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Explorer’s Log: I have reached the star system designated “Does the Queen Read These” by Royal Astronomers. The Kyryk live here and they are currently under siege by the Grend. My neutral status has allowed me to dock at the Kryyk’s Cultural Exchange Station.

I have spent three days talking to my assigned Cultural Exchange Representative. They have asked me questions about my travels and my homeworld in trade for information about their race. They have been very nice except for their hourly invitation to join their religion. I plan to leave today.

Explorer’s Personal Log: The only thing worse about not having sex with a new race is having to talk about all the great sex you had with other races while not getting any at the moment.

Vaquel Di stood up the large window. She was watching the battle but mostly she knew it was a good place to stand and show off her body. The light from the planet below looked great on her skintight blue spacesuit. Her brown skin was a nice contrast to her suit and the light brought out the pink in her short hair. She hadn’t gotten laid in awhile but that was no excuse to not look sexy at every chance she got.

The orange protection fields shimmered outside as a Grend missile slammed into them. The fields held strong and missile disintegrated.

Vaquel looked down below at the planet of Ry. The Grend fleet was raining lasers, missiles and plasma shots onto the surface. A large city transformed into a blast of red light. The protection fields flickered and the station shook. Vaquel’s heavy breasts jiggled within her skintight spacesuit. The red light faded and all that was left of the city was smoke and an immense crater.

Vaquel shook her head “If you guy used these protection fields on your planet instead of your space station, you might save a few more lives.”

Vaquel’s personal Cultural Exchange Representative sighed. Her name was Xea and Vaquel thought she was cute for a six foot tall biped with small breasts, pale white skin, long blue hair and four eyes. She sat at her desk, compiling information from all the interviews that Vaquel had given already.

“Followers of Kloria may die but their souls continue on,” Xea said. “The Culture Station however must be protected to continue on our work so others may know the glory of Kloria.”

“All praise Kloria,” Xea’s personal spiritual advisor hologram said.

Vaquel looked at the hologram. It had taken awhile for Vaquel get used to the idea that every single Kryrk had a personal hologram and even longer to realize that the Kryrk liked getting constant spiritual advice. This one was name Mn, which Vaquel still hadn’t learned to pronounce right.

“All praise Kloria,” Vaquel said. “And may she watch over the ashes of her beloved followers as they swirl in the crater.”

“Thank you,” Xea said. Irony was lost on the Kryrk.

Mn turned to Vaquel. “Does your praise of Kloria mean that you are ready to accept Kloria as your personal savior and life coach?”

“Nope,” Vaquel said. Her right fit clenched and she willed herself to relax. She couldn’t wait to get away from these pushy religious nuts and their pushier holograms.

In fact, there was no better time than now.

“I thank you for your hospitality, but it is time for me to continue my mission of exploration,” Vaquel said.

Xea looked up from her desk. “We were supposed to talk about the aquatic creatures you met in the Queen’s Enviable Fashion Sense system today. They sound like they need spiritual guidance and possibly marriage counseling.”

“Yeah I know but I have stayed long enough,” Vaquel said. “I have my duty and umm, shit to do.”

Mn floated forward. “Perhaps you could simply download your files into our system? We could examine the file and choose our best course for future missionary work.”

Vaquel pointed out the window. “One, maybe you should focus more on fighting the Grend, and two, I am not just handing over my files. That goes against all Royal navy protocols.”

“One must obey the rules,” Xea said.

The hologram flickered. “Only the rules of Kloria are sacred. Perhaps we could offer you something for your files?”

Vaquel snickered. “You already gave me your wonderful honey and Kloria purified water. I doubt you have anything else to offer.”

“Perhaps this pamphlet containing seven wisdoms of Kloria?” Xea asked.

“You’re really sweet, you know,” Vaquel said. “Dumb as a tailfin but sweet. It helps that you are pretty.”

Mn flickered. “Your stories have been filled with sexual experiences and low level innuendo. It is clear that you are a sexually frustrated being who does not enjoy the orgasms available to Kloria worshippers.”

“Yeah, we’ve been through this,” Vaquel said. “You won’t teach me the sacred chant for ultimate pleasure unless I join your religion and I have no intention to ever do that.”

