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Holly Valentine stood nude in the warehouse. Her long red hair kept falling in her face and she kept blowing on it to keep her nose from itching. She couldn’t use her hands because they were bound behind her back at such a tight angle that it forced her heavy pale breasts out even more than usual. She wanted to scratch on itch on her ankle but her feet were encased in a bucket of fast drying cement.

Undaunted, Holly kept asking questions of the two men who were waiting for the cement to dry. When people tried to kill her, she thought it was important as a reporter to source the reason why.

“Is this because of that article I wrote on organized crime in New Jersey?” she asked.

“Nope,” said the skinny thug. He wore a nice suit and kept checking his phone.

“Is this because of the sex scandal photos I found on that one mayor?” Holly asked.

“Nah,” said the chubby guy. His suit was less expensive and he had thick black glasses like he was going to a Buddy Holly concert later.

“Hmm,” Holly said.

“According to the app, five more minutes and we can dump her in the river,” Skinny Guy said.

“There’s an app for quick drying cement?” Glasses Guy said.

“Yeah, I even got an app for how long until a body starts floating,” Skinny Guy said.

Holly searched her memory. She went over every article she had written about crime families and illegal activity. Then she went through the articles about politicians and religious leaders. When that came up blank, she thought about anything she had published in the last year.

“Wait,” Holly said. “Is this about me reporting that Governor Dick Dickie goes commando when he gives public speeches?”

“Bingo!” Skinny guy said.

“Are you shitting me?” Holly asked. “That’s nothing! So the guy likes to skip underwear when he talks to a crowd. I can’t believe the Governor wants to kill me over that! That guy really does take everything personally!”

“Whoa,” Glasses Guy said. “Just because two people who have no connection to the Governor chose to stick your feet in cement and dump you in a river is in no way indicative that the Governor himself ordered this.”

“That’s right,” Skinny Guy said. “I have it on good authority that Governor Dickie has no recollection of even reading your article much less knowing your name.”

Holly blew a strand of hair out of her eyes. “Are you trying to give plausible deniability to the Governor in the middle of an assassination?”

The two guys looked at each other. “No comment,” they said together.

Holly rolled her eyes. “Fine, I can see that you are well trained political operatives who are going to kill me on your own motivation. Could one of you at least fuck me before you throw me in the river?”

“Are you serious?” Glasses Guy said.

“Of course I am serious!” Holly said. “I am a hot chick that’s about to die. You guys are smart professionals with powerful connections that you won’t admit to having. This is like an aphrodisiac to women.”

“Gals do like danger,” Skinny Guy said. “But I can’t do it. I got to fuck a Mayor in the ass in an hour. The asshole didn’t send a birthday card to the Governor.”

“I’ll do it!” Glasses Guy said.

“I don’t know,” Holly said. “I like it hard and fast and you don’t look like you got it in you.”

“Oh yeah?” Glasses Guy said. He unzipped his pants and his cock popped out.

“Hey look, you don’t wear underwear either!” Holly said.

“Yeah, me and Dick stopped wearing underwear when we were in High School. It’s a funny story-“ Glasses Guy said before Skinny Guy stopped him.

“Shut up! Governor Dickie doesn’t know us either!” Skinny Guy said.

“Oh yeah,” Glasses Guy said. He got closer to Holly and reached for one of her breasts. He squeezed it like a puppy squeezing a new toy. He stroked his cock and tried to aim at Holly’s pussy. Her legs were tight together because of the cement surrounding her feet.

“Try from behind,” Holly said.

“Good idea!” Glasses Guy said. He let go of her tit and got behind her. Holly bent over and presented her ass.

“Fuck yeah!” Glasses Guy said. He slid into her sex.

Holly gasped. Not being able to spread her legs made things tight but the thug was a decent size to begin with. He kept pushing until his entire girth was inside her.

“This is what I’m talking about!” Glasses Guy said. “We should fuck more people over like this!”

“Are you going to actually fuck me or are you just going to talk about it?” Holly said. “You know fucking involves going in and out, not just leaving your cock in there?”

“Fuck you!” Glasses Guy said. He slammed his cock into her. Her tits bounced with the force of his thrust.

“Was that your cock or your pinky?” Holly asked.

Glasses Guy growled. He grabbed her hips and rammed into her again.

“Anytime now,” Holly said.

Skinny Guy snickered as he was checking his app.

“I’ll show you!” Glasses Guy said. He grabbed a handful of her long red hair and yanked her head back. Holly cried out as he slammed his cock into her. His hips crashed into her with rapid thrusts.

“Oh!” Holly moaned. “I almost feel you!”

Glasses Guy growled and fucked faster. His hips pounded into Holly’s pale round ass. In and out his cock went like a piston inside her. His fingers twisted her hair as he fucked harder. The warehouse floor creaked as the cement bucket rocked back and forth.

“Holy shit!” Holly screamed. Her tits were bouncing everywhere. A storm of red hair flew around her face from every thrust. The sound of her ass being hit his hips echoed throughout the warehouse.

“Is that hard enough for you?” Glasses Guy yelled.

“Almost, you pussy!” Holly yelled back.

“GODDAMN!” Glasses Guy yelled. He let go of her hair and grabbed her bound wrists instead. He let her fall forward as he gave it to her. Sweat flew from his head as he rammed faster into the bitch reporter. His glasses bounced as he gave her everything he had. He pummeled her pussy with his cock.

“Yes, yes, yes, YES!” Holly screamed.

She climaxed and Glasses Guy could feel her pussy clenching tightly around his cock. He climaxed as well, filling her pussy with a healthy load of New Jersey political operative seed.

“Fuck, yeah!” Glasses Guy said as he pulled out.

“Yeah good for you,” Skinny Guy said. “Now pick her ass up and dump her in the river.”

Holly was breathing hard as Glasses Guy walked around the front of her. He reached down and picked up the bucket but the handles on the side. Holly fell forward over his shoulders as he stood up. She heard his grunts as he carried her to the dock.

“Hey, want to fuck again?” Holly asked. “And maybe you can fuck me hard this time?”

“Fuck you,” Glasses Guy said. He shrugged her off his shoulders and dropped the bucket. The redhead reporter sunk into the water like a torpedo.

Skinny Guy came over to the water’s edge. The two of them watched as the bubbles stopped.

“All right, mayor ass fucking time,” Skinny Guy said. They turned around and left.

A hundred yards downriver, Holly Valentine emerged from the water. She gasped for air; her chest heaving with each grateful swallow of oxygen. A twist of her wrists and the rope fell from her hands. The assholes should have spent as much attention on tying hands as they did on denying things.

Holly sat up and wiggled her toes. Some concrete were still stuck to her ankles and she picked at it with her fingernails. For assassins, they didn’t seem to understand that cement needs to be kept still to dry. She had wiggled her toes as subtlety as she could while they waited for the cement to dry but she wasn’t sure that would work. She wanted some hard motions as backup.

Holly smiled and basked in her afterglow. Their rope skills were shit but she had to hand it to them, Jersey operatives sure knew how to fuck someone.

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  1. Heh, another fantastic tale.

  2. You know, whenever there’s a reporter character in a TV show now (especially a redhead) I pretend they’re Holly. Makes it much more interesting!

    xx Dee

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