Feb 242014

KabukiKatze is a wonder_c__aceo_102014__dirty_laundry_by_kabukikatze-d76f7psful artist who was having a ridiculously low price sale for custom made sketch cards. I contacted her and had her draw my character, Holly Valentine.  I said she was a redhead reporter who gets tied up a lot and the artist did the rest.

Maybe it is because I grew up as a comicbook fan, but I greatly enjoy seeing my characters being drawn. I know that no character drawn will ever look like the character in the reader’ head which is why I take a hands-off approach to artists.  I tell them the bare minimum of a character and they create the rest.  The more artists I get, the more that the common element define a character.

Or to put it another way, there are twelve Doctor Who’s, why can’t there be twelve Holly Valentines?

  2 Responses to “Fan Art for Me”

  1. Ah poor Holly. Tied up again. Or maybe lucky Holly!

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