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“Papers, please.” the customs agent said. His name tag said Dmitri.

Holly Valentine passed her passport over. She thought of how the Russian customs guy looked like he was a leftover of the Cold War.  Dmitri had a scar than ran from his forehead down to his chin. He wore a heavy coat despite the warm temperature in the airport.  His brow was thick and looked like it was reinforced with metal.

“Purpose of visit?” Dmitri asked.

“I’m with the press for the Olympics,” Holly said.

Dmitri looked at Holly and back at the picture on her passport.  He examined the bright red hair that came down to her shoulders.  He scrutinized her full red lips. He compared the pale bountiful cleavage in the photo with the pale abundant cleavage in front of him.  This was all done in a few seconds with the practiced eye of a border official.

“Holly Valentine, reporting for INX, correct?” Dmitri said.

“Yes,” Holly said.

“Come to report on corruption and overspending in the Olympics I would imagine?” Dmitri said.

Holly kept her face as neutral as possible but her panties were soaked at the mention of corruption.  “No, just the Olympics in general,” she said.

“Really? We have spent five times more than the Olympic in Vancouver. Rumors say that Putin’s personal dog walker got a contract to build a stadium that might sink into the ice.  You wouldn’t be here to investigate stories like that and tell the world how Russia is a bunch of crooks and greedy people who care nothing for accountability or proper spending of Russian taxpayer money?”

Holly allowed herself to smile.  “That sounds interesting,” she said and hoped that the lust in her eyes weren’t giving her away.  “But I am just here to report on the games.”

“Of course you are!” Dmitri said.  He pressed a button.  “Excuse me, Ms. Valentine but you have been randomly selected for a search.”

Holly smirked.  “I understand.  It will be a completely random search designed to terrify and dehumanize me as you perform cruel and inhuman torments.”

Dmitri laughed.  It made the scar on his face wiggle.  “Good joke, Ms. Valentine!  This is new Russia! We don’t do that anymore! They were good old days but these are new days! Glasnost! Perestroika! Pussy Riot! Now please step in this side room and do not be concerned by the sound of the locks.  They are for your protection!”

Holly faked a smile as she stepped through the doorway.  Well, she shouldn’t have been surprised.  Obviously the border guards would be on the lookout for reporters who actually report things.  She was very familiar with how American agencies intimidate reporters so she had a professional curiosity to see how the Russians do it.

She wasn’t expecting a room with a comfortable couch.  The table with a bucket of chilled champagne was a surprise too.  At first she thought that there had been a mistake but no, there was a loud clicking as seven locks snapped into place.

Another door opened and a young man came through.  Unlike Dimitri, this man looked like he stepped out of a fashion magazine.  He had a perfect jaw and panty wetting cheekbones.  His hair was blonde and curly.  He wore a tight uniform that showed that he didn’t have an ounce of fat on his body.

“Good day,” the man said.  “My name is Vadim and I will be handling your random search.”

Holly giggled.  “You are not what I was expecting.  You look like a male model.”

Vadim smiled.  “I was Mr. Sochi last year.  That is our male handsome pageant.  Excuse my English, it is very poor.”

“No, no,” Holly said.  “It is damn good.  So uh, how do we do this search?”

“First, would you like some complimentary champagne?” Vadim offered.

“No thank you,” Holly said.  It was certainly drugged and laced with things to make her talk.  “I am in kind of a hurry.”

“Of course,” Vadim said.  “Please take off jacket and I will check for inserted contraband in your back.”

Holly took off her jacket and then paused.  “Wait, did you say inserted contraband?”

“Oh yes,” Vadim said.  “Some people use knife and put drugs under skin.  We check for that.  Please turn around.”

“How do you check?” Holly said.

Vadim showed her.  His large hands went to her shoulders and she felt a powerful grip bear down.  She let out a moan as the strongest fingers in the world massaged the muscles of her shoulder blades.

“Holy shit,” Holly moaned.

“Must check deep tissue,” Vadim said.  “Must be thorough.”

“Yes,” Holly moaned.  “Be very thorough.”

Vadim was.  He kneaded, pushed and pulled at muscles that Holly didn’t know that she had.  Powerful fingers dissolved knots and melted tensions.  Inch by inch, his hands crept down her back, massaging as they went.

“Your back is clean,” Vadim said.

“Sure that you don’t want to check again?” Holly said.

“No, efficiency is highly valued,” Vadim said.  “Now we check hair.”

“Hair?” Holly asked.

Vadim put his hands on her head.  Strong fingers gently massaged her scalp.  Holly felt a surge of wetness between her thighs.

“Oh yes, smugglers hide really small microfilm in hair,” Vadim said.

“People still use microfilm?” Holly asked.

“Smugglers cut corners in technology costs,” Vadim said.

