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The first rule of magic is that magic is unfair. Magic does not give a shit about the deserving or the just. Magic serves those that use it. Magic is a lot like a very bratty submissive. It might agree to follow your commands but it is also waiting for the best time to fuck you over.

I should have remembered that when I found the genie bottle. I was at the flea market, looking for objects that carried the frustrated sexual energy of their previous owners. I had already purchased a pair of high heels never worn, a game controller that belonged to an adult virgin and a box of adult magazines. I was brimming with magic and my senses were supernatural perception.

The bottle was in a box of dirty bottles. To normal eyes it appeared normal but to my eyes, I saw the spirits inside. Two curvy feminine bodies rolled and twisted with the bottle. Black hair and dusky skin intertwined as the spirits pleasured each other within their confinement.

I had heard of genies. There are the myths repeated by the foolish but there is also the stories written in the forbidden books. The Thighs of Morgana says that they were great powerful forces that helped create the universe. For some reason they were imprisoned by the Great Goddess. If released, a genie will use their reality altering powers to grant wishes to those that release them. However, to release a genie you have to see one first. Most mortals would never have that ability.

What I saw in the flea market were two genies in a single bottle. I considered myself incredibly lucky. I had forgotten the first rule of magic.

I bought the bottle for a mere dollar and brought it to the abandoned house I had been using as a home. My hands were trembling at the power I held. What wishes would I ask for? What wishes would I ask for first? Money? Magical power? A home that I could call mine? The possibilities made my cock hard and my mouth water.

I sat on my bed and took off my pants. The Thighs of Morgan was specific on how to release a genie. It took fluid of the most intimate kind. I stroked my cock until I was at full erection and then I slid the bottle’s opening over my cock.

Two tongues licked my cock. Two sets of breasts pressed against the length of my cock. Two vaginas squeezed tightly around me.

I climaxed. The force of my ejaculate sent the bottle flying across the room. As the bottle flew, two clouds appeared in my room. I watched as the clouds took shape before me.

Their bodies were dark and dusky. Breasts larger than handfuls hung from plump bodies in the shape of divine hourglasses. Dark hair tumbled from their heads and crowned the sexes between their thighs. Their faces were exotic and curious, suggesting that humanity was a mere imperfect and mundane copy. Eyes as black as night sparkled with starlight. Lips as plump as berries smiled at me.

“Who released us from our cruel punishment?” they both said together.

“My name is Samuel,” I said.

“You lie,” they both said. “We see your true name but we shall call you by your falsehood.”

That was frightening. I knew of no magical force that could read a true name. These truly were powerful entities.

They floated down to the ground and walked towards me. Their grace was captivating. They sat beside me and rubbed their faces against my chest. Their hands touched my body with a longing that must have come from their imprisonment.

“What are your names?” I said.

“Adasal,” the one to my left said.

“Adajal,” the one to my right said.

Their hands went to my cock. Adasal gripped the base of my cock while Adajal played with the tip. Despite just climaxing, I felt ready to fuck again.

“As the person who has freed you, I am ready to announce my first wish,” I said.

They both laughed.

“Your wish?” Adajal said as she rubbed her thumb over my cock.

“He has been misinformed,” Adasal said as she stroked the base of my cock.

Both of them lifted their mouths to my ears. Together they whispered. “Whomever releases a genie from their imprisonment shall be forced to grant their wishes.”

My blood went cold. I knew in my heart that they spoke true. It wasn’t the first time that something written in a forbidden book of knowledge turned out to not be true. This time though, it may have cost me my existence.

“What is your wish?” I said.

They both moaned. “Centuries inside a bottle with only my sister to pleasure me,” they both said. “Our wish and your command, is to pleasure us.”

A supernatural lust filled me. I smelled their need. My cock was ready to burst. I needed to fuck.

I turned and lunged for Adajal. I buried my face in her plentiful breasts while my hand went for her sex. Three fingers slid into her forever wet hole. Her pussy clenched around my fingers and drew me in.

Adasal still had a grip on my cock. She stroked me as I fingered her twin. Her mouth went to my ass and I felt her tongue on my hole. The genie’s tongue went deeper than any human tongue as she tasted me ass. Her hand stroked me faster in sync with her tongue’s flickering lashes.

My fingers plunged in and out of Adajal. One moment she would be too tight to pull out of and the next instant she would be large enough to take my entire fist. I nibbled on her tits as I fucked her, tasting deserts, forests and mountains with every lick.

Adasal stroked my cock with a fierce passion. I felt her tongue licking my asshole with a desire that was unholy. She never flinched from what she tasted and in fact she desired more.

I brought Adajal to orgasm and the house shook. The walls of her pussy clenched around my fingers and broke the bones. She shattered my hand within her impossible vagina. As I cried out in pain, Adajal moaned and my fingers were restored within her magic pussy.

