Mar 312014

Well this has been an interesting weekend. My wife broke her ankle this weekend in three places. Two of the breaks are straight forward and the third break is on the back of the heel. This will require surgery and physical therapy.

For the moment she has a splint which is like a super bandage cast until the swelling goes down. Once a week passes, the swelling might go down enough to allow surgery. From there, she goes into a real cast and stays there for weeks if not months.

In the meantime, she is stuck on the couch. We bought her a bedside toilet to save her a trip up the stairs. We have constructed vast towers of pillows to keep her foot elevated. We have watched a lot of tv.

Mostly though I am just exhausted. I have a few stories in the buffer so posting should be regular. Heck, I think I kept posting during chemo so we’ll see.

Thank you for your patience.

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