Mar 172014

Clown-Sogoth is the source of all clown infestations. He is the First Clown created in an orgy of death and comedy. He laughs eternally in his prison of red and white stripes. Red lips hunger for the joy of mortals. White skin covers an abomination of laughter. Large shoes encase monstrous hooves. The smell of cotton candy and peanuts precede his coming.

Normal clowns are people who have been psychically touched by Clown-Sogoth. He contacts them in their dreams until one horrific day they don the white greasepaint in imitation of their overlord. For ages, this is how Clown-Sogoth has multiplied his followers but the walls of his prison have grown weaker. He has a new way of creating followers and it is through clown sex.

A decade ago, people would have recoiled at having sex with person wearing clown makeup, a rubber nose and frizzy orange hair. Times have changed and people who were raised on internet porn are now looking for new flavors to satisfy their jaded libidos. Men are falling prey to naked breasts with rubber nipples. Women are being seduced by the soulless grin of handsome clowns.

Sex with a clown invites Clown-Sogoth into your mind through your genitals. First your cock, pussy, mouth or ass changes. A cock might become comically long. A pussy will grow new pubic hair or a shocking color. A mouth will turn blood red. Asses will make farting noises every time they are touched.

The change becomes mental as well. Infected people will crack jokes during sex. They make horn sounds when the climax. They become sillier and sillier, finding hilarity in everything, even an episode of Family Guy. What parts of their body are now clown like, they will use makeup to complete their transformation.

These new clowns go out and seek more partners to infect. They have sex with as many people as they can and with each new clown convert, Clown-Sogoth gets closer to breaking from his hyper-dimensional prison.

There is no known cure for clown sex.

Samuel Noone
“The Pussy of Life”

  2 Responses to “Clown-Sogoth”

  1. “Times have changed and people who were raised on internet porn are now looking for new flavors to satisfy their jaded libidos”

    Ain’t that the truth. Have to wonder how that reflects on the sexual psychology of teens and peeps who claim to have ‘seen it all’..

    (PS: Welcome back on FB) ;)

    • I sometimes think that the next generation will write some of the most depraved porn ever but I am also worried that they will just do 50 Shades of Grey versions of Hunger Games.

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