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Explorer’s Log: I am currently at day twenty-five of my thirty day journey to the star system designated “Queen’s Obedient Bedslave” by Royal Astronomers. I have encountered a large ship with a pathetic sub-light drive. It will be years before they reach the solar system that I just left. However, I still need some circuitry to fix my nutrient bay so I have hailed them and they seem naively friendly. I will see if a trade is possible. Failing that, I always have my plasma gun. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: I can’t wait to see what kind of deluded fucks go out into space with such a primitive ship. This should be good for a laugh.

The airlock cycled open and Vaquel Di stepped through. No one greeted her on the other side. That was disappointing. She had worn her best skintight purple space suit. It was the one that best showed off her massive breasts, her curvy hips, the dimples of her ass as well as ride up on her sex. She had given her pink hair a trim and she knew it looked fabulous inside her glasssteel helmet. The least the people on this ship could do would be around to appreciate how sexy she looked.

She took a quick scan of the atmosphere. The list of toxins that appeared made her frown. It was a nasty species that lived here.

Footsteps echoed from down the corridor. A humanoid was running towards her. Vaquel pulled her plasma gun in a hurry and pointed at the guy. To her surprise, the idiot kept coming to her.

“Hello!” he yelled. The language was a lyrical version of Vrinda. “I am sorry that I wasn’t here right away. The airlock controls are at the other end of this sub-section. My name is Rolas, we spoke on the communicator.”

Vaquel put her plasma gun back on her waist. “My name is Vaquel. I am surprised that you are greeting me all by yourself. I assumed a commander would have subordinates with you.”

Rolas laughed. “I am not the commander, I am merely this year’s pilot. Come, we can talk on the bridge. I should stay there in case anything happens.”

Vaquel followed Rolas as he led her through many corridors. The idiot had his back to her the entire time. Such a trusting nature made her uneasy.

It gave her time to study the alien. He had a humanoid head although his eyes were much larger than hers and his ears were twice as tall. His long green hair floated in the low gravity of the ship. His clothes were bulky and had many gauges which were signs of a low technology spacesuit. He had a strange glove on each of his hands that made it difficult for him to operate the doors. She wondered if they were weapons.

They reached the bridge and it was a sorry affair. A single chair sat between three monitors. Vaquel glanced at the controls and glanced at the velocity meter. The small number made her smile.

“Welcome aboard the Civilia!” Rolas said. “Please, take the chair. I don’t mind standing.”

Vaquel sat down. The seating felt weird but she couldn’t put her finger on it. Rolas sat on a computer console and rested his hands in his lap.

“Thank you for accepting me,” Vaquel said. “I am on a mission of exploration and I need to repair some of my equipment. Would you happen to have some spare circuits I could use?

Rolas’s smile faltered a bit. “Oh, I am sorry but no. The Civilia is on a voyage to find a new planet to colonize. We represent the last of the proud Tarla race. The cruel Grends have all but wiped out our race and now we are hoping to find one of the Lost Worlds written about in our most sacred records. It is written that we came from a distant and mysterious place and now we shall try to return to it. See, this has all happened before and-“

“Okay, I’m good, you can stop now,” Vaquel said. You hear about one doomed race trying to find new planets and you have heard about them all. Vaquel toyed with the idea of telling them that the next star system had savage primitives that loved anal sex but she held off. There was no sense ruining that surprise.

“So how many people are on this ship exactly?” she asked.

“Thirty-two thousand Tarlans,” Rolas answered. “They are in suspended animation until we reach our destination in seventeen point eight years.”

“Wow, and you are the only pilot?” she asked.

“For this year, yes,” Rolas said. “I have been awake for six months. Once my year is up, I will go into the hibernation chambers and another pilot will be awoken.”

“So you are all by yourself for a year?” Vaquel asked. “Surely you can lend me the electronics I need, who would know?”

Rolas shook his head. “I would know and the shame would burn my heart forever.” He gestured to his heart with one of his brace covered hands.

“I noticed those things on your hands,” Vaquel said. “Are they weapons?”

Rolas’ pale skin turned pink. “No, they are braces. I injured myself a week ago.”

Vaquel smiled. “You have been awake for six months and you have hand injuries? Let me guess, did you hurt yourself mastyurbating?”

