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Sarah got off at the wrong stop. She was looking at her phone when she stepped off the train and it was only when the stairs weren’t where they were supposed to be that she realized something was wrong. This wasn’t Five Point Station.

“Slut!” someone yelled at her. Sarah turned to see a naked woman glaring at her. Sarah nearly dropped her phone at the sight of the nude senior citizen.

“Have some self-respect!” a naked man told her. His long cock swung freely between his legs.

Sarah looked around the station. Everyone was naked. All they carried were purses and backpacks. Everyone was staring at her. She covered herself with her hands before realizing that she had nothing to cover, she was the only one wearing clothes.

“Is this some sort of political thing?” the naked older woman asked her. “Perverted democrats!” Her hanging breasts shook in righteous indignation.

“Nah, I bet this is for a reality show,” a naked Asian man said. He snapped a picture of Sarah with his cell phone while cupping his balls with the other hand.

“Keep it in the bedroom!” a naked black woman said as she covered the eyes of the naked black man beside her.

“What is going on?” Sarah asked. “Where am I?”

“This isn’t fucking San Fransico!” the naked older woman screamed at her. “You’re in Atlanta and you can’t walk around in public looking like that!”

More cell phones took picture of her. Sarah heard the click, click, click as naked men and women photographed the oddity before them.

“Alright, what’s the commotion?” an authoritative voice said. The crowd parted for a tall naked man who’s right arm had a word painted on it. It said Security. He looked bored until he saw Sarah. “Holy shit! Take those things off, lady!”

“That is what I was telling her!” said the naked older woman.

“Alright, ma’am, I’ll take care of this,” the security guard said.

“She should be arrested!” the naked older woman said.

“Thank you, ma’am, I’ll take care of it,” the security guard said. “Miss, you need to come with me.”

“WHERE AM I?” Sarah yelled.

“Oh shit, I always get the crazy ones,” the security guard said. He reached for Sarah’s arm but hesitated and made a face. He avoided her blouse and grabbed her by her bare wrist. He started to pull her through the crowd.

Sarah followed. The ground was carpeted instead of the concrete that she was used to at train stations. She noticed that she was the only one wearing shoes. Men licked their lips at the sight of her heels. Women looked away at the sight of her skirt. Teenagers openly leered at the sight of her blouse.

They passed an advertisement for the aquarium. A smiling naked family posed next to a dolphin.

A sign said Six Point Station. Sarah had never heard of it.

The security guard took her through a door into an empty office. Monitors showed the loading platform. A water cooler bubbled in the corner. The security guard pointed to a chair and Sarah sat down in it. He stood next to her, his hardening cock in front of her face.

“My name is Walter,” the security guard. “Why don’t you tell me why you have those clothes on? Is this a prank? Are you doing some sort of dare? I don’t want to have to call the cops if I don’t have to.”

“This makes no sense!” Sarah said. “Why is everyone naked? Where am I? Where the fuck is Six Points?”

Walter sighed. He scratched his ball as he thought. Sarah watched his growing erection.

“Look, Miss, you are obviously confused,” Walter said. “Maybe you are on drugs or something, I don’t know. Let me call the police and they can get you the help you need, okay? Just sit here and I’ll make the call.”

“No, wait!” Sarah said. “This is just crazy. I was on the train and I got off on the wrong stop. Just let me get back on the train and maybe I can find my right stop.”

“Hmmm,” Walter said. “I don’t know. I think you really need some help, lady and it wouldn’t be right to just let go wander off.”

Sarah took a deep breath. Walter seemed like a nice guy but this was crazy. She didn’t know what was happening but she knew that this was not a place that she wanted to stay. She needed to get back on that train.

She reached out and touched Walter’s thigh. His cock throbbed in front of her.

“Please,” Sarah asked. “Just let me back on the train. Can’t I do something for you?”

Walter bit his lip. He looked at the monitor and then at the clock. He made a decision.

“Can you stroke me off?” he said. “You are so hot in those things you are wearing.”

“Yes,” Sarah said. She licked her hand and make sure to get her fingers wet. Walter ignored her mouth and looked with lust at her skirt.

