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mramclaireCurrieTo the left is a custom made bookmark of Claire Currie. I love bookmarks and lately I have been trying to get bookmarks with all of my characters. The artist is MRAM and you can get your own bookmark or other great art from him by clicking here.

You can also email him here.

Claire’s sexy professional appeal is appropriate art today because I wanted to talk about the Choose-Your-Own-Erotica book I am working on. It is about you playing a student who gets a chance to blackmail your mean sexy teacher and do sexy things with her.

Why another book about sexy teachers? My best selling book on Kindle right now is “My Teacher, My Slave” and although I think it is one of the best things I have written, I have a sneaking suspicion that it does so well because it is about one of the oldest erotica genres I know; dominating your teacher.

Back in the early days of the Internet, I got most of my written erotica from newsgroups like Alt.Sex.Stories.Moderated. A large portion of those stories were about turning a teacher into a sex slave. It has straight forward appeal. Teachers are often the first authority figures that we butt heads with and look up to so of course a lot of people want to butt genitals with them. For some reason, simply seducing your teacher seems too far fetched for most erotica writers so they resort to blackmail and coercion.

I often enjoyed these stories at first but some of the more negative attributes of these stories would wear on me. For starters, most of the teachers had very passive personalities and the sex was often obsessed with humiliation and control. The teachers to me came across like victims and though I see the appeal of that kind of sex story, it was a bit too borderline rape for me.

And here is my quick aside where I understand that both all sorts of people enjoy rape/reluctant/nonconsensual sex but it just wasn’t something I like to write.

I got around that in “My Teacher, My Slave” by making it a seduction. Granted, it was a silly seduction where the main character was a BDSM prodigy that saw his teacher’s hidden submissive potential, but it was still a romance. At no point was their nonconsensual sex.

So why am I doing a Choose-Your-Own-Erotica story about blackmailed teachers? The short answer is, I thought I could fix it to make it more palatable.

The first thing I have done is I made the teacher in my story a mean person. She sexually teases her students and humiliates them. She is a terror in the classroom and unlikable. She becomes a villain that the reader will enjoy seeing go down.

The other thing I did was fully embrace the reluctant but excited mindset that I used to scorn in erotica. The teacher gets herself into a compromising position but it takes next to nothing to get her to perform sex acts for the reader. Heck, she suggests quite a few sex acts herself as bribes.

Back in the day, I didn’t buy into this kind of reluctant-but-excited mentality until I talked to my readers. It is amazing to me how some of the nicest most vanilla appearing people secretly confess to loving some of the most morally ambiguous stuff or outright immoral plots. There is a big line between what is acceptable to do and what is acceptable to fantasize about and at my old age, I am tired of trying to philosophize. People like what they like and that is good enough for me.

The last thing I did was add humor to the story. It isn’t a satire but it isn’t grim and super serious. People make jokes. Funny shit happens. It is hard to debate moral issues when you are smiling.

I send the book to my editor today so publishing is still undetermined. I hope that when it does come out that you will give it a try.

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  1. Yeah, you know I’m going to get it when it comes out.

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