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Explorer’s Log: I am on day nine of my twelve day voyage to the star system designated “The Queen’s Gravity Defying Ass” by Royal Astronomers. I am accompanied by a Grend fleet that hopes to conquer and enslave the Forians who live there. Scans have shown that a Forian fleet is en route to meet us but the scanner is having a hard time determining the size of the Forian fleet. Either way, it will be fun to watch a space battle a safe distance away. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: I am really curious about these Forians. The Grend are usually pretty chatty but they get irritable when I ask about the Forians. The last admiral I talked to said, “The Forians do not appreciate the glory of death nor the horror of rape!” Even the Grend song for this upcoming battle is just a lot of loud drums and chants of “You die, you die and you die!”

Vaquel Di sat in the control chair of her deep space probe ship. Two hundred and twenty Grend ships floated before her. She watched as they assumed a combat formation. The battle was coming and Vaquel had a front row seat.

She took a sip of Grend beer. A plate of cheese and crackers was arranged before her. All she needed now as for the Forians to show up.

“Incoming ships,” the computer beeped.

“How many?” Vaquel asked. She sang the words, “You die, you die and you die!” as she selected a cheese slice.

“Three hundred ships,” the computer reported. “Correction, three thousand ships. Correction, twenty-four thousand ships. Correction, one hundred and seven thousand ships.”

Vaquel choked on her cheese. She took control of the scanner and went looking for the Forian ships. The energy signatures looked wrong. None of the Forian ships were bigger than a closet. Each ship had a single lifeform piloting it. They were little more than life pods with micro lasers.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore. What kind of a fleet was this?”

“Correction, final total is one million, nine hundred and eighty-two thousand ships.”

The Grend opened fire. Giant lasers the size of cities ripped across space. Mass drivers hurled glowing balls of matter into the Forian’s million strong fleet. Missiles launched and locked onto the tiny energy signature of single pilot ships.

Forian ships exploded. Forian ships were crushed. Forian ships were sliced open by lasers. The Forians died at a rate too fast to calculate.

The Grend never stood a chance. Hundreds of thousands of microlasers fired in response. Shields flickered and vanished under the vast volleys. Hulls melted under repeated hits by beams little better than hand weapons. Sheer numbers overcame any disadvantages in armaments.

“You die, you die, and you die,” Vaquel whispered. The song made sense now. Killing Forians was like killing blades of grass, one blade at a time.

The suicide waves began. Hundreds of Forian ships collided willfully into Grend battle cruisers until the giant ships collapsed under the weight of so many collisions. The Grend tried to retreat and the Forians kept attacking. Vaquel was stunned by the casual disregard the Forians had for their own lives. She had rarely seen a race use suicide attacks on a fleeing opponent.

Vaquel thought that was pretty bad ass.

“Unidentified ship, identify yourself!” It was coming from one of the Forian ships. Thank the Queen it was in an ancient dialect of Simhei and Vaquel understood them.

Vaquel finished her beer. She checked her red spacesuit to make sure she looked presentable. First impressions were important for diplomacy. She opened a channel to the Forian ship and his image appeared on the viewscreen.

The Forian was green with yellow spots on his skin. Two large yellow eyes were on either side of his head like a fish. He had no hair and was crammed into his cockpit. He was also completely naked which was surprising but not as surprising as the foot long phallus he was rapidly stroking with his free hand.

“Identify yourself!” the Forian repeated. “This is Vermillion nine-eighty of the Forian War Group, Thrust.”

Vaquel tore her eyes from the Forian’s meaty phallus. “I am Vaquel Di, an explorer from the planet Euphoria. I am a peaceful observer.”

The Forian blinked. “I will transfer this to my squad leader. Please hold. Vermillion Squad Leader Nine, please come in.”

The viewscreen switched to splitscreen mode. Another Forian appeared although she was yellow with green spots. Judging from the four breasts and the large red dildo that she was slamming into her vagina, they appeared to be female.

“Vermillion Squad Leader, I am in contact with a Vaquel. It claims to be peaceful,” the first Forian said, still jacking his cock.

“Peaceful? And flying with the Grend?” the squad leader said.

“Yeah, totally peaceful!” Vaquel said. “Please don’t crash your million ships into me!”

The Forian female shook her head. “I will have to transfer this to Vermillion Division Command. Please hold.”

Vaquel tried to look casual but it was hard. The Forian male was stroking faster. Something black was leaking from the tip of his cock. The Forian Female was grunting as she used one hand to pound the dildo into her vagina while the other hand manipulated controls.

The veiwscreen split again to show a third Forian. This one was a mix of green and yellow as if his skin was trying to decide which color to be. It was pressing something that buzzed against their vagina while stroking a rather small size phallus. “What in the Seven Orgies is this?” the Forian commander yelled.

“It claims to be a Vaquel,” the Squad Leader said between grunts. “It claims to be neutral.”

“I doubt it!” the Forian Commander said. It sighed briefly as its small phallus erupted. Black liquid shot into the air before being vacuumed by an automated cleaning arm. “It is probably a slave race to the Grend. It looks as sexually inhibited as the Grend.”