“Not even for a complimentary robe?” Xea asked.

“Queen’s tit, you are lucky that you are pretty,” Vaquel said.

“I was thinking of something more direct,” Mn said. “You give us your files of your journey so far, and I will direct Xea to give you pleasure.”

“What?” Xea said. All four of her green eyes opened wide.

“You would do that?” Vaquel said. “You would put your worshipper into sexual service?”

“It is for the greater glory of Kloria,” Mn said.

“Amen?” Xea said.

Vaquel looked skeptical. “No offense, but Xea doesn’t look like she has pleasured many people. Will be worth all of my files?”

“I haven’t pleasured anyone!” Xea said in an offended tone.

Vaquel grinned. “Nevermind, she’ll be perfect.”

“Praise Kloria!” Mn said.

Vaquel pressed a button on her belt. Her skintight blue suit retracted into her belt. Her heavy brown breasts, wide hips, thick thighs and pink pubic hair were revealed.

“Come here, Xea,” she said as she leaned against the space station window.

Xea looked to Mn. Mn nodded. “Kloria asks us to do many strange things in her service.”

“And sometimes Kloria wants you to lick strange things,” Vaquel said.

“And we obey,” Xea said.

Xea got up and walked towards Vaquel. The station vibrated slightly as another city on the planet was vaporized. Vaquel watched the shy Kryrk approach her and she came to a conclusion. This virginal alien was easily worth betraying her home world for.

“Let’s start with something simple,” Vaquel said. She put her hands on both sides of Xea’s face and pulled her in for a kiss.

At first the alien woman didn’t know what to do. Vaquel pushed into Xea’s lips with her tongue and pressed against Xea’s tongue. Vaquel felt the alien shudder and her lips opened wider. A few seconds later, their tongues were tasting each other.

“Our hearts, minds and body belong to Kloria,” Mn said.

Vaquel thought that might be true, but right now, Xea’s ass belonged to her. Vaquel reached around and grabbed Xea’s ass. Vaquel felt Xea jump in her arms but her mouth kept kissing. Xea was a fast learner.

“There are other places to kiss,” Vaquel said when she broke away. “Like my neck.”

Xea nodded solemnly. Her four green eyes were eager to learn. Vaquel tilted her neck and the Culture Exchange Representative kissed her neck. Well, mostly she licked Vaquel’s neck but it was all the same. Vaquel shuddered delightfully with each inexperienced lick.

Mn hovered closer. It looked at Xea’s mouth work. “Try small nibbles,” he said.

Vaquel moaned as Xea followed her spiritual advisor’s advice. “How did you know to do that?” she asked the hologram.

“Kloria has much wisdom,” Mn said. “Would you like to accept Kloria as your personal savior and learn more?”

Vaquel didn’t answer. Xea’s teeth nipped at the flesh of Vaquel’s neck. Vaquel shuddered as she felt the alien’s hot breath.

“Try these next,” Vaquel said. She held one of her heavy brown breasts in her hand.

Xea frowned and her four eyes darted to Mn. He nodded permission. Xea opened her mouth and moved to Vaquel’s offered breast. She took Vaquel’s dark nipple into her mouth.

“Oh fuck,” Vaquel moaned. Xea’s mouth was tender around her nipple. She felt the Culture Exchange Representative taking long slow licks of her nipple.

“A little teeth,” Vaquel whispered.

Xea bit down and Vaquel sigh happily.

“My other breast,” Vaquel instructed.

Xea moved to Vaquel’s other breast and she bit down on the soft flesh. She held Vaquel’s breast; her pale fingers struggling to hold all of Vaquel’s immensity. She moved around Vaquel’s breast, alternating between bites and kisses.

“Shall we begin downloading your files now?” Mn asked.

“This is just the warm up,” Vaquel said. “Xea, kiss my sex.”

Xea’s four eyes widened in alarm but then closed in submission. Xea sank to her knees before Vaquel. She looked at the furry bush of Vaquel’s pink pubic hair and then back up at Vaquel.

“How?” she asked.

“You’ll figure it out,” Vaquel said. She reached down and grabbed Xea’s silky blue hair and pulled Xea’s head to her crotch.

