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Explorer’s Log: I have entered the star system designated “Queen’s Obedient Bedslave” by Royal Astronomers. The pilot I met five days ago warned me that this star system was currently involved in a galactic war with a race called the Grends. He said that they were a vicious, arrogant violent race that plan to conquer and raze the entire galaxy.

His information was correct.  Preliminary scans have shown a war fleet of over a thousand starships.  They have conquered two worlds in this system and are laying siege to a third.  The Grend have been broadcasting their intentions to mutilate and rape each and every one of their enemies. 

The Grend also play a lot music that seems to have been composed especially for this siege.  My personal favorite is “Kill, Maim and Take”. It has a great beat and I often dance to it. 

I could use my ship’s stealth technology to slip past the Grend but I have decided against it.  Learning more about them will help the Royal Navy when they come to conquer this sector of space. I will make contact and gather as much information. It is dangerous but I do this for Queen Erishella, long may her thighs grip the galaxy! End Explorer’s Log

Explorer’s Personal Log: I have a cunning plan.

“So there we were, chasing some freighter stuffed with Tarlan refuges trying to make a run for it when this other ship comes out of nowhere! I’m thinking that maybe the Tarlan bastards have hired mercenaries and what happens? The ship fucking blows the freighter apart!”

The Grend officer stopped to finish his mug of liquor.  His three hinged jaw closed and opened around the lip of the mug and he spilled most of it.  The liqour soaked the spikes on his neck, the front of his uniform and his tiny stubby legs.  A lot of it landed on the pillow he was sitting on.

“And so the Commander tells me to hail the new ship!  I do and there is this weird brown alien with hair as pink as my mother’s cunt!”

Vaquel Di raised her hand when the Grend pointed at her.  She ran her fingers through her short pink hair in acknowledgement of what he said.  She then tipped her mug and most of the liquor missed her mouth and hits her pink spacesuit.  The other Grend sighed as the red fluid flowed over the contours of her breasts.

“And the Commander, he says, why did you kill that freighter? And she says-”

“I told him that the freighter was filled with cowards and it offended me to see them leaving the field of honor!” Vaquel yelled.

The forty or so Grend cheered.  Many rose to their feet to wave their mugs but even on their feet, most of them were shorter than Vaquel sitting down.  The dining hall vibrated with their cheers and banners denoting hundred of battles shook with the noise.

“That is why I invited her aboard,” the Commander said.  “I invited her to our Halls of Mayhem so that we can meet and dine with the first alien in this system to have any balls!”

The Grend cheered at that too.  They had drunk a lot in the last hour and they would cheer just about anything.

“Thank you, Commander,” Vaquel said.  She stopped to pull the meat off of a bone with her teeth.  The Grend respected people who didn’t stop eating.  “I am happy to finally meet the legendary Grend race.”

The Grend cheered that too.  One of them farted and they gave that a rowdy cheer as well.

“Tell me, Vaquel,” the Grend Commander said.  “Does your Queen command a vast army?”

“She has as many soldiers as there are stars in the sky,” Vaquel said.

“Does she lust for war and conquest?” The Grend Commander said.  The spikes on his head vibrated with excitement.

“The Queen’s pussy becomes soaking wet at the thought of battle!” Vaquel sighed.

“Will she fight us with everything she has and with the bloodlust of a starving carnivore?” the Grend Commander asked.

“She will fucking rip your cock off and mount it on her wall,” Vaquel said.

“A worthy enemy!” the Grend Commander screamed.

The Grend cheered.

Another course was brought out and the talking stopped for the eating.  Vaquel fidgeted on her pillow.  The short bastards didn’t have chairs and she suspected it was because their stubby legs couldn’t get in them.  It amazed her that such a small race could terrorize four star systems.  Whatever they lacked in physical might, they made up for it with a culture that prayed for a tough enemy.