Rolas turned a deeper shade of pink. “I am afraid so. It gets very lonely here.”

“Wow, you injured both hands?” Vaquel said. “You must have been persistent.”

“Of course I injured both hands, how else would I masturbate?” Rolas said.

Vaquel sat up in her chair. That little fact had her attention. She wanted to see what kind of a sexual organ required two hands.

“I’ll make you a deal,” Vaquel said. “You injured your hands two weeks ago? You must be ready to burst. How about I relieve some of your tension and you let me leave here with a tiny bit of electronics that no one will miss?”

Rolas bit his lip. “That would be immoral!”

“If we do it right,” Vaquel said.

Rolas turned a deeper shade of pink. “It would be a waste of precious resources!”

“Orgasms are never wasteful,” Vaquel said.

Rolas looked down at the enormous bulge rising in his pants. “I would be betraying my people!”

“And you would have something to fantasize about when your hands heal,” Vaquel said.

Rolas let out a long sigh. He stepped towards Vaquel and turned a gauge with his brace covered hand. A slit opened in his pants.

“It is another six months of being alone,” he said.

Vaquel smiled. “Today you will not come alone.”

She reached into his pants with her gloved hands. What she found confused her a little. The girth was right but it seemed to be especially long. Rolas moaned as her gloved fingers wrapped around it so she knew she had the right body part but she needed to pull it out to see what exactly she was dealing with.

Rolas’ organ came out of his pants. The tip she was holding onto looked like a cock, but a hand’s length down, it branched into another cock. His organ was shaped like a ‘Y’ with two cock tips!

“Oh,” Vaquel said. “I see why it takes too hands.”

Rolas had his eyes shut. “Lords of Basic! That feels so good!”

Vaquel studied the cocks she had in her hands. She wished the atmosphere was breathable enough for her to take off her helmet and give them a lick. She tried to bring the cocks closer together but they were pretty stiff. They didn’t bend at all. She shuddered to think of the alien vagina that could take these two.

Still, she was a space explorer and cocks were cocks. She gripped each end and gave them a tug.

“Ohh,” Rolas moaned.

Vaquel kept tugging. Up and down at an angle was a good workout for her arms. She brought her hands up and let her gloved palms come up and over the slits on his cocks. She brought her hands down all the way to the junction where the cocks met.

She was curious about the trunk of the cock. While tugging on one cock with her hand, she let her right hand go down to the center trunk. She squeezed it tightly and gave it a few good strokes. There was a ball sack at the bottom but the ridges were different than normal scrotums. It looked like it was holding a bag full of marbles.

“Praise the Prophets!” Rolas moaned. He was breathing much harder now.

Vaquel brought her hand back up to the other cock. She stroked them both while licking her lips.

“It is a shame that I have to keep this suit on,” Vaquel said. “I wish I could take this helmet off and taste your cock.”

Rolas groaned.

“I mean, do they taste different?” Vaquel said. “I would have to try and find out. I would lick one, and then the other, and then go back to the first. I would keep licking each cock in turn until I knew for sure.”

Rolas trembled in her hands. She stroked his cocks faster.

“I would love to slide one inside me,” Vaquel said. “One would be in my cunt while the other one could rub against my ass cheeks. Do they get off at the same time or do they come together? Wait, don’t tell me. I want to be surprised.

Rolas moaned. “You’re about to find out.

Vaquel leaned closer to the cocks. She licked her lips inside her glasssteel bubble helmet. Both of his cocks were pulsing in her hands. She tugged at them faster until her purple gloves were a blur on his green cocks.

“Frant!” Rolas cried and his cocks erupted. Twin streams of green seed shot out from his cocks. Vaquel was close enough that both cocks managed to splatter her helmet. She watched the seed drip down the glasssteel inches from her face. Her tongue licked the air in frustration.

“Feel better?” she asked Rolas. She wiped her hands on the chair.

“Much better,” Rolas said. “You know, do you need anything else other than electronics? Want some food or maybe some power cells?”

Vaquel laughed. “Will I have to stroke you off again?”

Rolas nodded. “It is going to be a long six months after you go.”

Vaquel smiled. “I am sure I can think of a few more things that I could use.”

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