushed her to the ground. I fell on top of her body and kicked her legs open. She lifted her ass to me in submission and I pushed her head down into the sand in dominance.

I rubbed the tip of my cock against her wet sex. She cried out in desire and then whimpered in frustration.

“Do you want me to fuck you,” I said, reading my part in her fantasy.

“Oh god, yes,” Alyssa moaned.

“Why should I?” I said. “I only fuck sluts.”

“Please, fuck me,” she said.

Her fantasy was quite clear on this. “No, I will only fuck you if you tell me that you are a slut.”

“Please don’t make me say that,” Alyssa said.

I rubbed the tip of my cock up and down the slit of her sex. She moaned and tried to push back on my cock but I was too strong for her. I was strong and getting stronger with every drip of her sex.

“Say it or I walk away right now,” I growled. I pushed her head harder against the cruel sand. A seagull landed beside us to watch.

“I am a slut,” Alyssa whispered. A spark burned in her heart as she flirted with her fantasy.

I slapped her ass. A pale handprint formed on her ass.

“Louder,” I growled.

“I am a slut,” Alyssa said in a normal voice. The spark turned into a flicker.

I slapped her ass again, my hand making her ass jiggle in wonderful ways.

“Louder,” I yelled.

“I am a slut!” Alyssa yelled. The flicker turned into a fire.

I plunged my cock into her. A furnace gripped my cock. Life giving warmth swept through me in a single thrust.

I bore down on top of her. My body covered hers as I fucked her. My body soaked in the heat of her skin while my cock burned in the fire of her lust. My hand pressed her face into the sand as my hips pounded her. Our limbs dug frantic shapes into the sand around us.

“Keep talking, slut,” I whispered in her ear. “Tell me how dirty you are.”

“I read porn all the time!” Alyssa yelled into the sand. “I masturbate all the time when I think no one is looking!”

I fucked her faster. The flame in her soul brought me back to life. I watched the liver spots on my hand fade away. The wrinkles in my skin smoothed themselves. The pain in my knees became another memory.

More seagulls landed. They sat quietly and watched me claim my first of the summer.

“I want to suck off my best friend’s boyfriend!” Alyssa yelled. My cock added accelerant to the fire inside her.

“I want to go to the Bikini Bar and be the center of a gangbang!” Alyssa yelled.

I thought of the Bikini Bar and the gangbangs I had seen there. It was not an impossible wish.

“I want to be a sex slave for a cruel man!” Alyssa yelled.

I laughed. “You already are,” I said. I pounded her into the sand. Seagulls cried their approval around us.

Alyssa shook and I felt her orgasm. The burst of a thousand dreams suddenly coming to life exploded throughout her body. She clenched and writhed in the sweetest bliss.

I pulled my cock out of her. Alyssa whimpered but I ignored her pleas. I had no desire for another of my kind to haunt Mermaid Island. I gripped my cock and three strokes later, I spilled my seed onto her ass where it bubbled in the sun. It left a pale mark on her ass that she will wonder about for the rest of her life.

“Oh my God,” Alyssa said. I let go of her head and she stayed in the sand. “I had no idea it could be this good.”

“Now you do,” I said. I checked myself. I was reborn. My arms had muscles again. Hair had sprouted from my chest. I touched my face and felt the strong chin and arrogant nose. It was good to be young again.

Alyssa pulled herself up. Sand clung to her dark brown body. Her dark brown skin was a little bit lighter now as if she had not seen the sun this summer. The fire within her was quenched but the sparks remained. She would find it much harder to resist her burning urges in the future.

I stood up and pulled my swim trunks on. There was so much to do. Others with sparks in their hearts will start coming to me. Some of them will give me clothes while others will give me money. One of them will be lucky enough to provide a bed tonight before the hated moon rose again. There was so much to do for the days, even summer days, are too short.

“Where are you going?” Alyssa asked.

“To enjoy the summer,” I said.

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  1. Oh, a lovely vampire-like piece. I love the details, the misery of it beforehand and how he responds. It was sad that he wasn’t going to stay with her, but… oh well. Still fun and I liked it a lot; nice and hot.

    • Thanks! This story jumped into my mind and grabbed my throat. I am glad to do it justice.

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