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The Cabin Woman choked on my cock. She kept trying to deep throat me but she could only reach halfway down my cock. She kept trying though and I had to admire that but sometimes you just want your cock so deep inside a wench’s mouth that her tongue was licking her balls. I was reconsidering her position as my Cabin Woman.

“Are you listening to me?” a high pitched voice demanded.

I looked up from the Cabin Woman’s oral attempts and at the view screen of the bridge. Governor Lortdann glared back at me. He was a pompous old fart wearing clothes that cost more than my pirate ship. He was trying to look angry and imperious but mostly he was just staring at my Cabin Woman’s head as it bobbed on my cock.

“Actually, I wasn’t,” I said. My bridge crew laughed. They always thought I was hilarious when there was money to be made.

“I said that I gathered all of your ridiculous demands,” Governor Lortdann said. “We have your ten thousand barrels of Zeto Rum, eight thousand laser rifles, six hundred cases of real meat, and your fifty zumabytes of that disgusting Wolar porn.”

My bridge crew cheered. They loved their Wolar porn. The Cabin Woman took my cock out of her mouth to cheer too. I pushed her back down. Pirates had a terrible work ethic even when it came to sucking cock.

“I noticed that you forgot to list the credits,” I said.

Governor Lortdann snarled. “Of course, we also have your seven million astra-credits. Now give me back my daughter!”

The Cabin Woman moaned and my cock felt the vibrations. Pirates loved money.

“Of course, Governor,” I said. “We will dock with your ship at the arranged location. We will be there in thirty minutes.”

“You better be you bastard!” Governor Lortdann said. “If you harm one hair on her head I’ll encase your balls in carbonite!”

The transmission cut off before I could think of a witty response. I had nothing.

“Captain, we have a problem with the hostage.”

It was my First Mate, Marella. If the savage redhead had a problem, it meant it couldn’t be solved with threats and a sharp knife.

“What is it this time?” I asked. “Is she complaining about her food again? Does she want a room with a better view? It better not be about new sheets because I really miss the ones we gave her.”

My First mate scowled. “She is swearing that she will kill herself if returned to her father.”

“Lords of Space!” I swore. I tapped the Cabin Woman on the head. “Get up, Dela, I have a hostage to yell out.”

The Cabin Woman popped my cock out of her mouth. “My name is Derra!”

“It doesn’t matter because you’re fired,” I said. “Get back to your old post.”

I got up and my intelligent pants zipped themselves up. It wouldn’t do for even a space pirate captain to walk around with his cock out. I headed for where we were keeping the hostage, which was close to my quarters because it is one of the parts of the ship that doesn’t smell like rum. Pirates could see I was pissed because no one tried to whine about their problems when they saw me.

Warbot-65 stood guard outside her quarters. The cannons on his four arms activated and targeting beams skipped across my chest. I raised my hand and let his long range DNA scanner get a reading.

“Welcome, Captain!” Warbot-65 said. “The prisoner is currently suicidal.”

“I heard,” I said. It was ironic that the only danger that the hostage had on board a pirate ship was from herself. I put Warbot-65 on guard duty because I knew he was the only one that wouldn’t try to molest the prisoner on account of his utter lack of a sex drive. Some humorous pirate had attached a giant cock to Warbot-65’s chassis but he didn’t use it for recreation. Apparently Warbot-65 liked to hang spare ammo belts on it.

“Let me in so I can talk some damn sense into her,” I said.

Warbot-65 screeched a long stream of data at the door. The door obediently answered. I walked in and it sealed behind me.

A pillow hit me in the face. My mood did not improve.

“I am not going back to my father!” a pouty voice said.

Joelle Lortdann glared at me from a luxurious couch that I had looted from a pleasure ship. It was amazing how similar her glare was to her father’s. Thankfully that was the only similarity. While her father was a fat slob with a triple chin, Joelle was a curvy woman the cutest dimples you had ever seen. Her father had greasy grey hair that clung to his head while his daughter had long blonde hair the color of freshly minted credits. I had never seen Governor Lortdann’s nipples but I suspected that they weren’t as erect as what I could see poking through Joelle’s sheer white gown.

Wait a minute, why was she wearing that skimpy thing? She never wore anything less than a seven layer formal dress since we captured her off her space yacht. Fuck it, it didn’t matter.

“Get dressed,” I snapped. “Your father has paid your ransom and you can go home.”

She threw another pillow at me. I stepped out of the way and stomped towards her.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” I yelled. “I said that you’re going home!”

She stood up. A breast popped out. It was pale with and almost invisible pink aureole.

“I refuse to go back,” Joelle said. “And you can’t make me!”

“What? Does your father abuse you? Are you promised in marriage to someone you don’t love? What the fuck is your problem?”

“I haven’t been touched NOT ONCE since I have been captured!” Joelle screamed.

“Wuh?” I said rather stupidly.

“I had heard terrible stories about the Savage Thrust and the horrible Captain Blastpants!” Joelle said. “There was the Rape of Gamma Station IV!”

“Actually that was more of a long drunken party where we skipped station without paying our bill,” I said.

“You can’t deny that you captured and corrupted the Initiate Nuns of Great Nebula!” she accused.

“Funny story, those sex freaks nearly wrecked our ship with their orgies and we had to dump them off so we could get on with our lives,” I said.

Joelle glared at me and her cheeks flared with rage. “What about the story of how you fucked the Duchess of Cices on own throne!”

“Oh yeah, that totally happened,” I said. “She paid me good to make that raid. I was told that was her favorite birthday party ever.”