My cock was stroked faster by Adasal. Her tongue went deep inside my ass and I quivered under the strange penetration. The genie’s tongue licked that magical spot within all men and my cock exploded with seed. I came for a full minute, quivering and twitching as my balls were truly drained.

“No more,” I whispered between shuddering gasps. My cock ached. The force of that climax had taken everything I had. That was nothing left within me.

Adasal withdrew her tongue from my ass and licked my balls instead. One lick and the pain went away. Another lick and my balls felt normal again. A third lick and my cock was as hard as ever.

“Sister, I wish for a mouth that is not yours between my thighs,” Adasal said.

“Take his mouth, for he is ours to command,” Adajal said.

My hair was grabbed and my head guided to between Adasal’s legs. Brown thighs encased my head as my face was buried into a forest of musky pubic hair. My mouth opened to taste the exotic flavors of a spirit older than my world.

While my mouth was put to use, so was my cock. Adajal’s mouth slid over the tip of my cock and I shuddered at the force of her suction. Ever so slowly, she took me into her mouth. She savored every inch of my cock and her tongue tasted every ridge of my organ. I was her first cock in centuries and she was hungry.

Adasal’s hips grinded against my face. The juices of her desire frothed against my lips. I licked until the juices became a river and then I drank. Her fingers dug into my skull as she guided me to the places that pleased her best.

I struggled for air. All I could breathe was for her pussy. I gasped and then suddenly I stopped. I kept licking and realized that Adasal had simply removed my need to breathe at all.

Adajal’s mouth encompassed all of my cock and yet I felt her sucking more of me into her. Her tongue licked my balls shortly before I felt her lips encircle my balls and swallow me. My cock and balls were inside Adajal’s mouth and I could feel myself being drawn deeper down her throat.

The thighs of Adajal quivered around my head. I heard thunder roll in the distance.

“Faster,” Adajal commanded and magic gripped my tongue. I licked faster than any human had before.

“Harder,” Adajal commanded and magic surged through my tongue. I licked hard enough to grind diamonds.

“Right there!” Adajal commanded and magic guided my tongue. I licked in the precise spot that no man could ever find on his own.

Adajal climaxed. Light filled my face as her pussy squirted with pleasure. I felt my face burn from holy juices that were not meant for mortal faces.

She released me from her thighs and I touched my face. I was blind and scarred. Adasal’s mouth was still around my cock and my body was too limp with pleasure to move.

Adajal curled up next to me. She licked her own juices from y face. I shuddered as she guided my burnt face to her breasts. As she rubbed me against her soft pillowy bosom, I felt the flesh on my face heal and return to normal.

Adasal sucked harder, her tongue licking hard against the balls inside her mouth. I climaxed. Once again I pumped load after load of my seed. Adasal swallowed it all until my balls shriveled and my cock was as limp as a blade of grass.  When she had her fill, she released my cock and balls from her mouth. They were so numb that I feared that I may never use them again.

I laid helpless as Adasal curled up beside me. The two genies held my face between their breasts. I knew I should try to flee but my body wouldn’t move.

“He tires quickly,” Adajal said.

“He is merely human,” Adasal said.

“Amazing that this species survived when there were so many promising others in the old days,” Adajal said.

“We can change him,” Adasal said. “We can give him another cock or perhaps another set of balls.”

“True, why settle for letting him stay human?” Adajal said. “We can turn him into a canine or one of the great beasts that used to walk the lands in our time.”

Panic gripped me. I tried a spell in my mind but the power never came. I pictured a warding sigil but the lines turned to blurs in my mind.

“Stop that,” Adasal said. Her hand stroked my cock. “You cannot use any magic on those who wrote the laws of magic for this world.”

“Surrender yourself to us,” Adajal said. Her hand cupped my balls. “Your service is your punishment for wishing to rewrite creation.”

“We should just change him now,” Adasal said. “I desire a horse.”

“Wait,” I said. “After all your years of imprisonment, don’t you at least want to fuck a man before changing him?”

They both stopped in their fondling. “Yes,” they said together.

Adasal pulled me on top of her. Dusky legs encircled around my hips while her sister guided my cock to Adasal’s pussy. My cock pushed into wet tight lips sucked me in.

“Ohhhh,” Adasal moaned. “This will do for now.”

“Fuck,” Adajal commanded. She placed her hand on my ass and squeezed. My body went into motion on its own. My hips swiveled, my legs pushed and pulled and my body undulated. I was the toy with which she masturbated her sister.

“Yes!” Adasal cried out. Her hands went to my back and dug in. I felt claws rip into the flesh of my back.

I screamed. Adajal grabbed my face and guided me to one of her breasts. I sucked on a dark nipple and felt the pain of my back.

My body kept thrusting while my mouth kept sucking. Adasal clawed deep grooves into my back but the magic of Adajal’s nipple kept the pain away. I sucked for my life while my body fucked for the genie’s command.