They feasted on meats that Vaquel didn’t recognize and maybe that was for the best.  They had a dozen gravies and a hundred different liquors.  She hadn’t eaten this well in ages.  Conquerors always had the best food.

“Vaquel, when I send my report to the Four Emperors, they will begin plans to invade your home,” the Grend Commander said.

“Good,” Vaquel said.  “We need worthy enemies.”  She neglected to mention that her detailed reports will reach the Royal Navy long before the Grend fleet did.  The Royal Navy will be more than prepared to slaughter the Grend.

“But there is just one problem,” the Grend Captain said.  “We know your Queen has many treasures, but is your race worth making the journey to molest?”

Vaquel tore a bite off a steaming leg bone of some kind.  “If you are asking if we make good fucks, I could give you a demonstration.”

The Grend cheered.  The Commander was smiling, which with his tree hinged jaw, looked like a broken box of daggers.

“Superb!” the Grend Commander said.  “Officers, prepare to taste alien cunt!”

All of the Grend, stood up and began to disrobe.  Vaquel choked on her liquor and put her cup down.  Half of the Grend were females judging from their slim breasts and lack of cocks.  She had no idea that this was a mixed sex crew.

“Wait, all of you?” Vaquel said.  “At the same time?”

“The Grend Empire does everything together!” the Grend Commander said.

The Grend cheered.  Vaquel cheered as well.

“I happily give my body so such mighty warriors!” she said.  It was the smart move to maintain their acceptance of her.  She was also pretty drunk.

Vaquel stood up and pressed a button on her belt.  Her pink spacesuit retracted from her body.  Long brown legs led to a pink furry patch of pubic hair.  Heavy brown breasts were revealed that were bigger than the heads of the Grend.  Vaquel stepped to the middle of the room and held her arms open.

“Take me you short mean bastards!” she said.

“Your Commander will take first thrust!” he announced.

Vaquel watched as he strutted to her.  She tried not to giggle at him waddling on his stubby little legs.  The urge to giggle faded as she realized that his cock was quite larger than she expected.  Maybe the short legs were to compensate for the stability such a third limb would require.

Vaquel got down on her knees.  How exactly was this going to work?

The Grend Commander grabbed her hair and spun her around facing away from him. She was amazed by the strength he had.  He pushed her flat to the ground and she was glad that that the floor was carpeted.  The Grend Commander climbed onto the back of her thighs and she felt his cock push against her sex.

“Oh, that’s how it works!” she said.

She shuddered as his cock pushed into her.  They were short, they were mean and they were ugly but fuck were they hung!

“I claimed this cunt for the Grend Empire!” the Grend Commander said.

The Grends cheered.  Vaquel cheered too.

Vaquel felt the Grend Commander hump her.  He had excellent rhythm for a short species.  He treated her sex like an enemy with short savage thrusts.

A Grend female stepped in front of Vaquel and sat down.  She spread her stubby legs to reveal a forest of black pubic hair.  She spread open the lips of her sex to reveal tiny teeth.

“Eat me,” the Grend commanded.

Vaquel was just drunk enough to try.  She dipped her head down and took a lick.  Fortunately the teeth didn’t bite.  Vaquel tasted the Grend and thought she tasted salty.  It was kind of tasty.

The Grend cheered and approached Vaquel.  She felt hands reach under her to grab her plump tits.  She felt curious hands pinch her round bottom.  Some weird bastard rubbed her toes.

The Grend Commander let out an awful roar and Vaquel’s sex felt a flood of alien seed fill her.  When the Grend Commander pulled out, Vaquel was amazed.  He came that quickly?

There were obviously some things that Vaquel’s species were just going to be superior at.

Another Grend mounted Vaquel’s bottom and another cock filled her pussy.  The rhythm was the same, a steady unyielding thrust like a war beat. What they lacked in endurance they made up for with reliability.

Vaquel kept licking the alien sex in front of her.  The teeth quivered but didn’t close around Vaquel’s tongue.  She licked deeply of the Grend sex and found a small nub that shook.  Vaquel licked that nub extra hard.