Xea figured it out in a hurry. She parted Vaquel’s sex lips with her tongue in a graceful imitation of how Vaquel parted Xea’s lips moments ago. Her tongue licked tentatively inside Vaquel, adjusting to the unknown flavors.

“More,” Vaquel groaned.

“Fear is for the unfaithful mind,” Mn said. He knelt down beside Xea. “Serve Kloria without fear. Lick and know that Kloria guides you.”

“Sexy,” Vaquel said and she meant it. More gods should lick her sex.

Xea licked with more confidence. Her tongue became bolder and her lips pressed tighter against Vaquel’s sex. She breathed in deeply the scents of Vaquel’s musk and she moved closer for more.

Vaquel dug her fingers into Zea’s hair. She shuddered and looked out the window. A Grend ship was viciously penetrated by a Kryrk torpedo. She knew that assault squads of Kryrk missionaries were now invading the ship to spread the gospel with lasers and requests for prayers. Vaquel moaned as she imagined Xea’s tongue doing the same to her.

“Fuck,” Vaquel moaned. She lifted a leg and put it over Xea’s shoulders. She moved her hips to fuck Xea’s mouth and the obedient Culture Exchange Representative took it. Vaquel smeared her wet sex all over Zea’s face and the young alien kept licking.

“Can we begin downloading now?” Mn asked. “My scans show that your endorphin levels are rising.”

“Fuck yeah, they are rising,” Vaquel said. She raised her wrists communicator to her mouth. “Ship, open a channel to transmit mission logs to Mn. Authorization code: Gangbang Apocalypse.”

“Authorization confirmed,” the ship replied. “Beginning transmission.”

Mn’s hologram flickered and sighed. “Yes,” it moaned. The hologram’s body flickered in and out as it processed the information with orgasmic passion.

“Lay down on the ground,” Vaquel told Xea.

Xea pulled away from Vaquel. Her face glistened with Vaquel’s juices. Her pale lips were bright red as if bruised. She reclined onto the ground and her long blue hair fanned out behind her.

Vaquel smiled and stood over Xea. She then turned around so that she could face the window and Zea’s legs. The space explorer lowered herself down onto Xea’s face.

“Keep licking,” Vaquel said.

Xea didn’t have to be told. She opened her mouth and accepted Vaquel’s sex on her mouth. Her tongue went back to work and Vaquel moaned with joy.

Vaquel reached for Xea’s gown and pulled it up. Xea’s legs were completely still as Vaquel exposed her. A white band of boring underwear covered Xea’s sex and Vaquel pulled it to one side. A smooth vagina in the shape of a circle was revealed.

“I’ll lick anything once,” Vaquel said. She bent over to take a lick of Xea’s sex.

It tasted like a grain. Vaquel didn’t pause to understand the flavor; she just kept licking as she worked her way through one, two, three sets of vaginal lips.

Xea shuddered under Vaquel. The Cultural Exchange Representative licked faster and far more passion. Her mouth did creative things as her tongue searched for more places to lick inside Vaquel.

Vaquel groaned and her lips vibrated inside Xea. The alien responded by spreading her legs and lifting towards Vaquel’s face. Vaquel found a small nub of tight flesh and she flicked it with her tongue. Xea reacted by shaking from head to toe.

“The meeting of potential new followers is our highest duty,” Mn intoned.

Vaquel and Xea kept licking.

“The exchange of culture is important for our culture will always be judged superior to others,” Mn said.

Vaquel and Xea humped each other’s faces.

“The glory of Kloria must be brought the gloryless,” Mn said.

Xea climaxed. Her sex sprayed a gentle mist into Vaquel’s face. Xea never stopped licking although she did lick more furiously when she came.

“Praise Kloria and you will bring her glory to others,” Mn said.

Vaquel climaxed and her thighs closed tightly around Xea’s head. She shook and then her knees gave out. She crumpled to the side of Xea’s body. For a few blissful minutes, all that could be heard was the heavy breathing of the two women.

Mn sat down beside Vaquel. “Would you possibly be interested in having Kloria as your personal savior now?”

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