Mar 122014

“Excuse me, sir. Would you mind if I come into your house and masturbate?”

“You don’t? That’s wonderful! This is the sixth house I’ve tried and you are the first one to say yes! This is great!”

“I’ll just do it here in the living room. No, I don’t mind if you close the shades. I don’t need the entire neighborhood to watch, though I certainly wouldn’t mind!”

“Why don’t you sit on the couch and I’ll take off my clothes for you. Would you like that? Think of it as a private performance just for you.”

“I don’t mind you asking. I’m Filipino, and most people guess that I am Japanese. I’ll keep my name to myself but you can call me Fucktoy; that is what my lovers call me.”

“Do you like this blouse? I like the floral colors but what I really like is how transparent it is. Most people don’t notice at first that the can see my breasts but once they do, they don’t take their eyes off of them.”

“Let me take my blouse off. There you go. See how my little brown nipples are so hard? I just love showing myself off for people. It turns me on so much.”

“Do you like my tits? I think they are small but guys really enjoy sucking on them. My breasts are small enough to fit inside most people’s mouths. The women especially love that.”

“Let me take off my jeans for you. Do you want to see me from behind or from the front?”

“The front it is! They are really tight so I am going to have to wiggle to get out of them.”

“There we go. Do you like my pink panties? Do you see how soaked they are? That is because of you. Masturbation is fun but I am a slut for an audience.”

“Let me take my panties off now. Do you like my muff? That is such a silly word but I like it. My hair is really curly down there and I like how it makes a little pillow for someone to lay their head or their cock on.”

“I can’t wait any longer. I am going to start stroking my pussy now.”

“Can you hear how wet I am? I like to stroke myself fast and hard.”

“Can you see how wet my fingers are? Here, take a look.”

“Mmmm, this is what I need. I love how you are looking at me. You can’t tell if I am crazy or not but you want to fuck me. You’re going to be jacking later and thinking of me. You’re going to ask for my number or see if I will stay when I am done. I can see all the dirty things you are thinking and I can tell how much of a slut you think I am for doing this and you know what?”

“You’re right, I am a slut. I am an exhibitionist slut that likes to get off in front of strangers.”

“Oh fuck.”

“Oh yes.”

“Fuck, yes, fuck.”


“Oh yes, oh fuck yes.”


“Oh yes, keep looking at me. Look at my dirty slut fingers in my dirty slut pussy and help me come a third time.”


“Oh God, I can’t do anymore. Look at how my knees are shaking.”

“Aw, thank you for offering but I can’t. I need to go.”

“Thank you for helping me with my fantasy. I’ll tell you what, the next time I think of a really perverted fantasy, one that gets me so wet that I soak through three pairs of panties, I’ll give you first offer to live it out with me? Sound good?”

“You might be seeing me sooner than you think.”

*This story idea was given to me by the brilliant Brewt Blacklist*

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  1. Nice and fun, thank you.

  2. Any chance for a male version of this? *halo*

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