Joelle screamed. “Why the fuck did you think I was flying my yacht near that asteroid belt? Why do you think that I was only travelling with seven bodyguards? I was hoping you would capture me! I was hoping to get a rough sexy adventure!”

“Well tough shit,” I said. “We’re in route to hand you off to your dad for some phat loot so I don’t give a shit for what you want. I got a crew to take care off and you are damn lucky that I protected you rather than let the filthy assholes on my ship gangbang you for fun and giggles.”

Joelle let out a pitiful sigh. “I would sooner die than return to my father unharmed. This is the biggest disappointment of my life!”

“Spoiled fucking noblewomen!” I yelled. “I am not your personal fuck fantasy!”

Joelle jumped and looked at me with fear in her eyes. She quickly covered her bare breast as I stomped towards her. She winced and covered her face as I raised my hand.

I grabbed her sheer gown and ripped it from her body. She screamed as her plump curves, round hips and fucking awesome thick thighs were revealed. I grabbed her blonde hair and twisted it in my hand.

“Please, Captain, I’m sorry!” she squealed.

“Not yet, you’re not!” I said.

A flicker of a smile crossed her lips but she wisely forced a frown. “Oh please don’t force me to pleasure you!”

Cheeky little slut. I yanked my zipper down and my cock popped out. Joelle forgot her role as a terrified captive and licked her lips.

I pulled her head to my cock. Her lips opened and she took me into her mouth. I was feeling pissy so I slammed her head onto my cock and to my surprise, she took it all.

“Ahhh,” I said. After the failure of my Cabin Woman earlier, it was nice to be properly deep throated. My irritation went away. The annoyance of being stalked by a groupie noblewoman faded. I was starting to feel happy again.

I felt her tongue slip out from her lips. She gently lapped at my balls with my cock in her mouth. A shiver went up my spine. As nice as her cocksucking was, maybe I should have asked more for her ransom.

Oh shit, I forgot about the ransom. We were headed to the rendezvous. I needed to move this along.

Both of my hands went to her hair and held her in place. I rocked my hips and she choked on my cock. I gave her all I had and my balls bounced off her chin. I face fucked the spoiled governor’s daughter.

She whimpered. She moaned. She also reached between her legs and started masturbating. The little minx was getting exactly what she wanted.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth and headed for the couch. I still had her hair in my hands and she clumsily crawled beside me. She whimpered but she didn’t protest as I tossed her over the arm of the couch. In fact, the little slut spread her legs wide for me.

Pirates don’t do foreplay on a good day much less when we have an appointment to make. I grabbed her ass and guided my cock to her cunt. She was wet like a water planet. She was as hot as a volcano planet. She was as tight as a Nun planet.

“Please be gentle!” Joelle cried.

“Lying slut,” I said and I fucked her hard. I rammed into her hard enough that shockwaves bloomed on her ass. I reached around and grabbed two handfuls of her pale tits. I bit down on her shoulder, sinking my teeth into her pampered skin.

Joelle screamed. She struggled, but not hard enough to escape. Tears flowed down her cheeks but not of sadness.

I let go of her breasts and reached for her thighs instead. My fingers sunk into her abundant flesh as I lifted her off the ground. I held her thighs around my hips as I fucked deeper into my willing captive.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she yelled.

“Who’s your pirate captain?” I yelled between thrusts.

“You are!” she screamed.

“Say my name, wench!” I yelled as I fucked deep inside her.

“Captain Blastpants! Joelle screamed.

I pounded her tight cunt. I pinned her thighs to my waist as I rocked against her. My fingernails sunk into her flesh with every thrust.

Joelle screamed her orgasm. I kept fucking.

Joelle screamed another orgasm and this time her entire body shook. I kept fucking.

Joelle howled her next orgasm and went limp on the couch. I kept fucking.

Finally I climaxed. I filled her cunt with my seed. I let go of her thighs and pulled out my spurting cock. I covered her ass load after load of my seed until her ass was a shiny mess.

“By the Singularity! That’s why they call you Captain Blastpants!” she moaned.

The intercom to the door buzzed. “Captain, we have rendezvoused with the Governor’s ship,” Warbot-65 said. “They are transferring the ransom over now.”

“About fucking time!” I said.

“I’m ready to go now,” Joelle said.

“No one asked you,” I said. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up. This time she screamed because she was pissed. I stood her up and then turned her around so I could sling her over my shoulder. My pants zipped themselves up and I headed out of the room.

“Warbot-65, escort me!” I said. The war machine stomped behind me, cannons spinning and ready to discourage hot metal death.

“Put me down!” Joelle screamed. “Let me put clothes on!”

“Hostages don’t wear clothes,” I snapped.

I carried her into the airlock. Governor Lortdann was there along with twenty of his most personal hired killers. He stared in horror at his daughter’s naked body and then he grimaced in disgust as her come covered ass. I dumped her in front of him and stood back.

“You bastard!” he screamed.

Warbot-65 aimed all four cannons at the governor.

“Is there a problem?” I asked.

Governor Lortdann looked at his daughter and then he looked at Warbot-65. “No, but I’ll raise an entire fleet to bring you to justice!”

“That’s your choice,” I said. “Just don’t send your daughter out with them. Next time I might not return her.”

“I love you!’ Joelle screamed as I went out the airlock.

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  1. That was lovely and hilarious. The intelligent pants were cute. The warbot was more adorable. I love the idea of ammo belts on a the giant bolted-on cock.

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