The Grend female screamed.  Her sex teeth closed slowly and Vaquel pulled her tongue out in them.  The Grend shuddered and her fellow soldiers rolled her out of the way.

Another Grend female sat down in front of Vaquel.  “Eat me!” the Grend commanded.

Vaquel smiled and went back down to another hairy sex guarded with teeth.

The Grend in Vaquel’s sex climaxed and more alien seed filled her.  The Grend pulled out and another Grend took his place.  A few minutes later, he climaxed and pulled out.  His place was also quickly taken.

Vaquel surrendered to the endless pumping of her sex.  All Grend cocks were the same so she didn’t care how many it took.  They were thick, they were fast and they knew how to fuck.

Vaquel licked one Grend female to orgasm and then another.  A Grend male used her mouth and choked her for ten thrusts before she had her first taste of Grend seed.  It was salty and most of it spilled down her chin.

“She takes cock like a Tarlan!” a Grend cried.

Vaquel might have been drunk but she knew an insult when she heard it, even from an alien.  She pushed a Grend off of her ass and rose to her knees.

“Who said that?” she demanded.

A Grend holding a mug of liquor and his cock lifted his head.  “I did! You take cock like a weakling!”

Vaquel punched him in the cock.  The Grend dropped his mug and fell to the ground.  He let out a rather high pitched wail.

“Any one else think I am weak?” Vaquel yelled.

The Grend said nothing.

“That’s what I thought!” Vaquel said.  She sat down on the ground and opened her legs.  “Which one of you has the ballsack to fuck me?”

The Grend cheered.  It was never a proper gangbang until someone got punched in the cock.

A Grend approached Vaquel’s sticky mess of pink pubic hair.  She grabbed his cock and pulled him on top of her.  He only came up to her tits but he seemed happy with that.  His thick cock entered her and resumed the Grend fucking rhythm.

Vaquel pointed at a Grend female.  “You, sit on my face! And if you bite, I’ll rip your nipples!”

The Grend eagerly climbed on her face.  Vaquel lied on her back and ate Grend pussy while a Grend cock pounded her sex.  Other hands reached for her body this time more eagerly.  Powerful hands squeezed her tits, questing hands groped her long legs and some asshole was pulling on her hair but she was drunk enough that it felt nice.

Things became a blur after that.  Dozens of cocks had their way with her sex.  Vaquel went down on a dozen females and had her tongue bitten twice.  One Grend fucked her tits while the others cheered.  Another Grend took her ass and that made her finally climax.

At one point she did something disturbing with a flank of meat but she wasn’t sure if she hallucinated that part.

Hours later, Vaquel awoke on the floor of the Halls of Mayhem.  The Grend around her were snoring.  Vaquel’s head was resting on the ass of a passed out Grend.

She slowly sat up.  Her jaw ached.  Her tits were covered in alien come.  Her pussy felt like a gallon of something sticky had exploded inside her.  Her ass felt wonderfully used.

“Good, you are awake,” a voice said.  It was the Grend Commander. Thankfully he had his uniform back on.  He passed something spiky to Vaquel.

“What’s this?” Vaquel asked.  It was a sharp cone with a hundred little spiky bits on it. She cut herself because there was no easy way to hold it.

“It is your official Pass of Conflict,” the Grend Commander said.  “It states that you have promised to engage in war with us at a future agreed upon date but that you are busy now. It will give you safe passage through Grend space as long as you never fire on a Grend ship.”

“Excellent,” Vaquel said.  “Thank you for a great meal and a great fucking.”

“It was a great fucking,” the Grend Commander said.  “I can not wait to do the same to your entire race.”

Vaquel smiled.  “My queen will look forward to using your dismembered cock on herself.”

Vaquel and the Grend commander laughed.  They both knew that this was the beginning of a beautiful war between their people.

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    “It was never a proper gangbang until someone got punched in the cock.” loved that line.

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