Mar 242014

Visitors to the planet of Euphoria should be made aware that they will likely encounter merchants who claim to have in their possession an article of intimate clothing belonging to Queen Erishella. They will claim that this item possesses the power to heal libidos, seduce the uncaring and smells fantastic. They will offer this extraordinary item for the low price of a mere king’s ransom.

What they do not mention is that possession of the Queen’s underwear is against Euphorian law and can result in either a fine, years of sexual service or death.

After Queen Erishella discards an undergarment, the item is taken to one of her many shrines where it is put on public display. It is encased in laminatium where it can be admired by citizens and tourists for centuries to come. Shrines compete ferociously for the right to her latest undergarments, especially those worn during conquests made by the Queen.

Over the years, some undergarments acquire legendary statuses of their own. The Crotchless Panties of the Luc Temple, worn during the Queen’s Birthday Orgy is said to inspire erotic inspiration in any artist who sees them. The Shiny Blue Bra of the Paqt Temple is said to strike blind with envy those who are flat-chested. The Thong of the Mis Temple is said to cause irritation and discomfort in anyone who stands too long in its presence.

There are rumors that the underground undergarment market is supplied directly by the Queen’s government itself in order to profit from the high black market prices, but such speculation is of course treason.

–Euphorian Gazetteer

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  1. Heh, I can imagine them breaking up a faux panties ring. Big news when that happened, yep, eyp.

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