The sensation of being inside Adasal was overwhelming. Her pussy was wet, hot, tight, infinite, soft and hard. It changed with every thrust. I was fucking one of the great centers of creation itself. I was fucking a pussy that had given birth to winds and stars.

I wanted to come. No man could last within such a pussy. I wanted to come but I couldn’t. I was at the peak before orgasm but I couldn’t cross over. It was not Adasal’s desire for me to come. I was at the whim of their wishes.

Adasal screamed and her pussy tightened around me. She climaxed and I felt the world shudder and change. I knew suddenly that the dodo didn’t exist anymore and that the sun no longer rose in the west.

“My turn,” Adajal said. She turned over on her side to face away from me and lifted her thighs.

Adasal pushed me out of her. My heart was pounding. Now I no longer feared for my own survival but the survival of the world itself.

My body crawled over to Adajal and I spooned her. She guided my cock up into her as my hand snaked around her body and grabbed a divine breast.

“Rut,” Adasal said. She placed her hand on my neck and my body went to work. Fucking on my side, my body was a perfect machine as it pounded the dusky genie. Of course, it helped that my body wasn’t limited by such things like endurance or comfort. I was a rutting puppet for them.

My cock plunged into Adajal’s magic pussy. Walls tighter than vices gripped around me. Juices slick and slippery coated my cock. The ground shook with each thrust and I feared that we were causing earth quakes all over the state.

“Do you want to come?” Adasal whispered in my ear. She pressed against my back; her hips moving in time with mine as I fucked her sister.

“Yes,” I said. I was still at the peak of my orgasm. My cock was ready to burst but denied by magic and fate. It was torture. It was bliss. It was an awful pleasure.

“You will come together,” Adasal said.

I fucked faster. I gripped Adajal’s breast tighter. I bit down on her neck and she cried out.

Adajal climaxed. My cock climaxed simultaneously. A flood of seed entered her sex and I felt her give birth to another world on the other end of the galaxy. The world shuddered and the third World War never happened.

I passed out.

I awoke the lick of a mouth at my cock. Adasal licked the tip of my cock while Adajal licked my balls. I was hard once again.

“Perhaps we should change him now,” Adajal said.

“I doubt he has any other pleasure to give us that a tiger couldn’t do better,” Adasal said.

“Wait,” I said. “I do know of a pleasure a man can give you. In fact, it is a pleasure that you have never experienced.”

“Impossible,” Adajal said. She licked my balls and I felt my hair grow all over my body.

“It’s simple,” I said. “You are all powerful but you have never experienced the pleasure of being helpless. You have taught me that joy today.”

“It’s true,” Adasal said. “We have never been at the mercy of anyone except the Great Creator and she/he had no use for us.”

The sisters rose from my crotch. I felt the hair recede all over my body and I knew I had a chance. They looked at me, twin dusky beauties with the fate of the world in their hungry eyes.

“But how could we be helpless?” Adajal said.

“Give me your powers,” I said. “Just for ten minutes. I will give you a taste of being helpless and you can decide if you like it.”

“We should hold a part of our power for ourselves,” Adasal said.

“No,” I said. “If you do that, it changes nothing. You need to be as helpless as I have been today.”

The twins looked at each other. “A new pleasure,” they said together. Both of them rubbed their crotches.

“Five minutes,” they said in unison. “And if you do not give us pleasure like we have never felt before, we shall eradicate you from the Story of Life.”

“Understood,” I said.

The two genies leaned forward and gave me a kiss. Two tongues wrestled with mine and I felt the power rush in.

I saw the world. I saw the universe. I saw everything.

My mind flexed and grabbed the souls of the genies. Adasal and Adajal screamed as I crammed them back into the bottle.

I had to put their power in there as well or else they would ride their power back to me and out of the bottle. I didn’t have much time but I did have nearly all the power in the world. The only problem was understanding how to use that power for I am just a man who has been fucked several times this day already.

I healed the earthquakes they had caused. I couldn’t do anything about the dodo and making the planet go the other direction around the sun was beyond me. I didn’t even try to bring back World War III because a lot of lives had been lost and I was wanted to live in a world where Canada still existed.

I did one small thing and then I pushed the power out of me. My cock climaxed one more time today and a stream of magic seed erupted from me. The semen flew into the bottle and reformed the seals on the genies.

I passed out again.

When I woke up, the bottle was still there. I saw the angry bodies of Adasal and Adajal writhing together as fucked out their frustrations. They weren’t going anywhere.

That was when I noticed the mansion I was in. The hardwood floors reflected the light from the luxurious fireplace. Painting from around the world decorated the walls. My small bed had been replaced with one large enough for an orgy.

I had gotten a wish after all.

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  1. Wishes are dangerous things. Lovely, dangerous things in this story. Thank you.

    • After my years of fantasy fiction and gaming, if someone offered me a wish I would probably run away screaming.

  2. Lovely story, Happy New Year! ^^

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