“Whoa!” Vaquel said. “I am not sexually inhibited! Look!” She pressed a button on her skintight red spacesuit. The thin material retracted to show her heavy dark breasts. She pointed the viewscreen down so it could see the furry bush of her pink pubic hair. She spread apart her sex lips.

“See how wet I am?” she said.

“Hmm,” the Forian Commander said. “I need to call in the Admiral. He’ll decide. Please hold.”

Vaquel released her sex lips. She was still offended at being called sexually inhibited. She stroked her sex with one hand while her other hand cupped her breast. Her fingers sunk into her soft flesh as she squeezed her tit tightly.

The Forian pilot groaned. He pressed a button to activate a squirt of lubricant onto his cock. He stroked himself with both hands.

The Forian Squad Leader climaxed. She froze with the dildo deep inside her. She shuddered and all four of her breasts shook.

The Forian Commander sighed as it put down the vibrator to operate the communication controls. It still stroked its small penis with one hand despite having just recently climaxed.

The view screen adjusted for a fourth participant. This Forian was in the same type of ship as the others. His body was entirely green with no deviations at all. Despite his rank, he also was crammed into his tight cockpit. A red sleeve was over his cock and it was vibrating.

“What is the cause of this interruption? We are beginning salvage operations to rebuild the fleet!” the Admiral said.

“We need your ruling on a sentient,” the Commander said. She grabbed the vibrator and pressed it back to her wet sex. “It claims to be peaceful!”

“Greetings, Admiral!” Vaquel said. She pinched her nipple until she groaned. “I come from the planet, Euphoria. I wish nothing more than to learn about your wonderful culture.”

“I see,” the Forian Admiral said. It adjusted a setting and the penis sleeve vibrated louder. “You appear to be of a sensual nature.”

“Admiral, I must point out that she was traveling with the Grend,” the Commander said.

“Only as an observer,” Vaquel said. She stroked faster. “It was difficult because they are so repressed.”

All of the Forians laughed. “They are uptight assholes,” the Admiral said. “They won’t even fuck unless they think they are in charge.”

Vaquel nodded in agreement. She let go of her tit and used her hand to stroke her clitoris. Her other hand plunged deeper into her sex.

The Forian pilot climaxed. He shot a large load of black fluid into the air before it was vacuumed up.

“It might be a trick,” the Forian Commander said. It moved their vibrator back and forth between its vagina and its cock.

“True,” the Admiral admitted. “The Grend will stop at nothing because they hate our sex.”

“Oh please let me come to your planet,” Vaquel said. She stroked herself faster. “It has been so long since I have been to a really liberated planet. I bet you have all sorts of sex maneuvers.”

The pilot stroked his balls as he watched Vaquel’s probing fingers. The Squad Leader sucked on her dildo as she watched Vaquel’s bouncing dark tits. The Commander groaned as she shuddered from a vaginal climax. The Admiral licked his lips with a rather long tongue.

“I am not sure of your claim to be a sensual creature,” the Admiral said. “If you are truly sensual, show us your asshole.”

“Of course,” Vaquel said. She stood up and turned around. All of the Forians gasped as they saw her perfect round brown ass. She reached behind her and grabbed her buttocks and pulled them apart.

“By the Great Orgy!” the pilot swore.

“That’s nothing!” the Squad leader said. “Stick a finger in your ass!”

“Sure, that feels great,” Vaquel said. She took one of her slick fingers and pressed it against her tight anus. All of the Forians watched in wonder as Vaquel pushed against her small asshole. Vaquel kept pushing and her wet finger slipped in.

“Now fuck your ass and your pussy, and show us both,” the Squad Commander said.

“Greedy fuckers,” Vaquel said but she was smiling as she said. She went to work with both hands. She fucked her ass and her sex with nimble fingers. She bent over so that the view screen could get a good view of both hands.

All four Forians stroked faster.

“Tell me this, Vaquel,” the Admiral said. “Do you swear to share your sexual knowledge with the librarians of the Great Library?”

Vaquel moaned. She grunted as she slipped her finger deeper into her round ass. “Fuck yes, I do.”

All four Forians moaned together.

“And do you swear to allow us to study and record every inch of your strange exotic body?” the Admiral demanded.

Vaquel shuddered. She nearly feel over but regained her balance. Her hands had never stopped stroking. “I swear!”

The Forians leaned in closer to their view screens as they masturbated harder.

“Do you swear to bring no death but only orgasm to the Forian Confederation?” the Admiral demanded.

“Yes!” Vaquel yelled. She rammed three fingers into her sex as the Forians watched.

“Do you swear to engage in sexual activity with at least twenty different members of the Forian Confederation?” the Admiral said.

“I’ll do all twenty at the same time if that is what you want!” Vaquel yelled. Her ass shook from the force of her finger fucking. She masturbated with an urgent desperation.

“Then by the power invested in me as the Admiral of this Defense Form, I grant you full visitation rights. You may now come.”

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried out. Her ass clenched tightly around her finger as her orgasm shook her body. Hips danced in the air as she stroked out every wave of pleasure from her pussy. The Forians groaned in appreciative pleasure as Vaquel endured her standing orgasm.

“Well, I meant that you can come to the planet, but that works too,” the Admiral said.

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