Feb 282014

vaquel_di_by_george_webber_by_shonrichards-d5sfupkGeorge Webber is a great artist that I have featured a few times on this blog. He creates wonderful art as well as come of my favorite short comics. Better yet, he is a nice guy and has created some of my favorite sketch cards like this one here of Vaquel.

George is currently in a bind and needs new art supplies. He has started an Indiegogo fundraiser to buy some new equipment. My wife is an artist and let me tell you, even the smallest item are not cheap. She just draws with colored pencils and runs up a huge bill so I can’t imagine what a guy who uses paints, airbrushing and what not goes through.

Fortunately George is doing a flexible funding method which means if he does not hit his modest goal of $1500, he still gets all the money donated. The contributions range from $1 to 50$ so if you can only give a little, I am sure George would appreciate it.

You can contribute by clicking this link here.

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