Sarah reached for his cock with her wet hand. He was hard and warm. She started to stroke him and he let out a groan.

“Oh sweet Jesus,” Walter groaned. He grabbed the wall for support. “Fuck, it is like I know your tits are there but I can’t see them. That is so fucking hot.

Sarah stroked him a little faster. Her other hand went to his balls and gently cupped them.

What are you wearing under that shirt?” Walter asked.

“A bra,” Sarah said.

“What’s that?” Walter asked.

“It is like umm, it covers only my breasts and gives them support,” Sarah said.

“Jesus Christ,” Walter moaned. “What are those things on your legs? It makes them look shiny?”

“It’s called hose,” Sarah said. She stroked him a little harder.

“Do they cover all of your legs?” Walter asked.

“These go up top my thighs,” Sarah said.

“Oh my God,” Walter groaned. His hips were thrusting. Sarah held her hand still so he could fuck her hand.

“What about your pussy?” Walter asked. “That wrap-around hides your pussy and butt but is there anything else underneath?”

“Oh yes,” Sarah said. “They are called panties. Today they are white and cover my pussy completely.”

“Oh God!” Walter moaned. “I’m going to come! Let me come on your shirt!”

Sarah leaned forward. Walter’s cock erupted and sprayed a stream of come onto her blouse. The seed splattered against the dark fabric.

“That is the dirtiest thing I have ever done,” Walter said. He pulled away from Sarah’s grip and cleaned his cock with a tissue. “Fuck, this is like something out of a porno.”

“I’m glad you liked it,” Sarah said. “May I please go now?”

“Yeah, yeah, no wait,” Walter said. “You got to take those off first. If you go back out wearing that stuff, people will start screaming again. I’ll get you a backpack to put it in.”

Sarah didn’t know what to do. Walter was probably right. He wouldn’t want her to get caught again as much as she did.

She stood up and took off her blouse. Walter came back with a backpack and stared at her. He said nothing as she took off her bra, her skirt, her shoes, her pantyhose and panties. He just watched in erotic wonder.

“Fuck, hey uh, could I have those?” he asked, pointing to her panties.

“Sure,” Sarah said. She just wanted to get out of there.

Walter trembled as he held her panties. He then shook his head. “Good luck out there,” he said. “Don’t put any of those on around here. The other guards might not be as understanding.”

Sarah walked back out into the subway. Naked college kids did homework as they waited for the train. A naked man played a guitar with a cup of money nearby. A couple kissed and groped each other’s ass.

The train came by. Sarah shuddered as a blast of wind went by her but none of the others even flinched. Car after car of bored naked passengers flashed by.

The doors opened and Sarah headed for the front. That was where the least amount of people usually was. She found an empty car and ducked in. She sat down and let out the breath that she didn’t know that she had been holding. The seat was cold against her bare ass but she didn’t care.

The doors closed and the train took off. Lights flashed by before the tunnel opened back into the world. Cars drove by the tracks and Sarah stared out the windows. She tried to see if the drivers were wearing clothes but the angle was bad for looking.

The train passed a billboard advertising skin care. It showed a woman’s bare back. That didn’t prove anything.

They passed a wall of graffiti. Strange names in vibrant colors surrounded a ten foot spray painting drawing of tits. That could apply to both places.

“Peachtree Center, now entering Peachtree Center,” the train announced.

Sarah shrieked with joy as the train slowed down. People wearing clothes stood by the track. She was back! Whatever crazy thing that had happened was over!

The doors opened and Sarah remembered that she was still naked.

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  1. Well, that was a fun little story. Reminds me of the beginning one of Piers Anthony’s adept books. Slaves had to remain naked, so they were making out by putting on some clothes. He went into some detail about having to rip them off if anyone called on them.

    This was more playful and lot more enjoyable though.

  2. Wow, what a bizzare, delightful story. Totally kept me as confused as the main character, but the surrealism was awesome. Nice idea ^^

  3. Ah, that was great! Really liked the play on social acceptability /perversion.

    xx Dee

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