Holly didn’t care.  Vadim’s fingers massaged her scalp.  He ran his fingers through her hair with tender gentleness.  He dutifully checked behind her ears.

“Now we check breasts,” Vadim said.

“Fuck yes,” Holly said.  “I might be smuggling all sorts of shit in there.  Should I take off my bra?”

“Not necessary,” Vadim said.

Holly jumped as Vadim reached around her.  His large hands cupped her breasts and squeezed.  It was a gentle grope as his fingers glided over the contours of her bra. She was wrapped in his arms and felt surprisingly safe.

“You sure that you don’t want me to remove my bra?” Holly asked.

“Not necessary,” Vadim repeated.

Holly almost agreed.  Vadim’s fingers were very thorough.  They found her nipples and gently rubbed them.  They glided under her breasts and checked her completely.  Sometimes he would cup an entire breast in his hand and squeeze gently in a loving grip.

“You are not smuggling anything,” Vadim said.  “Also, you have no lumps.”

“Always good to know,” Holly sighed.

“Now we checks legs,” Vadim said.

“Check them!” Holly said.

Vadim kneeled before her stocking covered legs and modest skirt.  Vadim didn’t ask and Holly didn’t care that he put his hands up her skirt.  Questing fingers started at her knees and rubbed gently.  Holly felt her thighs clench as his hands moved steadily upward.

“I must take time and do good job,” Vadim said.

“No rush!” Holly said.

Vadim rubbed her thighs and Holly wondered if he was looking for more subdermal smuggling.  She opened her thighs in the interest of efficiency.  The handsome agent massaged her thighs all the way up to but just shy of her sex.

“Okay, now we check vagina,” Vadim said.

“Damn right!” Holly said.  She unzipped her skirt and let it drop.  Black panties covered her sex although the some of her vibrant bush peeked out.

“For your comfort, would you like to sit on couch?” Vadim said.

“Yep,” Holly said.  She pulled her panties down as she walked to the couch.  The redhead plopped down and spread her thighs for his investigation.

“I need to check for drugs,” Vadim said.

“Sure, whatever,” Holly said.

“Drugs leave a certain taste that only tongue can find,” Vadim said.  He looked like he was about to blush.

“That makes perfect scientific sense,” Holly said.  She spread her thighs wider.  “Do what you got to do, dude.”

Vadim knelt before her open thighs.  He undid the top button of her uniform and leaned in close to Holly’s sex.  Holly watched with barely controlled patience as he finally opened his mouth and took his first lick.

“Glasnost!” Holly cried.  She was already wet from when she got off the plane.  Landing so close to corruption and scandal always did that to her but Vadim’s inspection had put her over the edge.

“Get in there and inspect the shit out of my pussy!” Holly yelled.

Vadim gave her a thumb’s up and obeyed.  His tongue gave her a thorough gynecological exam.  His mouth checked out every fold and crevasse of her sex. Even his nose joined in, breathing deeply of her sex in order to detect illegal substances.

Holly aided in the search by humping his face.  She grabbed his short curly hair and pulled him deeper.  She rubbed her sex on her face so he could reach wherever he needed to check.

Vadim found a suspicious nub of flesh.  He attacked it with his tongue.  He bit it gently.  He sucked on it to check its integrity.  He nibbled it with inquisitive lips. When he had done all of this, he started over and did it again.

Holly moaned and squirmed.  She endured the deeply invasive probing of his tongue.  To show how cooperative she was, Holly spread her thighs for maximum access.

“Yes!” Holly cried as she climaxed.

“Perestroika!” she cried out as she came a second time.

“Fahrvergnügen!” she cried out when she came a third time because her brain had been properly fucked out at this point.

Vadim rose from between her thighs.  He wiped his face and stood at attention.  “You are all clear! Please enjoy your stay!”

Holly saluted him.  Vadim left and Holly was alone in the examining room.  She put her skirt back on and walked out of the room on shaky legs.

Dmitri was waiting for her.  He smiled and revealed several missing teeth.  “Welcome to Russia! I hope you enjoyed your random search!”

“That was certainly different,” Holly said.  “Russia has come a long way.”

“We are much more civilized now,” Dmitri said.

A terrible scream echoed from down the hallway. The lights dimmed and came back on.  The smell of ozone drifted in the air.

“What the hell was that?” Holly said.

“Oh, that person is leaving Russia after spending time writing false reports about government mishandling of funds,” Dmitri said.  “They were selected for a random search.”

“So I take it that the search is slightly different on the way out?” Holly said.

“Some parts of Russia take longer to modernize than others,” Dmitri said.

“What a country,” Holly said.

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  1. Heh, that was fun. :) I liked the difference between coming in and going out.

    • Thanks! I wrote this before the situation in the Ukraine and it feels uncomfortably realistic now.

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